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Can I get high speed broadband?

Thursday, May 2nd 2013
Find out how to check the availability of high speed broadband in your area, the fastest download speed you can get and useful advice on the different types of high-speed internet access.

Is high speed broadband available where I live?

The availability of high speed broadband can vary greatly, not only from town to town, but also from street to street. That’s where our postcode checker comes in. Just enter your postcode into the box below and click ‘Go’. We’ll tell you the estimated broadband speeds in your area and show you a list of the available packages on our Ofcom approved comparison page.

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Where is high speed broadband available?

The availability of all types of broadband always comes down to one thing; location. In short, in cities and larger towns, availability is high – while in more rural locales getting online at all can still be a real problem.

This is because the speed of a broadband connection drops due to a number of reasons, principally the distance to the local exchange. If your home lies too far from the local exchange you may never be able to enjoy high speed internet access with the download rates you're hoping for. That’s why you should check your postcode before you go any further.

What is the fastest high speed broadband?

Fibre optic broadband has the highest download rate of any internet access service, with speeds up to 100Mbps now available to millions of UK homes and businesses. In selected areas you may even be able to get up to 160Mbps fibre broadband, as this is currently being rolled out by BT.

You can find out if fibre optic broadband is available in your area by using our postcode checker above.

When can I get high speed broadband?

If you live in an area with coverage you may well be able to get connected to your new high speed broadband service in around two weeks, although at times when demand is at its peak it can take a little longer.

But what if our postcode checker tells you that you can’t yet get connected? Well in that case there are a still a few options open to you:

First off we recommend signing up for our broadband availability alerts. This will enable us to email you once the network in your area has been upgraded to deliver fibre broadband.

Alternatively, you might like to check whether you can get 4G mobile broadband in your area, as this can often deliver download speeds that are faster than traditional broadband – and in some instances almost as fast as fibre broadband.

Finally, if you live in a remote location and our postcode checker tells you that you're unable to receive broadband at all then why not consider satellite broadband? It’s available right across the UK, even in the most isolated areas.

How can I check my current broadband speed?

It’s a good idea to check what speed you’re already getting before you start shopping around for alternatives. That’s why we have a free broadband speed test that you can use to measure your current upload and download speeds.

By comparing the result you get from our broadband speed test with the estimated line speed from our postcode checker you may find that you're already getting the best possible speed for your area – and so save yourself the bother of switching unnecessarily.

Broadband speeds vary not just by location but also due to network demand, so to build up the most accurate idea of the speeds you're getting we recommend using our broadband speed test at different times of the day and week. Don’t worry, our broadband speed test is free so you can use it as often as you like.

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