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Can I get high speed broadband?

Thursday, July 3rd 2014

High speed fibre optic broadband is rolling out across the country and the availability checker below will show if it has arrived in your area yet.

Fibre optic broadband is available to around 60% of homes and businesses in the UK, delivering download speeds between 38Mbps to 152Mbps. The networks are growing all the time so if you can’t get fibre broadband now, there’s a chance it may reach you soon.

Check availability for high speed broadband

The availability of high speed broadband varies greatly, not only from town to town, but also from street to street. Enter your postcode into the box below to get the estimated broadband speeds in your area with a list of the available packages.

If you live in an area connected to a fibre network you may be set up with your new high speed broadband service in around two weeks, although it can take a little longer if demand is high.

But if our availability checker tells you that you can’t yet get connected, you can sign up for our broadband availability alerts to receive an email when the network in your area has been upgraded to deliver fibre broadband.

Check availability

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High speed broadband providers

There are two main fibre optic broadband networks in the UK, operated by BT and Virgin Media. The BT network is shared by other providers, including Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet and EE, so high speed broadband availability and speeds are similar across them all. Virgin Media meanwhile, operates its own network that is not shared with any other provider, so it sets its own speeds and rolls out fibre broadband at a different rate to the rest of the market.

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Fastest broadband

Virgin Media currently offers the fastest widely available broadband in the country with its up to 152Mbps service, which can be taken with and without a phone line. Elsewhere, fibre broadband speeds top 76Mbps on the BT network and the provider is developing even faster services up to 300Mbps.

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Alternatives to high speed broadband

Alternatively, you might like to check whether you can get 4G mobile broadband in your area, as this can often deliver download speeds that are faster than traditional broadband – and in some instances almost as fast as fibre broadband.

Finally, if you live in a remote location and our postcode checker tells you that you're unable to receive broadband at all then why not consider satellite broadband? It’s available right across the UK, even in the most isolated areas

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30 days ago

The surrounding area has been upgraded to high speed internet, but immediate area where I and my neighbours live has not been upgraded, when can we expect to be provided with the same standard of service as our neighbours?

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