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Can I get Virgin Media in my area?

Tuesday, February 11th 2014

Virgin Media’s fibre optic broadband network currently covers just over half of UK homes and businesses and is growing all the time. Our coverage checker will tell you quickly whether you can receive Virgin Media broadband in your area.

If it isn’t available in your area, we take you through your alternative options, offering you the best advice available either in terms of how to pass the time while you wait, or what alternatives you may consider as a permanent or semi-permanent solution.

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Can you get Virgin Media where you live?

The quickest way to find out if Virgin Media is available in your area is to use our Virgin Media availability checker below. Once you enter your postcode we’ll perform a live check to see if you live in a cabled area, outlining the specific broadband packages available to you.

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What if I can’t get it?

There's a good chance that if you can't, you will soon

Virgin’s fibre optic cable rollout is an ongoing process that sees many new homes joining the network each month. Connecting a new area involves a lot of investment and work by Virgin’s engineers, so expansion of the network can sometimes seem like it’s moving very slowly. Virgin is very vocal in its ambition to connect as much of the country as possible to its cable network in the coming months and years. Even if your area isn’t part of the cable network right now, it should be soon.

But Virgin Media does not offer standard ADSL (non-fibre) broadband

If you live in an area that isn’t connected to the cable network, you won’t be able to sign up to Virgin Media broadband, TV or home phone. The provider no longer offers standard ADSL broadband either, so you’ll need to direct your search elsewhere.

BT's fibre network is far more substantial

The BT Openreach network – used by BT and the majority of other UK providers – currently spans around 99% of the UK for standard broadband and 62% for fibre optic so there’s plenty of other options to choose from for every budget.

How do I switch to Virgin Media?

It's easier than you might think

Virgin Media makes it very easy to switch to it from another network – even providing a cancellation letter template for you to download, fill in and print off. Unlike other providers, Virgin doesn’t need a MAC from your existing supplier in order to move you over, but you will need to give notice of cancellation – normally 30 days. If you’re tied into a long term contract, you’ll normally have to wait until the end to switch or face early termination fees. There are a few exceptions to this, explained in our How to cancel my broadband guide.

How long does installation take?

The initial sign-up is fast

Once you’ve selected a package or bundle it will only take you a few minutes to join Virgin Media. You can complete the sign up process online and you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. Your confirmation email will also include details of when Virgin’s engineer will come to install your chosen services.

Virgin Media will choose a date, but you can change it if you wish

If the date given isn’t convenient just reply to your confirmation with a date that suits you better. On average Virgin will try to make sure your installation takes place within 10 days of you signing up, although at busier times of the year such as in the run up to Christmas or a major sporting event it may take longer.

Installation is usually free, but it depends where you live

As Virgin’s engineer will need access to both the inside and outside of your property to complete your installation someone you will have to be at home throughout the whole process. Installation can cost up to £49.95, but it's usually free if you sign up online.

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Comments (88)

Greg R
15 days ago

I have had conversations with Virgin Media over the years. I live in a new build circa 2007 estate in Shaw. My postcode does not show as being fibre ready yet (though I believe this may be down to it being 'new').

The postcode of the last 'old' house on the same street as the new houses shows that they can get fibre optic. My phone number is also valid. Yet Virgin constantly deny that I can receive fibre broadband. Apart from their website, there is no other means of verifying that to be true.

It's incredibly frustrating.

kelvin dobson
30 days ago

Hi there, about 15 year ago virgin media dug all the cables in around where i live but stopped a quarter of a mile down the hill from me. I do ring and check from time to time to see if i can get vigil media but still get the same answers, " it will be coming soon " 15 years is a long time waiting to find out if virgin will carry the cable that quarter of a mile so i can have the benefit of virgin media. Any news on when this will happen or will i be left wondering with the same answer of in the near future?

8th July 2014

Hi Mrs H, I've confirmed directly with Virgin Media and unfortunately you will need to move to a new provider. If you'd like help comparing the best deals, we can help with our broadband comparison service: http://www.cable.co.uk/compare/broadband/ Hannah R - Cable.co.uk

Mrs H
5th July 2014

We currently have (old!) Virgin ADSL service, and we want to move within the village ... as we're not on the roll out for fibre optic with any provider for the foreseeable future can we take our old Virgin ADSL package with us, or will we be forced to go to another provider?

10th May 2014

Hi, I live in Leeds, and i was wondering is that different parts of Leeds are cabled by Virgin but mine isn't? will Virgin come to my part of Leeds and lay cables down in the pathways, so many people are missing on such a great opportunity on fast internet speeds

28th April 2014

hi i move in to new house do i need to engeener if i wanto switch on the virgin if i m in the virgin media area, i already have virgin box in house

21st April 2014

Hi, I am with Sky for TV, Phone and Broadband but am thinking about getting Virgin Fibre Optic as it is the only Fibre Optic available to me. Would I still be able to get all the Sky services as I am contracted to them for another 11 months?

13th April 2014

Virgin fiber optic is down my street, I live in a small cul de sac were there used to be flats, and some houses. They have since knocked down the flats and replaced them with houses, so now there is a mix of about 12 houses, new and old. The old houses are connected to the fiber optic, but not the new houses (one being mine.) is not got a connection point. How do I go about getting connected to Virgin? We have had an engineer out from yourselves, who said unfortunately there is no way off connecting, because more than likely the council would not allow them to carry out the work needed to connect the houses. Again this was never actual taken to the council, it was only assumed they would not allow the work. If this was true, does this simply mean we will never be able to benefit from fiber optic? This doesn't seem right, and I feel there has to be away around this situation, or Virgin need to approach the local council and actual resolve this situation, rather than assume. Surely this can't mean we will just never be able to benefit from any sort of fiber optic broadband what so ever..



4th April 2014

At present am with Virgin Can I change if I Transfer to Giff Gaff @ What about current addresses etc. on present phone @

Peter Nash
3rd February 2014

Hi, I have had to be a sky customer for far too long and I would love to switch to virgin after great feedback from my sister. I have had an engineer out to set up virgin as the post code checker confirmed it was installed in my street. Unfortunately upon arriving , he confirmed that the small cul-de-sac at the end of the road hasn't had fibre optic laid. It is so frustrating that 3 doors down they can get virgin, but not me (or the 16 other houses). Come on Virgin, connect me. Check it yourself, SN3 4XR

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