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Virgin Media TiVo guide

Saturday, March 15th 2014

One of the major benefits of selecting a TV package from Virgin Media is that a TiVo box can be added for an additional fee. But how will this one little device revolutionise the way you and your family watch TV?

Here, in no uncertain terms, is what the TiVo box is, how you can get it, and whether, in the light of so many on-demand TV services, it's still as relevant as it once was.

What does it do?

With a digital video recorder you can pause and rewind live television as well as being able to record any programmes you wish onto an internal hard disc drive, which negates the need for videocassettes or blank DVDs. The TiVo box also allows you to record up to three channels at the same time while watching something you recorded previously.

What sets the new Virgin TiVo box apart from other digital video recorders is the ability to scroll backwards through the onscreen viewing guide and record programs that you may have missed from the last 7 days (although this has since been introduced on the BT TV YouView box). This really is a quantum leap in TV technology and will completely revolutionise the way in which we enjoy our favourite programs. TiVo can also recommend shows for you to watch based upon your viewing habits and can alert you when one of your favourite actors is appearing in a new show.

What are the benefits?

The Virgin Media TiVo WishList service allows you to make a list of searches you have made previously for your favourite actor or genre and so on. Once you’ve done this your TiVo set-top box will keep an electronic eye on forthcoming programmes for you and automatically record any that it thinks you may be interested in. It will also ‘learn’ what kind of shows you like and automatically record other similar shows that you don’t currently watch but that you may be interested in.

Your TiVo box will also have its own dedicated 10Mb broadband connection. This means that it will not have to share your existing domestic broadband connection so people browsing the web throughout your home will not notice any drop in connection speed when the TiVo is downloading Catch-Up TV or On-Demand content.

This broadband connection will allow you to browse the web on your TV as well as enjoying a vast array of games and applications, including those that use Adobe Flash technology. The new Virgin TiVo will integrate television and the online world in a way never before seen in the UK.

Types of TiVo box

1TB TiVo

There are two types of TiVo box available. The first is the 1TB (TB standing for terabyte which is equal to 1000 gigabyte) box, which records around 500 hours of standard TV or around 100 hours of HD TV. Perfect for those that don’t want to miss a single second of TV.

The 1TB TiVo costs £49.95 or comes free with the VIP Collection. There is also a monthly fee of £5.00 and installation costs may apply.

500GB TiVo

This is similar to the 1TB box, but it has half the space on the hard drive. It can still record 250 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD, and still does all the tricks it’s big brother does.

The best part of the 500GB box is that there is no upfront cost for the unit, aside from possibly an installation cost, only the monthly £5.00 fee.

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So there we have it, record all your favourite shows and get suggestions for programs you might like, what could be better than that?

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If you have a TiVo box with Virgin we’d love to hear how you’re getting on with it. Use the comment section below to let us know how you’ve found it.

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Comments (61)

29 days ago

When I go out I like to leave the TV on for my dog but when I come back the picture has gone off and there is just a blue screen. This doesn't happen when I am at home and it didn't happen before I got Tivo.

28th July 2014

Hi Kim,

You should be able to connect your TiVo to your stereo through its digital optical out connection.


28th July 2014

Hi can I connect my stereo to my 500 tivo box and if yes how?

7th July 2014

Hi David

Yes that's right. You can transfer your recordings to a laptop or PC - from there you can burn them to a DVD.

Hannah - Cable.co.uk

5th July 2014

Did I understand you correctly in one of your earlier replies that on the Tivo box you cannot copy recorded material from the hard drive on to a blank disc in a DVD recorder. You can do this on the V+ box

19th May 2014

Hi Syy,

Unfortunately, I don't think you can do that anymore. When you say "download my recorded programmes to a DVD", do you mean burn them to a DVD using a DVD recorder? If so, then no, this feature was taken out on the TiVo.

If it makes up for it at all, the TiVo box does have a large hard drive, so you're able to keep a fair amount of content on it.

Hope that helps.

18th May 2014

This question has probably been asked and answered before.

We have an old v+ box downstairs and I used to be able to download my recorded programmes to a dvd - i.e.just played the programme back on my tv and downloaded this. I have not tried this with my tivo box - which is in a different room - is this still possible please?


13th May 2014

the tivo is vastly overated - the only thing positive about it is the bigger hard drive - everything else is plain user unfriendly. You end up with vast amounts of repeats unless you are lucky enough to watch new only from the beginning - it is a nightmare with all the seasons of shows being repeated everywhere as the tivo records them all grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr trying to record ncis season 10 and 11 - grrrrrrrrrr get all the blinking lot that is on every channel and time - not to mention the same episode when it is broadcast more than once a day the old box is so much better in oh so many ways .......... and you could record to your dvd recorder or another hard drive tivo is frustrating to use and when our contract ends it is going. tivo - needs a thorough remodeling !

17th April 2014

Hi Ken, we've spoken to the support team at Virgin Media. Here's what they said:

"Your reader's neighbour would need to know the customer's password and know their full login details and Virgin Media account password in order to use Virgin TV Anywhere. The best thing your customer should do is to make sure they have a robust password on their account."

We hope this answers your questions, but if not, just let us know.

Dean - Cable.co.uk

14th April 2014

Hi Ken, we're going to have a chat with a contact at Virgin's Tech Support to get a definitive answer on this for you. We'll update this post when we've got some news.

Dean - Cable.co.uk

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