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Virgin Media vs Sky

Monday, January 20th 2014

If you’re looking for quality broadband, TV and phone, Virgin Media and Sky are two of the main contenders. These two media empires offer a wide variety of choice, whether you’re after just one or two services, or a big brilliant bundle of all three. So how do you choose between them?

It’s not easy, but we’re here to help as we pitch the two providers against each other on the issues that matter to you most. From availability and broadband speed to TV channels and home phone options, we review which provider offers the best services and value for money to help you choose between them.

At a glance

Before we delve into the details, let's see how Virgin Media and Sky measure up on headline facts and features.

BroadbandUp to 152MbpsUp to 76Mbps
UsageUnlimited – subject to fair usage and traffic managementTruly unlimited
Broadband without landline?Yes-
TV Channels275440
HD ChannelsUp to 56Up to 66
Home PhoneWeekend
Evening & Weekend
Line Rental£15.99£15.40
HardwareTiVo box, SuperHubSky HD+ box, Sky Hub
Free extrasVirgin TV Anywhere app; Wi-Fi on London Underground; security software for 12 monthsSky Go app; public Wi-Fi at 10,000+ Cloud hotspots; Sky Shield security software
Optional extrasMultiroomMultiscreen
Prices From£10 per month£21.50 per month



Limited availability is a major snag for Virgin Media, although coverage is growing all the time. According to Virgin itself, just over half of all homes and businesses in the UK can access its TV and fibre optic broadband services at the moment, with particularly strong coverage in and around major cities and towns. There are some big gaps on the UK map however, notably Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland, plus rural areas in England such as East Anglia, Dorset, Yorkshire and Northumberland.


Coverage is more extensive at Sky, which uses the BT Openreach network to run its ADSL and fibre broadband services. Standard broadband is available to 99% of UK homes and businesses, while the fibre network has now reached around two thirds of the population.

Winner: Maps don’t lie: you’re more likely to get coverage for Sky than Virgin, so it must take the point - but it all comes down to availability in your own area and you can check if either or both providers supply your neighbourhood using the broadband postcode checker below

Virgin Media 0 - Sky 1

Availability checker

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You can see how broadband from both Virgin Media and Sky compares in our at-a-glance table below, before reading on for more details.

Download SpeedUp to 152MbpsUp to 76Mbps
Monthly AllowanceUnlimitedTruly Unlimited
Fair Usage PolicyYesNo
Traffic ShapingYesNo
Static IPNoNo
RouterVirgin Super HubSky Hub
Contract18 MonthsFrom 12 Months
Prices From£5 per month →£3.75 per month →


All Virgin Media broadband runs on superfast fibre optic cables: it no longer operates a standard ADSL network. Virgin is also the only UK provider to offer broadband both with and without a landline, so you can save on the cost of line rental if you don’t need a home phone. Virgin broadband runs on an 18 month contract, with the exception of special student deals which run for nine months to work around the academic term.

All the broadband services include unlimited downloads as standard and new customers are issued with the Super Hub: a sleek combined broadband modem and wireless router that can support up to 20 wireless devices and up to four wired connections at once. The Super Hub also features secure encryption technology so you can password protect your connection from unwanted intruders, and parental controls to monitor devices on the network.

Depending upon coverage in your area, Virgin offers a choice of three levels of speed:

  • Up to 50Mbps (from £5 per month)
  • Up to 100Mbps (from £20 per month)
  • Up to 152Mbps (from £20 per month)

An important caveat with Virgin is that unlimited usage isn’t truly unlimited, as both file sharing and uploads may be subject to traffic management at peak times (between 4pm and 11pm on weekdays and between 11am and 11pm on weekends). Standard downloads aren't slowed down in this way, however.


Broadband at Sky works a little differently. You have the choice of two ADSL services and two fibre services. The entry level option is Sky Broadband Lite, which offers a tiny 2GB monthly download cap and is included for free with TV and phone bundles.

The other options are far more generous and offer unlimited downloads on 12 month (for up to 17Mbps) or 18 month (for fibre) contracts, with the choice of three speeds:

  • Up to 17Mbps (from £3.75 per month)
  • Up to 38Mbps (from £7.50 per month)
  • Up to 76Mbps (from £30 per month)

As with Virgin, the actual speed you can receive is determined by your location so you should always use a postcode checker to see what’s available at your address. Sky customers get the Sky Hub – a high tech wireless router that promises simple set-up, the best signal available and intelligent power consumption to save energy when not in use.

A nice feature with Sky is that your broadband coverage doesn’t end when you leave the house. Customers get free, unlimited access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots with a network called The Cloud, which includes Café Nero, Pizza Express, Eat, Pret and Wagamama. Sky customers will also be comforted to hear that unlimited really means unlimited: there’s no fair usage or traffic management policies to restrict your downloads or slow you down.

Winner: The broadband battle is a tough one, as Virgin offers the fastest internet access around at the moment coupled with a top quality router and option to go broadband-only, while Sky offers truly unlimited access, an equally good router and free public Wi-Fi. However, since the future of broadband is all about speed, we’re awarding Virgin the point for being the pioneer of superfast cable broadband and offering it at a reasonable entry-level price. However, if superfast fibre speed isn’t terribly important to you, Sky offers an affordable solution to get online with ADSL broadband and unlimited usage.

Virgin Media 1 - Sky 1

Compare Virgin & Sky →

Digital TV

One of the biggest dividers between Virgin and Sky is the number of TV channels each one offers. Both providers give the full range of free-to-air ‘Freeview’ channels (around 60), including the five terrestrial channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5) and many more digital-only channels, including Dave, More4, E4 and ITV2. And then Sky skips ahead, as you can see from the TV summary table below.

Standard Channels75+300+
HD ChannelsUp to 56Up to 66
Digital RecorderTiVo boxSky+ HD box
FeaturesRecord, Pause & RewindRecord, Pause & Rewind
AppsVirgin Media PlayerSky Go
Prices From£14 per month →£21.50 per month →


Virgin Media splits TV options across three packages, TV M+, TV L and TV XL, with the cost and channel choice increasing with each size. TV M+ is the basic Virgin Media TV package, featuring 141 Standard Definition (SD) channels including Sky 1, Sky LIVING and Sky News, plus 11 basic HD channels.

TV L has 155 SD channels including Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky LIVING, MTV and SyFy, plus 11 basic HD channels. TV XL is the most complete Virgin Media TV package, featuring 230+ SD channels including Sky 1, Sky 2, MTV, SyFy, FX, National Geographic, Comedy Central and The Disney Channel, plus 43 HD channels including Sky 1 HD, Discovery HD and ESPN HD.

Premium channels such as Sky Sports can be added to any Virgin Media TV option, or as part of some bundles, such as the VIP Collection. While you can get up to 43 free HD channels with Virgin Media cable TV, you’ll have to pay an extra £7 if you want to access the HD equivalents of any Sky channels in your subscription.


Sky has built its reputation on TV and it’s easy to see why with the sheer volume of choice on offer. Even the entry level Sky Entertainment pack boasts 247 free-to-air channels and up to 36+ subscription-only channels, including Sky1, FX, MTV, Syfy and the exclusive Sky Atlantic.

For an extra £32 per month you can add the Entertainment Extra+ pack, which brings your total selection of subscription-only channels to 80. The Entertainment Extra pack+ includes favourites like MTV Hits and Sky Sports News, plus a large selection of kids’, documentary and sports channels.

You’ll get 7 free-to-air HD channels available with all Sky bundles, but you'll need to pay extra to access the up to 50 HD Sky channels, unless you opt for Entertainment Extra+ where HD channels are included in the price.

Winner: As you might expect, Sky trumps Virgin on channel choice, although the gap is closing all the time. Sky maintains some tempting exclusives, including Sky Atlantic and Sky Sports F1 HD that show no sign of becoming available on Virgin, which will seal the deal for many TV lovers.

Virgin Media 1 - Sky 2

TV tech

Sign up with either Virgin or Sky and you’ll receive a high tech set-top box that allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV, plus access On Demand content like BBC iPlayer and 4oD. Take a look at the spec of each box below to see how they compare.

FeaturesHD and 3D readyHD and 3D ready
PlaybackPause and rewind live TVPause and rewind live TV
On demandYes, using broadband connectionYes, no broadband required
StorageUp to 185 hoursUp to 250 hours
Multiple recording2 channels at once3 channels at once
Recover deleted showsYesYes
Record an entire seriesYes, with Series LinkYes, with WishList
Parental controlsYesYes
Free installationYes, when purchased onlineYes
Upgrade toSky+HD 2TB box (£149, up to 1180 hours of standard TV)1TB TiVo box (£49.95, up to 500 hours of standard TV)
HD and 3D ready
Pause and rewind live TV
On Demand
Yes, using broadband connection
Up to 185 hours
Multiple recording
2 channels at once
Recover deleted shows
Record an entire series
Yes, with Series Link
Parental controls
Free installation
Yes, when purchased online
Upgrade to
Sky+HD 2TB box (£149, up to 1180 hours of standard TV)
Virgin Media
HD and 3D ready
Pause and rewind live TV
On Demand
Yes, no broadband required
Up to 250 hours
Multiple recording
3 channels at once
Recover deleted shows
Record an entire series
Yes, with WishList
Parental controls
Free installation
Upgrade to
1TB TiVo box (£49.95, up to 500 hours of standard TV)

Winner: There’s no denying that both boxes are pretty great, but Virgin Media’s TiVo takes the lead on innovative features. TiVo allows you to record more channels at once, access internet apps and discover new content tailored to your taste with the Suggest function. Access to On Demand content is direct at Virgin so your broadband connection will remain unaffected by Wi-Fi activity and extreme weather, unlike at Sky, where you might see a dip in performance.

Virgin Media 2 – Sky 2

Compare Virgin & Sky →

Home phone

Landlines are gradually falling out of favour as more and more people rely exclusively on their mobiles, but many still like to have a home phone too, so it’s not obsolete just yet. Virgin Media and Sky offer a selection of inclusive call options alongside their broadband and TV services, and you can also take just home phone from Sky, but not with Virgin.


At Virgin you can choose from four home phone packages: M, L, XL and XXL. The M package (Talk Weekends) is included as standard with broadband and Virgin Media Collections, subject to line rental at £15.99 per month, and features unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobiles. Phone L (Talk Evening & Weekends) gives unlimited calls to UK land lines and Virgin mobiles all weekend and each evening for £4.60 per month, while Phone XL (Talk Unlimited) delivers unlimited free calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin mobiles all day every day for £8 per month. The weightiest option is Phone XL (Talk Unlimited+), which includes all this, plus 0845 numbers and all UK mobiles for £15 per month.


Sky Talk offers three options: Weekends, Anytime UK and Anytime International. Sky Talk Weekends comes as standard with broadband and bundles, subject line rental at £15.40 per month. It features unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines, plus reduced rate calls to UK mobiles and international landline numbers. Anytime UK costs an extra £5 per month and includes unlimited calls to UK landlines (including 0845 and 0870 numbers) plus reduced rates to mobiles. The final option, Anytime International features the above, plus unlimited international calls to landlines in 50 countries and mobiles in Canada, Hong Kong and USA, for a £10 per month.

While you can take a Sky Talk plan without broadband or TV, it doesn’t work the other way around – you’ll have to pay line rental and take at least Talk Weekends if you want broadband or a bundle from Sky.

Winner: Virgin’s phone options are a touch cheaper than Sky’s plus there’s the option for free mobile calls, rather than just a reduced rate at Sky. Virgin doesn’t offer an international option, but there are so many ways to keep in touch for free now, with the likes of Skype, that we don’t consider it a negative and award it the point.

Virgin Media 3 – Sky 2


Bundles of broadband, TV and phone from the same provider offer the opportunity to save money and simplify your bills. Both Sky and Virgin Media offer a wide range of multipacks featuring superfast broadband, dozens of TV channels and inclusive call options.


Virgin offers five Collections of broadband, TV and phone, ranging from £10 to per month (plus £15.99 line rental) on 18 month contracts. As the price steps up so does the broadband speed and number of TV channels, while Talk Weekends is included in all Collections except the VIP, which includes Talk Unlimited.

Each Collection can be tweaked to create the perfect mix for you, with different Talk options and channels, like Sky Movies and Sky Sports for an additional fee. Your main Virgin Media Collection options include:

  • Starter Collection
  • Essential Collection
  • Essential Family Collection
  • Premier Collection
  • VIP Collection


Over at Sky, there’s a selection of multipacks called Bundles, ranging from £21.50 to £59.25 per month (plus £15.40 line rental) on 12 or 18 month contracts. The Bundles focus on different TV tastes and include Broadband Lite (2GB) and Talk Weekend as standard.

Each can be tailored to include unlimited and fibre broadband, and different Talk options, which sees the monthly price increase. Your main Sky Bundle options include:

  • The Original
  • The Family
  • The Movies
  • The Sports
  • The Complete

Winner: This one is close to call because Virgin’s packages are tailored towards broadband speed, while Sky’s are focused on channel choice. Adding premium channels really bumps up the cost at Virgin, but so does adding superfast fibre at Sky. You’re likely to find a good match for your household at either provider, so the winner for you just comes down to availability and your preferred broadband speed and channel collection.

Virgin Media 4 – Sky 3

Compare Virgin & Sky →


A big benefit of joining a media giant like Virgin Media or Sky is the range of perks they offer to new and existing customers. Yes, you pay more than some of the no-frills, budget brands, but you’ll get access to some exclusive features that could actually save you money in the long run. Let’s see what’s on offer at these two rival firms.

Both offer ways of watching TV in more than one room - but just brand these services differently. Virgin Media offer Multibox, where for £6.50 per month extra you can get a free VHD box with no pause, rewind or record functions, or pay £11.50 per month plus £49.95 for a 500GB TiVo box. You also have the option of streaming recorded content between boxes in different rooms.

Sky Multiscreen costs £11.25 per month, which gets you one free Multiscreen box with no pause, rewind or record features. Additional boxes are available for £49 each.

If you want to watch your TV on the go, the free Virgin TV Anywhere app (which is compatible with your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad - but not with any Android devices yet), allows you to watch Virgin Media TV anywhere in your home via your Wi-Fi connection.

Alternatively, the free Sky Go app (compatible with your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & selected Android devices) works in the same way - carrying your Sky programming via Wi-Fi. Should you opt for Sky Go Extra (£5 per month), you can download TV content and watch offline - a feature which is free to Multiscreen customers.

If public Wi-Fi is important to you, Virgin Media offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi access at 120 stations on the London Underground. Sky, meanwhile, offers free, unlimited public Wi-Fi at 10,000+ hotspots with The Cloud.

Finally, online security packages: Virgin customers get free anti virus protection and parental controls with the F-Secure SAFE suite for 12 months (worth £79.99 a year), which can be used on up to five devices.

With Sky, you get the free Sky Shield free advanced parental control software for the life of your broadband service. The software protects against phishing, malware and spyware. In addition, there's a free trial subscription to McAfree Security Suite for new customers (worth around £54.99 a year) - but you would have to purchase it after the trial period to continue protecting your online activity.

Winner: Both providers offer an impressive line-up of extras but Sky just nudges ahead with Sky Go Extra, better public Wi-Fi in conjunction with the nationwide Cloud network and Sky Shield software for the duration of your broadband contract.

Virgin Media 4 – Sky 4

Final score: A draw

We know you were probably hoping for a clear-cut winner but these two fiercely competitive brands are equally good on different elements, which frustratingly leads to a draw overall. However, now you’ve got a detailed review of how they compare – you can pick the provider which performs best on the features that are most important to you.

Availability could make this tough decision for you, but if you’re in luck and both providers cover your area, see how broadband speeds measure up at your postcode using the checker below. Then make a wishlist for your ideal telecoms package and pick the provider and bundle that offers the closest match within your budget.

What next?

If you’re already with either of these two providers and now considering a move to the opposition, find out all you need to know in our guides to switching from Sky to Virgin Media, or from Virgin Media to Sky. You can also let us know what you think of Virgin Media and Sky in the comments section below.

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Comments (71)

4 days ago

We all have different experiences with service providers. Everybody has some form of bad experiences with poor customer services. Technology is moving so fast that home phones/landlines are becoming a thing of the past. Friends of mine who have landlines keep them because their broadband comes through them. I don't remember the last time I used my landline to make a phone call. Apps like WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Tango, Viber, Imessage, hangout amongst others will definitely overshadow phone lines in the near future. Everything happens over the internet and it's so much fun. Mobile contracts will soon be sold on Data father than unlimited calls and text. Now to my main point. Virgin media offer is pointless and I will you why. Nobody needs a landline when they have unlimited or masses of minutes on their mobile phones. Virgin media are aware of this and that's why they desperately attach £15.99 line rental to their bundles. But Sky is ahead of the game as they have realised this and therefore reduce line rental drastically and offer cheap enough truly unlimited broadband. For two years now I have argued to Sky that I hardly use home line and they have reduced my line rental. Now I am using less and less of my mobile allowances. In fact I can't remember the last time I sent SMS using my text allowance. It is defunct and on its way out. Virgin could have the upper hand in this game since their cable internet does not depend on phone line, but they are so absorbed in this mockery of virgin offer. I am aware of a lot of people who would switch to Virgin if there was a broadband offer without a 'Redundant' landline. I would.,

18 days ago

Thought my recent experience maybe of use. Virgin contacted me last Xmas to offer me a free TiVo box upgrade ( valued customer etc) what they forgot to tell me was by accepting their kind offer constituted another 1 yr contract. When I decided to sell my house 3 months later they hit me with a £240 cancellation of contract fee ! NICE. I could not take them with me as the new house is not cabled (my fault). Gave them a full months notice, and they forgot to send out package for return go hardware - have to take it all with me until they get round to sending out return package. Great service for an extra £240. After being with them through NTL and virgin days great way to treat a valued customer. Be ware of free upgrades they constitute another year contract !

12th March 2014

For me if its about saving money between Sky or Virgin, I think ive found a way that works for me and should work for others. While still being able to view all if not more than I had ever been able to watch when I was paying such a stupid high bill with Sky. I now pay pocket money. I found out about a Facebook Page Media Stream TV i got a TV box for silly money now i'm just waiting for a 2nd box to throw one in the bedroom.

john dev
9th March 2014

Really this is cool comparison I was with NTL/Virgin for 9 years, only moved to Sky as it 50% cheaper, but the broadband is poor (1.6Mb, although is due to BT line), had to pay Sky protect to get an engineer out (£9.50 per month), only to find it was a problem at Sky's end (never fixed)!! Support is fairly poor (although from what I remember, Virgins wasn't much better.I'm now seriously debating going back to Virgin after 2.5 years with Sky.

28th February 2014

I have just moved to SKY from Virgin after a long time with them mainly due to the new customers offer. I wish I hadnt!! its been two weeks now and I still dont have a working telephone line and SKY's customers service is appalling wont be making this mistake ever again :-(...

24th February 2014

Hi, Been reading comments and I agree with those who say Sky TV is better than Virgin. I think the Tivo box is good but its not that much better than the sky box. And of course Virgin dont have Sky Atlantic which is probably the best channel.

However in Virgins defense I like the broadband. I get upto 30mb download speed ( 20-27mb average) and it costs me £19 o month and NO line rental. I have NowTV £5 a month which includes Sky Atlantic/Sky 1 and the Discovery channel... and Netflix £5.99 a month. All of which you can run on a smart tv....or if you dont have a smart tv an xbox or ps3 and plug it into your telly and away you go!

This comes to a grand total of £30 ish a month...more affordable than Virgin or Sky's bundles ....I would never go back to an 18 month contract for an overpriced tv package from either. company.

john dev
24th February 2014

Really if we are looking for quality broadband, TV and phone, Virgin Media and Sky are only two of the main contenders. I have personally used them and i have found using SKY much frequently. The SKY provides one of the best services i had known when i went through the site Sky of Customer Service Number 0844 800 3115 and i found it useful.

22nd February 2014

Sky is the best for me, far better picture quality, more channels, and more HD than Virgin. I have had Virgin TV, the on demand, mostly did not work, just sat there looking at error codes, and stuck on the phone to Virgin.

18th February 2014

No. in the same situation before recently. you have to pay up if you can't move the service with you.

17th February 2014

Hi, we are moving out to a new place which the building doesn't have virgin, so I cant bring my virgin services with me. The problem is I am still in 18 months contract. I have called them and they said I have to pay the termination fee. But I do want to bring my virgin services to our new flat. Is there any option available for us? Is feels like we are stucked in the middle..

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