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Broadband in Aberdeen

Wild, windswept, and often battered by the North Sea, Aberdeen is in fact one of the most technologically advanced centres in the UK. If you want to get online in Aberdeen, we’ll show you how to find the best deals, speeds and availability in your area.

Aberdeen City and Shire has been named in a 2011 report by the government as "one to watch", thanks to growing economy that includes a booming electronics design and development sector.

This means that demand for high-speed broadband is continually growing, and ISPs are working hard to ensure that Aberdeen has the broadband connectivity it needs and deserves.

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Broadband statistics

The following statistics are compiled from 1558 broadband speed tests taken in Aberdeen.

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Are you up to speed?

Thanks to the influence of the oil and gas industry the former fishing town of Aberdeen is now one of the UK’s engineering hubs, with a huge selection of high-tech industries condensed into what is a relatively small geographic location.

Being able to ensure ship-to-shore communications between the refineries and operations bases on land and the platforms out at sea means that Aberdeen, despite its relatively remote location, has a premium quality and very modern communications infrastructure.

Broadband in Aberdeen is strong, thanks to the demands of high-tech industries such as precision engineering and electronics.

There are areas that still struggle a little with coverage, particularly to the south of Torry. You may also encounter slower speeds in the areas surrounding Middleton Park, Danestone and Ruthriestone.

Aberdeen city centre, including the area around Mannofield, is well served, although students at Aberdeen College to the north are advised to stay to the west of North Street (the A96) if they want to avoid slow download speeds.

Areas within Aberdeen

Bridge of Dee, Mannofield, Torry

Altens, Ardoe, Banchory Devenick, Blairs, Bridge of Dee, Cove Bay, Maryculter, Nigg, Portlethen

Bieldside, Craigiebuckler, Cults, Hazlehead, Kingswells, Mannofield, Milltimber, Summerhill

Mastrick, Northfield, Middlefield, Cornhill

Blackburn, Bucksburn, Dyce, Fintray, Kinellar, Newmachar, Whiterashes

Bridge of Don, Danestone, Grandholm, Persley

Balmedie, Belhelvie, Bridge of Don, Potterton, Whitecairns

Old Aberdeen, Woodside, Tillydrone, Seaton, Bedford

Kittybrewster, Foresterhill, Rosemount, George Street

Broadband providers and services

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Fibre optic broadband

To check fibre optic broadband availability in Aberdeen, see our fibre optic broadband page.

BT Infinity

To check BT Infinity availability in Aberdeen, see our BT Infinity page.

TalkTalk fibre broadband

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Sky broadband

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BT broadband

To check BT broadband availability in Aberdeen, see our BT broadband page.

Plusnet broadband

To check Plusnet broadband availability in Aberdeen, see our Plusnet broadband page.

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Broadband problems in Aberdeen?

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Comments (10)

13th May 2014

Blackburn here and average d/l speeds of 0.5 mbps. Saw it as low as 0.05 mbps. TalkTalk are as bad as all the others. Total disgrace and no-one doing anything about it. Not the ISPs or our MPs. 3rd world countries will be getting better speeds than this, I'd have no doubt.

17th January 2014

Hi Alex

If you pop your postcode and phone number into the checker on this page you'll be able to see who provides the fastest broadband in your area.

Hannah - Cable.co.uk

17th January 2014

It's no better closer to town... Craigiebuckler (between Springfield Road and Hazlehead Park) and we're getting 1.6-1.9 Mb/s download at best with Sky.... upload speed is almost down to dial-up speeds at times!! A complete disgrace!! is there any ISP out there that's worth switching to???

15th January 2014

I live on Bridge of Don and I have a contract from Virgin since 2012. I would strongly advice anyone to avoid this ISP. The speed of my broadband is terrible - often bellow 1Mb I am paying £31 per month! Paid £107 installation fee and the getting very bad service for that money. I had to call VIrgin so many times that it is hard to remember how many hours I spent on the phone trying to get an technician to do something about the problem. Now I requested my MAC no. goodbye Virgin!

13th November 2013

I have recently moved to Kingswells.. A new house with broadband speeds that might as well be dial-up!!, on average 1-2Mbps.... The amazing new industrial estate 100 yards across the road will be getting high speed B/band..

Completely unacceptable in 2013 and to be 3 miles out of Aberdeen to have to deal with such poor speeds.....

Dave B
31st December 2012

I also live in Cove and at the very best we get 1.5meg from Sky (touted at up to 20meg). I have seen a lot of activity (BT vans) but have not seen better service.

James Thom
25th December 2012

I live in the Bridge of Don in Aberdeen. In the last 5 years the Internet connection speeds have not increased one bit. I am paying the same for a broadband line as some one getting 7 MB down load speeds and only getting 1.5 MB on a good day. I have been on BT Infinity site asking for an upgrade not available I've been on a Virgin Broadband site not available as we are not on a cable network etc etc. if the city of Aberdeen including Bridge of Don and Cove are still running the horse and cart while outline areas are up to speed what's going on. I was trying to upgrade my media access on TV and Broadband but it's a no go.

J Barclay
27th October 2012

Have To Agree With R Millar. This Is Supposed To Be The Oil Capital Of Europe. All The Cabinets In Cove Have Been Upgraded Apart From Ours Is This Way To Treat People. Our Broadband is Less Than 700kps. So What Is Happening On The Theory That Nobody Will Have Less Than 2 Meg. Utter Political Drivel So Houses With Reasonable Broadband Are Getting Superfast And Those Of Us That Struggle To Open An Email Get Nothing. What An Absolute Disgrace. No Wonder This City And Country Are Losing Business Left Right And Centre. Apparently They Put A Man On The Moon 43 Years Ago.!!!

R Millar
23rd October 2012

We have been getting speeds of 100 kps!!! Someone come on please!!! Is this really acceptable??? £30 per month with highest contention!!!

We have been informed that fibre optics is being rolled out and the green cabinets are being installed. however, not all green cabinets are getting upgraded. The area I stay in gets less broadband speed that the rest of Cove yet there are NO plans to install a fibre optic green box here? Why is this? Why are areas that already have decent broadband speeds getting fibre optics while other areas who already get slow speeds being left behind??

There is major development going in Cove and its only going to get worse - or are BT going to provide fibre optics to the new houses and forget the people who already live there and have been experiencing major problems for years!

I will be in touch with the MP's and MSP's again! This is really not acceptable.

This is so very frustrating and there is absolutely no-one that you can contact to get any information from.

if anyone can provide information i would love to hear from you.

8th September 2012

Hi, My area is served by the Kingswells exchange located in Westhill 1200 meters from my home. The local area served by this exchange has increased dramatically in the recent 2 years to include the global centre of excellence for subsea engineering with an extra 3000 office staff requiring modern super fast broadband. Next year an area also served from Kingswells exchange an industrial expansion is taking place to be populated by another 3000 office staff as two major North sea Oerators and an international drilling company centralise their administrative centres. Optic fibre is a must for this area yet publicly available information is that Kingswells exchange is not featured in current roll out plans. Have you any information which may indicate when the Kingswells exchange may feature in being enabled for fibre optic upgrade?


David C Richmond

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