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Post Office broadband customers complain of email outage

Wednesday, September 11th 2013 by Hannah Langston
Post Office broadband customers report email issue

Some Post Office broadband customers have not been able to access their email accounts for more than a week.

Post Office broadband customers have reported issues with the provider's email service, leaving some users unable to access their accounts for over a week.

The company is in the process of moving to a new supplier for its home phone and broadband products, with connections to be provided via TalkTalk's wholesale network.

Several customers have contacted us to say they have been left unable to send or receive emails since the start of this month, while many have also struggled to get in touch with Post Office to find out more about the problem.

A Post Office spokesperson acknowledged that calls to the company's customer care line have been taking "longer than normal" to answer, blaming the issue on some changes being made to its broadband and phone service.

"We apologise to customers for any inconvenience and are working hard to rectify this," the spokesperson added.

At the end of the 2012-13 financial year, Post Office had just under half a million residential customers signed up to its fixed-line phone and broadband services, making it the UK's sixth-largest telecoms provider.

Comments (315)

30th May 2014

I lost my internet service with the POST OFFICE (home phone & broadband) due to the so-called 'upgrade' towards the end of last year (2013). I complained endlessly and was told the problem was most likely with my equipment and that an engineer would charge me (can't remember exactly now, but in the region of £140) to visit my property and inspect my equipment. I declined and discontinued the internet with them but at the same time it seemed they decided to cut off my landline phone service as well - which they denied, claiming there was a telephone fault in my locality. Then it was suggested the fault was with my equipment and a visit to my property required to settle it.....no doubt at a cost of £140. Had been with BT for 20 years at this property and never a fault with my equipment. They continued to keep the messaging service going however, and I nearly lost my job due to not being able to access important messages relating to my work. Etc. etc....! Finally my mobile service TMobile/EE offered me a deal for £26 monthy direct debit to include mobile calls, landline calls and the internet - which I accepted. They arranged all the transfer from POST OFFICE and I am free of them at last. They did, however send me a final bill for 3 months of non-service for approx £60 - which I paid, so as to avoid any debt collection problems. I complained at my nearest main post office about it all and advised to go to OFCOM.......

29th May 2014

what a shambles its been with post office since 10th April, had no e-mails cant get into my account made 9 phone calls since crawled around floor checking this and that wouldn't give me or put me through to customer services, today I've now got to leave my computer on for 24 hrs. Who's paying the bill. still no decent line, my boyfriend wanted me, not to do Plus Net should have listen to him. HOPE I GET HELP BEFORE I GO MAD. I wished l looked at this site, I wont be staying long, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER POST OFFICE

29th May 2014

reading the letters today I now realise why I have been so frustrated with the loss of email service over the past months, the connection with Talk Talk seems to have caused havock because the service was ok for years before the merger I had to stay with the post ofice for a year beacause I upgraded to wifi last May so as of now I can migrate - brilliant, the post office is not a user friendly organisation and the service is bad.

Catherine Davner
19th May 2014

I had three weeks service from them and they allowed someone to take over my service and did not know who took it over. I paid a quarterly bill of 88 pounds. 150 phone calls later I have still not had my money back this service should be shut down I have contacted my lawyer, the office of fair trading and trading standards. There customer service is deplorable and they should not be allowed to continue offering this service they should be shut down

12th May 2014

I have been having trouble with my broadband account since April 10th.They send me new passwords change my E-mail address to no avail .They promise to ring back and don't Sometimes I can send E-mails but not receive them and sometimes can't send them ,my account asks me to change passwords daily. The helpline has been no use at all.

28th April 2014

im still having problems with them, left them in January, didn't owe anything, showed clear advice notes etc, then mail from debt recovery, sent emal and posted them loads of appoligies again assured me all clear. a few days ago now listed for three out of hours call frome engineers, never made any out of hours calls to them. that was 460 pounds have sent by post and emai saying ill take further and wanting compensation now. they have the most appaling service imaginable, apart from they couldn't provide a decent broadband and phone service. they eventually told me the fault was in a old exdchange, and nothing could be done. which I thought was the problem in the beginning. I am now completely mobile, excellent phone service, and hotspot built in for laptop.

28th April 2014

Since moving from this company last Oct I just cant believe people are still signing up to post office there must be away to stop this happening or is it people don't bother reading feedbacks I was only with this company for 3months and messed up every thing and refused to pay bills contacted Fsa and also sentthem a bill advising them to pay it within 5 days other wise taking them to small claims this worked also don't phone them always email or write to them and keep copies so you have proof whats been said

26th April 2014

both broadband and phone have settled to acceptable levels but still have couple fo drops in broadband every week.

The shock is today I received a bill for £144 for engineer who called in Jan 2014 to fix the problem. Erm he didn't do anything and the problems remained after his 2 call outs.

Absolute waste of time this cowboys are. I had no problems for the last 5 years until they tried this stupid dis-organised upgrade.

m curran
20th April 2014

it is easter sunday my mother is 82 years of age and I have been trying to contact my mother all today but her phone line is down I am not saying it is the post offices fault but my mum has 3 phones when I ring it is saying there is some one on the phone my mother is at my sisters but if she were not how on earth would I contact my mother otherwise I as you do do not respond to fault finding on bank holidays please could you mail me details of fault reporting so I can sort it for my mum I cannot leave it to chance as my mum is on her own thanks

11th April 2014

well post office finally mailed me a few days ago saying they were sorry for all of it and send they were refunding money to me an all fine. guess what today I received from a debt collector a massive bill plus their charges as well, very threating . I have sent messages and emails telling them in no uncertain words what I think of it and threatening them, and suggest they contact the post office before I take it further. this lot on a google search seem to have very bad reports and the consumer trading people seem to be having them sorted as well. post office a they should reallyt be put out of business as well as this debt collecting lot.

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