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Post Office broadband customers complain of email outage

Wednesday, September 11th 2013 by Hannah Langston
Post Office broadband customers report email issue

Some Post Office broadband customers have not been able to access their email accounts for more than a week.

Post Office broadband customers have reported issues with the provider's email service, leaving some users unable to access their accounts for over a week.

The company is in the process of moving to a new supplier for its home phone and broadband products, with connections to be provided via TalkTalk's wholesale network.

Several customers have contacted us to say they have been left unable to send or receive emails since the start of this month, while many have also struggled to get in touch with Post Office to find out more about the problem.

A Post Office spokesperson acknowledged that calls to the company's customer care line have been taking "longer than normal" to answer, blaming the issue on some changes being made to its broadband and phone service.

"We apologise to customers for any inconvenience and are working hard to rectify this," the spokesperson added.

At the end of the 2012-13 financial year, Post Office had just under half a million residential customers signed up to its fixed-line phone and broadband services, making it the UK's sixth-largest telecoms provider.

Comments (306)

7 days ago

well post office finally mailed me a few days ago saying they were sorry for all of it and send they were refunding money to me an all fine. guess what today I received from a debt collector a massive bill plus their charges as well, very threating . I have sent messages and emails telling them in no uncertain words what I think of it and threatening them, and suggest they contact the post office before I take it further. this lot on a google search seem to have very bad reports and the consumer trading people seem to be having them sorted as well. post office a they should reallyt be put out of business as well as this debt collecting lot.

11 days ago

ever since they moved from Openreach network to Talk Talk in sept last year i have had nothing but problems with my caller display and voicemail, when i first used it on the 27th sept 13 it was a terrible noise, they had changed to Talk talk, We as customers were nevr informed of this.

Up to date 6th April there service has been c****, no call backs, all they say is my phone could be faulty NA my phone is a BT Relate 1100 and worked fine for the last 20 year on BT Openreach,now there with c***** TALK TALK,,if I had known they were crossing over to them I would never have joined them. Now I'm stuck with them cuz most of them dont have a clue what there talking about and tell me it could be intermittent service. What a load of liers..

and I'm ex BT Engineer, b4 it went to Openreach!! so when they going to come clean and go back to Openreach


17 days ago

To Albert Pitts . Only one suggestion move to another ISP. PlusNet will do it all for you with no need for you to get your MAC number.

albert pitts
17 days ago

cannot email out keeps asking for pass word which i have no idea could you please tell me what it is thank you

2nd March 2014

It seems that post Office Home Phone Etc has gone in to melt down, I think it is time they gave up and closed. Most of what has been said before applies to my experience, I lost y Email connections in Sept 2013, then the phone stopped providing the answerphone and 1471 service, tried to contact the service dept', without success, trying for hours, then a friend suggested that I dial and walk away from the phone with it still ringing, after nearly 3 hours a had someone on the other end of the phone to whom I explained the problem, "We are updating your service, and will call you back in about 10 minutes" 6 Months later still waiting. However without going in to all the hassle and Emails and telephone calls I made, no one called back and nothing changed. So I decided to change supplier, contacted TalkTalk who said that they would be happy to supply but having looked at my problems, suggested that I get my computer sorted before change over as the security service I'd had , had been stopped , and there were over 300 Trojans on my system that needed to be removed, I had this done at quite considerable cost, and then changed to Talk Talk, who contacted the PO to say when they were taking over the service, the change went very well, and I was very pleased. But then the payments saga began. A bill until the end of October, which I disagreed with, so phoned and got an agreement that it was incorrect, and all needed to pay was a small amount for the cancellation, which I paid to the operator whilst on the phone, (did not get any receipt) Since then I have receive a bill every month, which I have phoned about, and received apologies with the promise that it was now resolved, again. Now however letter dated 14th Feb 2014. Payment Overdue £84.73. If you do not pay within 48hrs etc, etc. We may refer the details to a debt recovery agency to recover this amount from you. So I sent Emails, and phoned again and again until I got an operator, having explained the situation to her she said that she would TRY and resolve it , and would phone back, I declined the offer and said that was not an option because no one ever returned a call. I was kept on line for some time, but when she came back, she said it was sorted and a credit was to be raised to clear the account, and as I requested a refund for the cost of all the telephone calls that I had made to sort out the error that was of their making, she said that an additional £5 credit would be made as compensation. I thanked her and asked if she could E mail or write to me confirming that the account was now closed, which said would be done, but now 2 weeks later there is still no response. If I get any more bills from them I am going to send all the information that I have to the Ombudsman and the Dailyl Mail to see if they can get some positive action, as I don't seem to be able to.

W. Joyce Kerr
4th February 2014

I have not had access to the Internet since 26 December, I have phoned PO many times and they tried to help but nothing has changed. You charged me until 9 January and I paid my account on 10 January but no improvement the password will not be accepted. One PO person told me he could not give me a new password but did give me something that was supposed to let me into the Internet. Unfortunately this was no use. I still cannot use the Internet and so will have to move my broadband provider. I would like a rebate for the money I sent to you on 10 January, covering the time from 26 December until now. I can't receive any emails.

Reuben Holmes
7th January 2014

In response to Terry Simms comments - as an individual among many both on this site and as well as being an ex customer I think most people would strongly advise you change providor, this once well run telecommunications organisation has completely forgotten the meaning of customer servive etc. No explanations, no apologies, no anything very very sad, good job buying a stamp and posting a parcel is straight forward or else we would all be doomed, final reminder MOVE !

Terry Simms
6th January 2014

During the full Christmas Week i attempted to use my e-mail service,for Sending and Receiving very important communications with my Local Police Traffic Division,with regards to a serious RTA.

I spent days attempting to send and receive important Documentation, and Photographs. To say i was very upset is an understatement. The Message Haw Snap was continuingly appearing on my Laptop screen with a running speed of Zero to 28. I,ve had this problem many times before,and still reveiving a very poor service. I,m seriously considering Signing up with another provider. Please reply with an explanation of why i have, and still receiving, a very poor service.

30th December 2013

Hi all its been a month and a half since moving to plusnet. No problems whatsoever. The last time I paid the Post office was back in July. I have yet to be contacted about my final bill. Funny though I am still able to log onto my PO account and look at my dealings since I was with them for many years past. I did email them that I was moving before the move and notified them that I was going to cancel my direct debit. No one has contacted me, perhaps I have been lost and maybe wont be billed. Anyway as they say good riddance to bad rubbish.

All of you out there MOVE!!! MOVE!!!! MOVE!!!!!!!!!

27th December 2013

@ James Nolan...... as we are all saying..... just GO ! They are obviously unable to take this service back to the previous extremely well conducted business it once was, and have no explanation to give their loyal customers , as to what happened, or when normal service will definitely be resumed! In this day and age, needing to conduct so much online, it is imperative to have a good service. You will note that everyone who has posted to this forum has had no problem switching and obtaining a normal satisfactory outcome. Just let this so called service sink into the mire.... save yourself any more stress and hassle, and be advised to leave as soon as possible. Good Luck :) !!!!

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