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Half of Brits could have had a better Christmas by switching their broadband deal

  • Nearly half of Brits (50%) have not switched or attempted to find a better broadband deal in the last five years, while a further 35% have only switched once
  • On average, consumers can save around £300 a year by switching their broadband deal according to 4,342 broadband customers switching between July and September 2016
  • Three-quarters of Brits (74%) would take up a new broadband deal right now in return for £300
  • More than a third of those questioned (35%) said they would put the money they saved towards a having better Christmas
  • Commenting on the data, Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms expert and Director of Communications at Cable.co.uk, said: "Loyalty is expensive. There is a huge disparity between those that have ever switched and those who would take the amount they could save in exchange for doing so."

Thursday 1 December 2016: The majority of British consumers would ditch their current broadband provider in return for the £300 they would save from doing so, and half of us don't, according to new research carried out by Ofcom-accredited broadband comparator Cable.co.uk.

Answers in full

1. How many broadband providers have you ever been a customer of within the last five years?

The past: the birth of mobile internet

2. If, hypothetically, you had to choose one of the following, which would you pick?

The past: the birth of mobile internet

3. If you were handed £300 right now, with no hidden catches, what do you think you would spend it on?

The past: the birth of mobile internet

Around a third of those said that, if offered the cash as a lump sum, they would put it towards paying for Christmas. Other popular answers were spends on gifts, going on holiday or improving their homes or donating to charity.

Nearly three quarters (74%) of the 2,000 individuals who took part in research commissioned by Cable.co.uk said they would switch broadband deal in order to get their hands on the roughly £300 they would save across the year by doing so.

The research also revealed that nearly half of UK households remain loyal to companies including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Sky, despite potentially saving hundreds of pounds a year by entering into a new contract with a different provider*. 50% haven't switched broadband deal for five years or more while a further 35% have only switched once in the last five year. 42% of household decision-makers had NEVER switched broadband provider.

Commenting on the research results, Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms expert and Director of Communications at Cable.co.uk, said:

"Like bank accounts and energy providers, loyalty is expensive.

"There is a huge disparity between those that have ever switched and those who would take the amount they could save in exchange for doing so. This points both to unawareness, and a misplaced sense of loyalty when it comes to getting the cheapest and best broadband deals.

"To those who would spend the savings on a better Christmas next year, I offer this advice: Switch your broadband deal now and start putting what you save to one side. Almost everyone who is not within the minimum term of their contract can switch and save, and doing so is both seamless and easier than its ever been.

"Customers should take care to use an Ofcom-accredited comparison (such as that found on Cable.co.uk) to ensure the information they are provided with is accurate, transparent and unbiased.

Notes to editors

  • Cable.co.uk interviewed 2,000 UK broadband customers during November 2016
  • '£300 saving' figure is rounded down from actual average of £322. Data gathered from 4,342 customers who called to switch their broadband deal between July and September 2016
  • Those who were interviewed were the main decision makers in their household
  • The full data sets, split by gender, age and region are available upon request
  • If using our research and/or commentary we would deeply appreciate a link either to this page or to https://www.cable.co.uk


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Dan Howdle has been plugged into the attitudes of UK broadband, TV and mobile customers for over two decades. Having spent 12 years at the coalface of consumer telecoms research, initiating and running projects both nationally and internationally on behalf of the biggest players in the industry. Dan is now Director of Communications and in-house consumer telecoms expert for Cable.co.uk.

An experienced broadcaster, commentator and writer who frequently appears on BBC TV and radio, ITV, Sky and in the national papers and their websites, Dan leads a team of journalists and communications folk who spend their days researching and reporting on problems faced by UK broadband, TV and mobile customers both on an individual and macro level.

Dan campaigns on many issues currently facing consumers of broadband, TV and mobile products in the UK. These include, but are not limited to: Rural broadband provision; mobile coverage; broadband, TV and mobile customer contract issues; broadband and mobile broadband speeds; switching and money-saving; infrastructural challenges; pricing, changes and structures; shifts in technology and the marketplace; telecoms regulation, policy and law; fines, adjudications and policy changes; mergers and closures of UK providers; annual financials and more.

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