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Shopping 'popular activity with mobile phone users'

Thursday, January 7th 2010 by Cable.co.uk
Mobile phones are increasingly being used as a shopping platform, with smartphones proving particular popular for this activity.

Mobiles phones are becoming an increasingly popular shopping platform for consumers, with smartphone usage particularly geared towards commerce, a new survey has suggested.

The Smartphone Intelligence study by Compete revealed that 37 per cent of smartphone owners - like Apple's iPod and the BlackBerry - have bought something with their handset over the past six months.

A fifth of smartphone owners have purchased music by using their handset, 12 per cent have bought cinema tickets and 14 per cent have bought DVDs, books and video games.

Accessing consumer reviews and checking prices at a number of different stores while shopping on the high street are also shopping-related activities which iPhone and Android operating system (OS) users participate in.

The survey noted that 43 per cent of Android users and 41 per cent of iPhone users check sales prices at alternative locations.

"We're seeing notable behaviour differences across devices, so, for example, users of the Android operating system share different characteristics than BlackBerry and iPhone enthusiasts," said Danielle Nohe, director of consumer technologies for Compete.

"As manufacturers and marketers better understand how each group actually uses their devices, there's a huge potential in 2010 for mobile commerce to explode."

Ease of use to enable efficient shopping could be something handset designers take into account as usage of mobile phones continues to evolve.

A recent report by ChangeWave Research found that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone followed by the Android OS.

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