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BT makes it better to bundle

Monday, April 12th 2010 by Cable.co.uk
BT has made it better value for consumers to take up its range of broadband, home phone and digital TV deals.
It has become common to see money saving experts of some kind or another tell us how cost-effective it can be to bundle home phone, broadband and even digital TV packages together. Financial website Think Money even recently stated that such deals could help those in debt to reduce costs.

Following on from such reports, BT has gone to its own lengths to explain why its latest changes make bundling better value.

The firm's offer of three months' free on all of its bundles featuring unlimited anytime calls have made it cheaper for subscribers to take multiple services rather than just broadband on its own.

Now only available on a 12-month contract, BT's cheapest solus broadband deal is available for £15.99 a month. However, this means that its cheapest Talk and Surf web and home phone package costs less at £14.49 a month, while that bundle also features a special introductory price of £7.49.

As well as pushing on with its fibre optic broadband investment, BT is clearly hoping that its bundles will receive a boost through the latest price changes.

With a growing number of providers offering similar deals, it is likely that those who have not yet embraced bundles will take up the packages.

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