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BT broadband deal of the week: 52Mb Infinity 1 fibre with £150 cashback

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 by Dan Howdle
You’d be literally amazed at how much stuff there is to take in about just one broadband deal going right now. I like this one – it offers a solid speed, free weekend calls from the accompanying landline, a huge 100GB of free cloud storage, and of course £150 in cashback, which you can spend on whatever you like.

It's a good deal, but still, it's not all roses and creme eggs... there are some downsides too. We'll get to those further down, but first let's kick things off with the positives.

The upsides

52Mbps may not seem like a lot when set alongside the frankly insane 300Mbps offered by Virgin Media right now, but if you were paying attention yesterday you’ll have come to realise that for most households anything over 50Mbps is largely wasted.

  • BT Unlimited Infinity 1 + Calls

    • Pay nothing today
    • Weekend calls
    • UK's best Wi-Fi router
    Offer ends 14th December & Activation fee discount worth £30
    £31 .99
    £29.99 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • BT Unlimited Infinity 2 + Calls

    • Pay nothing today
    • Weekend calls
    • Free BT Smart Hub router
    Free connection worth £50 & Offer ends 14th December
    £39 .99
    £9.99 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Besides, BT’s base fibre offering is a clear 14Mbps faster than all those other providers that share its network (Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet and so on). 52Mbps is enough bandwidth to stream in high definition on six tellies at once, or in UHD (4K) simultaneously on two. It’s a lot of bandwidth, in fact, and it’s really only Virgin Media’s unnecessary speeds that make it look slow. It's plenty.

You also get 100GB of cloud storage, which is very generous indeed. If you’re not familiar with cloudy stuff, this is basically a place to store or back-up all your photos, videos, files and documents so they can be accessed from any device at any time.

Then there’s that £150 cashback. You’ll receive this in the form of a ‘BT Reward Card’ sometime after your broadband has been installed – installation takes about 14 days and you’ll be able to claim it after you're up and running. BT Reward Cards are basically pre-paid Mastercards, so as long as a retailer takes Mastercard, you’ll be able to spend it there.

The downsides

There aren’t many, really. Numero uno would have to be BT’s somewhat exorbitant, set-up charge of £59.99. You’ll have to pay this up-front, so you’ll need cash in the bank even to take out the deal. It’s a far cry from the free set-up offered by some of its competitors right now, but then again, they’re not offering £150 to make up for it. They say you need money to make money, and that’s true here.

  • Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38

    • Pay nothing today
    • Free Vodafone Connect router
    Zero set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • TalkTalk Faster Fibre 38Mb

    • Pay nothing today
    • Includes Super Router
    Offer ends 21st December, No fibre setup fee & Fixed price for the contract length
    £27 .50
    Zero set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

I’ll be doing a blog dedicated to deals with no up-front cost tomorrow, but in the meantime, those two are the cheapest of the bunch.

Another thing you’ll need to look out for, and it’s not necessarily a downside – unless you forget – is that you’ll have to actually claim your cashback reward. BT won’t send it to you automatically. Those cheeky so-and-sos are actually banking on a lot of you forgetting, so don’t.

If this deal isn’t doing it for you, you can compare all the broadband in your area by entering your postcode below. I’ll be back again with another blog, but so until then, tatty-bye.

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