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Broadband deal of the week: First Utility Ultra First 76Mb, free installation, PAYG calls, £29.99 p/m

Friday, September 15th 2017

This deal ends on 2 October, so first thing to bear in mind here is that it won’t be around forever. You’ve got a couple of weeks to consider, but it won’t wait around for you forever. ...

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Broadband deal of the week: BT Infinity 52Mb, £2 off monthly cost and £50 off up-front cost, £100 cashback – Exclusive to Cable.co.uk

Friday, September 1st 2017

How does this work then? Well, we’ve been sweet-talking BT into reducing the up-front and monthly cost of its 52Mb Infinity 1 fibre broadband, and not only has it relented, it has done so exclusively through...

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