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The 6 best broadband deals of 2021

By Cable.co.uk | Friday, January 22nd 2021

At Cable.co.uk we’re experts in the ‘art’ of finding the best broadband deals and making things easy for you whenever you want or need to switch provider. And since it’s the start of a new year we’re bringing you the very best deals. Of course, if you want to see more we recommend you visit our site to compare the best broadband deals.

Best hand-picked broadband deals by Cable.co.uk

Broadband deals change all the time and sometimes really good ones disappear before you can snap them up. But don’t worry, we’ve hand-picked the very best offers available right now. We’ve looked at: fast download speeds, unlimited usage and price per month under £30. Check them out and pick yours.

TalkTalk Fibre 65 - £24 p/m

This deal from TalkTalk is as good as it sounds. For £24 per month – and a £4.95 one-off cost – you’ll get their Fibre 65 package. It comes with an average speed of 67Mbps, unlimited usage, pay-as-you-go calls and a £75 gift card that can be used on Tesco, Amazon, M&S or GiftCloud. It’s available for a limited time only, so hurry up!

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BT Fibre 2 - £29.99 p/m

This fabulous broadband fibre deal from BT is part of their January sales, so grab it before it disappears if you’re keen. It promises an average internet speed of 67Mbps, unlimited usage and pay-as-you-go calls, plus a £80 reward card which comes preloaded so you can spend at most shops that display the MasterCard® logo. Oh, and it doesn’t have any one-off costs.

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Virgin Media M100 Fibre - £26.99 p/m

With 108Mbps average speed and unlimited monhtly downloads this broadband deal from Virgin Media ticks a lot of boxes. There's a one off cost of £35 to set up the service, but the price is fixed for 18 months so you can be assured you won't get any price hikes during the contract. Shall we say any more? It will vanish soon, so make sure you get it.

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Cheapest deals

If what you’ve got in mind is no-frills cheap broadband and you’re fine with slower speeds, we’ve found some interesting deals for you. From the Post Office to EE, here’s our edit on some of the very best cheap broadband deals right now. Bear in mind the prices change all the time and may not be up to date depending on when you’re reading this article. The good news is that there’s always a great cheap deal on the site.

Post Office Unlimited Broadband - £17 average monthly

Right now it’s the cheapest broadband deal available on Cable.co.uk. This offer from the Post Office comes with 11Mbps of average speed, unlimited monthly downloads, zero one-off costs and pay-as-you-go calls wrapped in a 12 month contract. The usual price would be £30 but if you get this offer you’d be getting £166 worth of savings this year on your internet. It’s available only until January 31st 2021.

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John Lewis Broadband + Evening & Weekend Calls – £19.00 avg. monthly

Ideal for small households, this deal from John Lewis Broadband packs average speeds of 10Mbps, unlimited monthly downloads, and inclusive evening and weekend calls in a 12 month-contract that costs less than £20. The deal includes a PC Security package too. Just in case you didn’t know, John Lewis broadband is provided by Plusnet, under the umbrella of the popular retailer brand.

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EE Standard Broadband - £21.50 avg. monthly

If you’re an EE mobile customer this deal from EE Broadband may be what you want. For a monthly average of £21.50 you get up to 10Mbps, unlimited monthly downloads, pay-as-you-go calls and no one-off costs. It’s an 18 month contract and EE mobile clients will also get a 5G data boost on their phone package.

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What do you think about these? Any favourites? Remember to leave us a comment, find us on social media or, even better, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you plenty more deals and interesting information.

Disclaimer: the prices and deals featured on this blog post were valid at the moment of writing and publishing. They may have changed in time so please always compare and check with the provider to make sure you have the right deal for you.

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