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We found 2 deals for
1Simply Business BroadbandTalkTalk Business
£17.95 per month
Dynamic or static IPs available free of charge. 7 day UK business support.
  • 17Mb Average Speed
  • Unlimited Monthly downloads
  • Zero One-off Cost
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Pay as you go calls
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£17.95 per month
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2Simply Superfast Fibre BroadbandTalkTalk Business
£23.95 per month
Dynamic or static IPs available free of charge. 7 day UK business support.
  • 76Mb Average Speed
  • Unlimited Monthly downloads
  • Zero One-off Cost
  • 24 Month Contract
  • Pay as you go calls
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£23.95 per month
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About TalkTalk business broadband

In this guide

  1. Who is TalkTalk?
  2. What does TalkTalk business broadband offer?
  3. Why choose TalkTalk?
  4. Pros and cons
  5. Frequently asked questions

What is TalkTalk Business broadband?

TalkTalk Business is the business broadband provider arm of TalkTalk, which provides residential broadband deals to a large chunk of the UK market. TalkTalk was previously a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse, but it became a standalone company in 2010.

What does TalkTalk Business broadband offer?

TalkTalk Business provides standard landline and broadband services, but it can also offer a private network (MPLS IPVPN) connecting multiple geographically-diverse business sites, as well as end-to-end fibre through Ethernet Access Direct. Take a look at our guide to find out more about what to look for in a business broadband provider.Note that unlike TalkTalk’s residential broadband packages, you are unable to bundle TV services with TalkTalk Business broadband.

  • Broadband for small businesses – TalkTalk Business offers two speeds: 17Mbps ADSL and 76Mbps fibre. The ADSL deal will just about cope if you’re a sole trader or run a small home office; anything more will require the faster fibre package. If you have more than 10 employees, the top speeds might not be enough – although the company is beginning to roll out ultrafast broadband to some locations.
  • Phone lines – On the TalkTalk Business entry-level ADSL package, Simply Business Broadband, you’ll get a phone line with pay as you go calls. With its faster Complete Business Broadband and Phone package, you’ll get a phone line with free calls to UK landlines and mobiles. This is actually a pretty good deal, since most anytime call packages exclude mobiles.
  • Leased lines and bespoke solutions – TalkTalk Business offers dedicated internet services via a leased line. The speeds available on leased line solutions are much faster than those on traditional packages, but bespoke solutions are extremely costly.

Why choose TalkTalk Business broadband?

TalkTalk Business offers two packages aimed at small businesses – Simply Broadband Business and Complete Business Broadband and Phone – which provide several different features for businesses. Our broadband jargon guide can help with any unfamiliar terms here.

  • Static IP addresses – IP addresses are used to determine the location of something on the internet. Most broadband packages offer a dynamic IP address, which means it changes the IP address periodically. Businesses will often require a static IP address – an address than never changes – if they plan to run their own company servers. TalkTalk Business charges an extra £1 per month for each additional static IP you require.
  • Worksafe network security – Both TalkTalk Business packages offer Worksafe security for free. Worksafe is a network-level security solution, meaning once you turn it on, all devices using your internet connections will automatically be filtered. This gives your business instant protection from malicious sites and internet misuse.
  • UK contact centre – TalkTalk’s technical support is open 365 days a year. However, note that it doesn’t run 24 hours a day, unlike the 24/7 support provided by some other business broadband providers such as XLN and Virgin Media.
  • Choice of speeds – Simply Business Broadband offers speeds up to 17Mbps (with an average of around 10-11Mbps), with upload speeds of around 1Mbps. Complete Business Broadband and Phone on the other hand offers up to 76Mbps download (around 63-66Mbps on average), and 20Mbps upload speeds – enough for a small office with up to ten employees.
  • Business phone lines – Both packages come with a business phone line. Simply Business Broadband offers pay as you go calls, meaning you pay for what you use. Complete Business Broadband and Phone on the other hand offers free, unlimited UK landline and mobile calls as well as free Multi Calling, Caller Forwarding, Reminder Calls, Caller Waiting, Caller Display and Number withhold.

Pros & cons of TalkTalk Business broadband


  • Free calls to mobiles on the Complete package
  • Offers some of the cheapest business broadband deals on the market
  • UK-based tech support
  • Static IP address included in package


  • Currently limited availability of ultrafast packages
  • Technical support is not 24/7, except for leased line solutions

Frequently asked questions

How much is TalkTalk Business broadband a month?

At the time of writing, TalkTalk Business offers two packages. An ADSL package (Simply Business Broadband) up to 17Mbps and a fibre package (Complete Business Broadband and Phone) up to 76Mbps. They are £18 and £24.50 per month respectively.

Is TalkTalk Business good for broadband?

To be absolutely frank, TalkTalk Business does little to stand out in the way some other business providers do. You’ll get faster broadband and a better router with Virgin Media Business, or the option to add on all sorts of other business services with the likes of XLN. With TalkTalk Business basic broadband with little else of note is the order of the day. Still, it’s pretty cheap.

What’s the difference between home and business broadband?

The most notable differences can usually be found in the extras you’ll get in a business broadband package. Static IPs are usually available if not standard with a business package, and you can usually expect some sort of upgraded technical support beyond that offered with a package you would buy for your home.

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