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Origin broadband review

By Dan Howdle
Monday, December 17th 2018

If broadband was a movie – because let’s face it, Hollywood really is clutching at straws – Origin might be the girl (or boy) next door.

The once small-town provider with big ambitions has already stretched beyond the borders of Yorkshire to serve homes and businesses nationwide, all the while retaining much of its local, independent flair. If you don’t have eyes on BT, Virgin Media or any of the other big names out there, Origin broadband may be worth a closer look.

Pros and cons

  • Competitive line rental savers
  • The option to pay upfront
  • Yorkshire-based customer support
  • Fibre packages are on 18-month contracts
  • No more broadband only packages
  • No extras or freebies

What we like

Competitive line rental savers

Line rental charges are unavoidable with the vast majority of broadband packages and ultimately make up a significant portion of the monthly expense.

Several UK providers offer line rental saver schemes that allow you to discount the annual cost by paying upfront in one go, but the potential savings vary.

Origin's line rental discounts offer some of the UK's most competitive savings over one to two years. Its standard line rental charge is £18.49 per month, but by paying for a year upfront at £172.49 you'll save £43.39. Choose its two-year 'Super Saver' and the upfront charge of £299.99 will save you a total of £131.77.

The option to pay upfront

Origin’s approach to line rental extends to its complete package range, which means you can pay for your entire broadband and phone contract upfront at a discounted price.

These ‘Supersaver Deals’ currently offer savings of up to 30%, with contracts lasting 12, 18 or 24 months depending on which broadband package you choose.

Origin isn’t the first broadband provider to offer upfront pricing, but applying it to both standard and fibre broadband services is something you don’t see all that often.

Yorkshire-based customer support

Origin broadband was born in Yorkshire and its customer support team remain there despite the provider’s nationwide service rollout.

As an Origin customer you get access to 24/7 Freephone support from the Yorkshire-based team, meaning your call is never redirected to an offshore call centre.

What we don’t like

Fibre broadband contracts are 18 months

If you object to committing to a contract any longer than 12 months, then Origin may not be for you. All its fibre packages come on 18-month contracts, which is a fair old while to be tied into a contract. Many leading broadband providers now offer fibre on a 12-month basis, so it's worth bearing this in mind before signing up.

No more broadband only packages

Once upon a time, Origin was one of only a handful of broadband providers to offer a broadband only service; just internet without a bundled-in phone plan or imposed landline. But when it debuted a fresh new look midway through 2016, the broadband only line-up was nowhere to be found.

Whether the result of a decline in sales or an attempt to simplify its service offering, Origin’s cause for withdrawing these packages is unclear, but it’s a shame that customers now have a more limited menu to choose from, particularly given the fact that broadband only packages are so and far between.

No extras or freebies

Origin is very focused on offering good value broadband and phone packages and beyond the included wireless router does not offer any of the extras or goodies that you would get from some of the bigger providers, such as free wi-fi. But if you just want a good, clean broadband package for a good price then and the option to save some cash with a line rental saver scheme, then Origin could be a good choice for you.


It may be outgrowing its humble Yorkshire beginnings, but Origin broadband retains many of the same ideals that it was founded upon.

Its quest to deliver quality services and high standards of customer support remains evident through its competitive savings and 24/7 Yorkshire-based customer service team.

Due the absence of certain staple features, Origin doesn’t quite measure up to the likes of BT, Sky or other household names, but it seems to be content in doing things its own way for now. If affordability and accessibility are high on your checklist, Origin broadband is well worth checking out.

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