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Relish broadband review

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones
Wednesday, March 6th 2019

Relish is a wireless broadband provider that operates in central London and as far as we know is the only operator in the UK to offer a same-day delivery service.

If you ever use the London Underground you’re likely to have seen Relish’s adverts but how is it different to the other providers out there and is it a viable alternative?


Average download speed 20Mbps
Broadband Wireless
Home Phone No
Digital TV No
Contract length 1 month or 12 months
Prices from £22 per month


Unlike the majority of providers, which offer different speeds via ‘standard’ and fibre broadband packages, Relish offers just one. Its Home Unlimited plan promises an average download speed of 20Mbps, which is faster than the basic broadband plans offered by most providers.

While it’s not ‘superfast’ – the government defines this as being at least 24Mbps and Ofcom sets the bar even higher at 30Mbps – Relish’s 20Mbps speed is fast enough to do all those day-to-day online tasks like shopping, browsing, downloading and streaming.

Relish’s home broadband plan comes with either a 12-month contract or a one-month rolling contract.

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Relish offers customers the choice of using it’s same-day installation service, which costs £20, or going for next-day delivery, which is free.

It is able to do this because it provides its broadband wirelessly (through the airwaves using 4G technology) rather than through fibre cables or copper wires in the ground. This means there’s no digging or drilling to be done when you place an order, you just plug in the router when it arrives and off you go.


Sign up to Relish broadband and the router you’ll be sent is a Verve VH510B. It’s not the most high-spec of routers but will get you online and allow you to connect your devices either wirelessly or by using an ethernet cable, which will get you the fastest possible speeds.

As Relish’s broadband is wireless, you don’t have to plug the router into a phone line so you should have a bit more freedom with regards to where you plug it in. Having said that, Relish says you should place it next to a window (on the windowsill if possible) with the Relish logo pointing out of the window, this is so the 4G signal can reach you device.

If you go for the one-month rolling contract, there’s a hefty £70 device cost to pay upfront. But if you don’t mind committing for 12 months, there’s no such charge for the router.


According to Relish, its network only had 0.1% downtime in 2017. Being able to get online 99.9% of the time sounds like a pretty reliable service to us, but if you do have problems Relish has a Network Status page on its website that should inform you of any outages in your area.

As this is wireless broadband, you may find that your speed may be a little variable or that you experience a bit of lag, particularly if you play games online. But these are issues that fixed line broadband isn’t completely immune to, either.

Customer service

Relish has a customer helpline and live chat option on its website if you’re really stuck. It also operates an Acceptable Use Policy, set out in full here, which urges customers to keep their usage to a “reasonably expected” level.

Failure to do so means you’ll be given 14 days to change your ways, or else your service will be placed under traffic management controls. This usually means prioritising some types of internet traffic over others or throttling speeds on particular sites.

Relish only operates in parts of central London at the moment so you’ll have to take a look at its website to see if you’re covered.


If you live in central London then Relish is a alternative to the big broadband providers that is well worth taking a look at. Its service could be of particular interest to anyone in that part of the world who can’t get fibre broadband at their property, as it could improve your speeds.

Relish’s same or next-day delivery service is likely to be a major plus point for renters who may have to move at short notice and need to get set up quickly. The option of a one-month rolling contract will appeal to those who don’t know where they’ll be living in 12 months’ time while the lack of a phone line will certainly attract others.

Relish can’t compete with the likes of Virgin Media or even BT or Sky in terms of absolute speed, but it’s certainly succeeding in doing things differently.

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