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Can I get BT Sport through my Sky box?

Posted by hannah in BT, Sky, Digital TV about 17th June 2013

Since BT announced the launch of its new sports service back in May we've been flooded with questions about how you can get your hands on it. These range from what broadband connection you’ll need to how you can get BT Sport on more than one TV. But the most popular query is regarding BT Sport’s carriage agreement with Sky. Below I’ll explain how you can get BT Sport through Sky and whether or not you need to be a Sky customer to receive it.


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about 17th June 2013

If you have a Sky box and active viewing card you’ll be able to access BT Sport. What’s more, you don’t need to be a Sky customer or a BT customer. But if you do take broadband with BT, the sport channels are completely free.

Here are your options:

Sky customer or Sky box owner(no active Sky TV subscription)

You’ll need to pay £13 a month for the BT Sport channels in standard definition (SD) or £15 a month for HD versions. You’ll need a HD ready TV and black Sky box if you opt for the HD channels.

If you’re a current Sky customer with a Sky+ box then you’ll be able to use Sky+ features such as live pause and recording with BT Sport.

Sky customer or Sky box owner(no active Sky TV subscription) & BT broadband customer

If you subscribe to both Sky TV and BT broadband you can watch BT Sport for free. This will start a new 12-month contract with your current broadband package.

Remember to ring BT, not Sky, when you’re ready to order BT Sport. You’ll need your Sky viewing card number at hand for them to activate the channels on your Sky box.

Updated 5 November 2013

Sky customer or Sky box owner(no active Sky TV subscription) & Plusnet broadband customer

If you're a Plusnet broadband customer and have a Sky TV receiver you can get BT Sport for £5.99 a month or £7.49 a month for high definition. You'll need to register on the Plusnet website and there’s a minimum one month contract (which becomes a rolling contract thereafter).

Unfortunately Sky Multi-room isn’t available with BT Sport so you’ll only be able to access the channels on one Sky box at home.

If you’re interested in signing up to BT broadband, check out our BT deals page

If you'd like to join Plusnet, compare deals here.

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