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Frequently asked questions

The People’s Operator (TPO) launched in 2012 and today offers a competitive range of pay-as-you-go and SIM-only packages. Sign up to any of its plans and TPO will pledge 10% of your monthly spend to a charity of your choice. You can compare all of its latest deals using the tools on this page.

How good is The People’s Operator signal?

The People’s Operator (TPO) is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it uses an existing mobile network to deliver its services.


TPO uses EE’s network, so its mobile signal covers around 98% of the UK population.

The strength of your own mobile signal may vary, but you can check specific coverage for your area before you sign up.

Is The People’s Operator 4G?

No – whilst TPO uses the EE network it doesn’t currently support its 4G network speeds.

Can I get unlimited data?

No, unlimited data plans aren’t currently available. You can compare TPO’s complete range of data allowances using the tools on this page.

Does it allow tethering?

TPO’s fair usage policy prohibits the use of mobile data for tethering and may limit your network speed, suspend or even block your access to its data services if your usage is excessive or beyond what it considers reasonable for an individual.

If you’re looking to share your mobile internet allowance with other devices, you may wish to consider another provider.

Can I use The People’s Operator abroad?

Yes, but any usage allowance you have will not apply outside of the UK. This means you will be charged at a standard rate per minute, per text and per MB of data you use while you’re away.

TPO has designated international destinations into several zones, each with its own associated charges.

Data roaming

Data used abroad is charged per kilobyte (KB) but the cost varies depending on your location.

Ireland, the Channel Islands and countries within the European Union (Zone 1 and Zone 2) are among the cheapest countries to use data in. Charges for data used in other countries (Zone 3 to 7) are considerably higher.

We recommend checking The People’s Operator website for the latest roaming charges before you travel.

Texting while abroad

It’s free to receive texts while you’re abroad but TPO charges a standard rate for outgoing messages that is based on the country you are in and the destination of your message. You can check the latest charges on the TPO website.

Making calls while abroad

You will need to pay a fixed rate per minute for all incoming and outgoing calls while you’re abroad. The charges will vary depending on which country you are in and where it is you are calling. You can check the TPO website for up-to-date information before you travel.

Can I get free credit?

The latest deals from The People’s Operator, including those that may offer free credit with a pay-as-you-go SIM, will be detailed in the comparison results at the top of this page.

Will I need a credit check?

No, The People’s Operator doesn’t credit check any of its new customers but does require your name, address and Direct Debit bank details to verify your identity.

Pay monthly customers are asked to pay for their first month of usage upfront and will need to set up a direct debit payment to continue using the service thereafter.

Pay monthly plans operate on a 30-day rolling contract. You will need to give the provider 30 days’ notice if you wish to cancel.

Can I keep my number?

Yes, transferring your existing number to The People’s Operator is a simple, three-step process.

Transfer number

  1. Ask your current provider for your PAC number (Porting Authorisation Code); it’s usually nine characters long – e.g. ‘ABC123456’.
  2. Once you have your new TPO SIM, call customer services on 0845 225 2505 or 500 direct from your new TPO number and give them your PAC.
  3. They’ll handle the rest for you. It usually takes around 24 hours for the transfer to complete.

Does The People’s Operator support wi-fi calling?

No – while TPO operates on the EE network, it hasn’t inherited its wi-fi calling capabilities. As of yet, no announcement has been made to suggest upcoming support of this feature.

Can I choose any charity?

TPO has an extensive list of registered charities for you to choose from when you sign up. If you already have one in mind but can’t find it in their database, you can get in touch with the provider at a later date to nominate it.

What is The People’s Operator social network?

It’s TPO’s answer to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s ad-free but aims to encourage users to be active among charities, fundraisers and good causes to raise money. The social network is open to everyone, not just customers of its mobile service, for whom joining is optional.