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Asda Mobile sale: Double data SIM deals

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones
Monday, February 25th 2019
Oops – this deal has now expired.
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Asda Mobile is offering double data on all of its SIM deals to anyone setting up a recurring top-up and recurring bundle. You have until 23 May to take advantage.

SIM deals available, once you've doubled up the data, include 6GB for £10 a month with 600 minutes and unlimited texts, or 8GB for £12 a month with 800 minutes and unlimited texts.

Prices start at just £5, which gets you 500MB of data, 125 minutes and 2,000 texts. At the top end, Asda Mobile's sale gives you the chance to grab 18GB of data for £20 plus. This deal comes with unlimited calls and texts.

How to get the Asda Mobile double data deal

The first thing to do is to order a free SIM from Asda Mobile. Order before 1.30pm and it'll be delivered to you the next working day.

Once you have your Asda Mobile SIM, you'll need to set up both a recurring top-up and recurring bundle. You can do this by calling Asda Mobile on 2732.

A recurring top-up can be set up for a particular date, such as after payday, or every 30 days to match your recurring bundle. It just means the money will come out of your bank account automatically, like a Direct Debit, and go straight into your Asda Mobile account.

Asda Mobile doesn't offer 12-month or 24-month contracts. Instead you choose the bundle of data, texts and calls you want each month and text 2732 with the code of the bundle you want. A recurring bundle means the bundle you choose will be automatically renewed every 30 days as long as there's enough credit in your Asda Mobile account.

While this will function a bit like a contract, you still won't be tied in for a certain number of months or anything. You'll be able to change your bundle or cancel whenever you like.