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BT Sale – £135 cashback with Infinity fibre deals

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones
Friday, May 11th 2018
Oops – this deal has now expired.
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BT is offering reward cards worth up to £135 with its latest broadband and TV deals, which will be available until Tuesday 22nd May.

To get the highest cashback amount of £135 you’ll need to sign up to BT’s top fibre broadband package – BT Infinity 2, which will cost you £39.99 a month and give you speeds up to 76Mbps.

To be honest, you’d probably be getting better value by going for the next package down, BT Infinity 1, as you’d still get superfast speeds up to 52Mbps but be paying just £29.99 each month. The reward card you’d get is almost as good too, at £125.

Standard broadband with cashback from £24.99 a month

If it’s just a standard broadband connection you’re after, BT Unlimited Broadband is £24.99 a month and offers speeds up to 17Mbps, with the speed you’ll actually get depending on your location and a whole load of other factors. Until 22nd May it comes with a £65 reward card.

All three packages come with an 18-month contract. There is a £50 connection fee for Infinity packages and a £10 connection fee for standard packages. BT also charges an additional £9.99 to send you a router.

Add BT TV to your broadband deal from £3.50 a month

Adding Starter TV to your broadband package will cost you an extra £3.50 a month plus a £60 activation fee and for that you get a basic YouView box that will let you pause and rewind live TV, Freeview channels and the BT Sport channels.

The Entertainment pack is an currently an additional £8 on top of your broadband price plus £70 upfront and comes with a YouView+ box that can record up to 300 hours of telly. As well as the Freeview channels you also get 19 so-called “premium” channels including Comedy Central, Gold, Discovery and SyFy.

Entertainment doesn’t come with BT Sport as standard but you can add it on for an extra £3.50 a month.

Max TV costs an additional £15 a month and gives you a YouView+ UHD box that can record up to 600 hours of TV, BT Sport in Ultra HD and 61 “premium” channels including TCM, Cartoon Network, Disney XD, Eden and a load of HD channels. It comes with a £70 upfront fee (as well as the £9.99 router delivery cost).

How to claim your BT Reward Card

It's important to remember that BT will not send your reward card out in the post automatically, the responsibility for claiming it lies with you.

Around 40% of BT Reward Cards go unclaimed by new BT customers – which is a bit like throwing money down the drain. Ensure this nightmare-like scenario doesn’t happen to you by following these simple steps to claiming your BT reward card.

  • Once your BT broadband or Infinity is installed, visit the BT’s reward claim page on BT’s website. Here you can log in using the BT ID you will receive when you sign up. You’ll need to answer a number of questions about why you switched to BT; don’t worry, they’re not too taxing.
  • From there, you’ll have to fill in a claim form and your BT reward card will be sent to the same address as your broadband was installed.
  • It may take up to 45 days for the card to reach you. When it arrives you need to activate it as per the included instruction before you can use it.
  • If your BT gift card has not arrived within that time, you can get in touch with BT with this contact BT form.

Where can I spend BT Reward Cards?

The real beauty of the BT Reward Card is that it can be spent pretty much everywhere. Unlike reward vouchers, the BT Reward Card is a chip and PIN MasterCard pre-loaded with money that you use just like a debit card. That means you can spend it anywhere MasterCard is accepted either online or, if you’re a traditionalist, in highstreet shops both in the UK and abroad.