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BT Reward Card: Up to £175 with BT Infinity deals

By Dan Howdle
Friday, March 16th 2018

We've got a new BT cashback deal for you, and it's an absolute whopper! New customers that sign up to BT this week can claim up to a massive £175 cashback, but only until midnight Thursday 22nd March, so get it while you can.

BT Reward Cards are an awesome giveaway and this week they're on top form, with £100 on offer to new unlimited BT Broadband customers, £150 on offer to BT Infinity 1 customers and a colossal £175 for BT Infinity 2 customers. BT changes the value of its Reward Cards on a regular basis, but it's not often they are worth this much, so don't miss out.

How to claim your BT Reward Card

Around 40% of BT Reward Cards go unclaimed by new BT customers – which is a bit like throwing money down the drain. Ensure this nightmare-like scenario doesn’t happen to you by following these simple steps to claiming your BT Reward Card.

  • Once your BT broadband or Infinity is installed, visit the BT’s reward claim page on BT’s website. Here you can log in using the BT ID you will receive when you sign up. You’ll need to answer a number of questions about why you switched to BT; don’t worry, they’re not too taxing.
  • From there, you’ll have to fill in a claim form and your BT Reward Card will be sent to the same address as your broadband was installed.
  • It may take up to 45 days for the card to reach you. When it arrives you need to activate it as per the included instruction before you can use it.
  • If your BT gift card has not arrived within that time, you can get in touch with BT with this contact BT form.

You can add BT Sport free for six months

Get full access to the best cricket and football around and much more with BT Sport by adding BT Sport to your broadband subscription. BT Sport is now free for the first six months for new broadband customers and £3.50 per month thereafter.

Alternatively you can add BT TV Starter for just £3.50 per month, and get BT Sport included, along with a great selection of TV channels, including American drama channel AMC - exclusive to BT TV.

Where can I spend BT Reward Cards?

The real beauty of the BT Reward Card is that it can be spent pretty much everywhere. Unlike reward vouchers, the BT Reward Card is a chip and PIN MasterCard pre-loaded with money that you use just like a debit card. That means you can spend it anywhere MasterCard is accepted either online or, if you’re a traditionalist, in highstreet shops both in the UK and abroad.

Time to switch to BT broadband or Infinity

The BT Reward Cards are a great incentive to buy a BT broadband package. BT broadband is currently reduced to £19.99 per month while BT Infinity is reduced to just £28.99 per month. These are great prices for premium broadband packages and would be classed as a great deal even without the Reward Cards and cashback.

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