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BT Mobile cashback deal – claim up to £80 BT Reward Card with discounted SIM-only offers

By Cable.co.uk
Friday, December 7th 2018
Hurry! This deal ends in 15 hours, 57 minutes and 38 seconds

Black Friday is over and BT has wasted no time in launching what it describes as 'unmissable' Christmas SIM-only deals including 12GB for the price of 6GB. As well as double data and cut-price plans, you can bag a BT reward card worth up to £80 if you order by Thursday 13 December.

BT Reward Cards worth up to £80

The standout offer is that double data deal, which gives you 12GB of data for the price of 6GB – that's £20 a month if you're not a BT broadband customer and £15 a month if you are (BT broadband customers get a £5 a month discount on all BT Mobile SIM deals). You also get a reward card worth £60, which probably won't arrive before Christmas but would definitely be a nice New Year's bonus.

BT is also offering 20GB of data for £25 a month (or £20 a month if you're a BT broadband customer). This represents £5 a month off the usual price of the deal and there's also the small matter of a £70 reward card that comes alongside.

All BT's SIM-only plans come with unlimited calls and texts, you just need to decide how much data you're going to need to get you through the month. Right at the lowest end, there's the Great Value Starter plan, which gives you 500MB of data and comes with a modest £10 reward card. It's £8 a month to BT broadband customers and £13 a month to everyone else.

At the other end of the scale there's the Max plan, which comes with a whacking great 40GB of data to use each month and the maximum reward card amount of £80. This costs £35 a month if you're a BT broadband customer and £40 a month if you're not.

BT Mobile operates on the EE network, which has the fastest and widest 4G coverage in the UK. All BT Mobile customers get unlimited free access to BT Wi-fi hotspots. You can also set a monthly spend cap so you can avoid any nasty surprises when your bill comes.

Choose any plan and you'll be signing up to a 12-month contract, although there is the option to switch between packages each month. So if you find you're running out of data you can move up and, likewise, if you've got loads left at the end of the month you can move down – and save yourself a few quid at the same time.

Save money with the BT Family SIM

If you're looking to get a new SIM deal for yourself and others, you can take advantage of the BT Family SIM. Keep control of your family finances by taking up to five SIMs on one plan to save money; the more SIMs you have, the more you save. The main account holder is subject to a 12-month contract, but any extra SIMs run on 30 days, so you can chop and change when you want.

Where can I spend BT Reward Cards?

The real beauty of the BT Reward Card is that it can be spent pretty much everywhere. Unlike reward vouchers, the BT Reward Card is a chip and PIN MasterCard pre-loaded with money that you use just like a debit card. That means you can spend it anywhere MasterCard is accepted either online or, if you’re a traditionalist, in highstreet shops both in the UK and abroad.

How to claim your BT Reward Card

To claim your BT Reward Card visit BT’s reward claim page on BT’s website after 30 days of purchasing your SIM. Here you can organise the delivery of your card. If you have already claimed your card and it has not arrived, use BT’s contact page to inform BT.