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Dazzling deals on BT Mobile SIM-only – get 15GB for £16

The BT Mobile Sale is now on. £5 reduction for all BT broadband customers.

£5 discount on all BT Mobile SIMs for BT broadband customers

BT Mobile has some great SIM-only deals at the moment. If you’re an existing BT broadband customer you’ll get a £5 discount on all SIM-only plans. With the £5 discount these become some of the best value SIM only plans on the market. BT Mobile is not exclusive to BT broadband customers, but you do need to be an existing customer to benefit from the discount. All BT Mobile SIMs offer 4G data speeds, come with access to BT Sport over the BT Sport app, and have 12-month contracts.

BT is offering a price reduction on its best SIMs. It’s 15GB SIM now costs just £16 per month for existing BT broadband customers. This is an incredible deal for all BT broadband customers, especially if you’re after a lot of data.

Free iTunes or Amazon voucher with any BT SIM plan

Plus, any new BT Mobile customers signing up to any plan can claim a free Amazon, iTunes or Boots voucher. This offer is available to everyone (regardless of whether you’re a BT broadband customer) and runs alongside all the other great deals available on BT Mobile at the moment. This is a tiered reward so customers that choose the 500MB plan get a £10 gift card, the 4GB SIM comes with a £40 Boots card, the 6GB plan comes with £55 as does the 15GB SIM.

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What we think

If you’re a BT broadband customer looking for a SIM-only deal, BT Mobile is a great place to start. The £5 discount offered to existing BT broadband customers makes BT Mobile one of the best value providers of SIM only contracts on the market.

You can now take advantage of the BT Family SIM deal - keep control of your family finances by taking up to five SIMs on one plan to save money. The more SIMs you have, the more you save.

BT Mobile operates on the EE network, which has the fastest and widest 4G coverage in the UK. All SIM’s come with access to BT Sport Lite and unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi (which allows you to connect to over five million wi-fi hotspots around the country). You can also set a monthly spend cap so you can avoid any nasty surprises when your bill comes.

One drawback with BT Mobile is that it only has the choice of four SIMs, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll find one that fits your usage requirements. Another disappointing aspect of BT Mobile is that its SIMs are only available on 12-month contracts, rather than the more flexible 30-day rolling tariffs offered by other providers. If you are looking for a more flexible SIM only deal with similar features to BT Mobile you may want to look at iD Mobile. We’ve compared BT Mobile’s 4GB SIM and a comparative iD Mobile SIM below to show how they match up:

  • BT Mobile 3GB SIM-only Plan
  • 4G data speed
  • 4GB of data
  • 1000 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited access to BT Wi-Fi
  • £40 Boots gift card
  • 12-month contract
  • £8 per month
  • iD Mobile 4GB Plan
  • 4G data speed
  • 4GB of data
  • Data rollover
  • 500 minutes
  • 5000 texts
  • 30-day rolling contract
  • £10 per month

BT Mobile deals are great – if you can find the right SIM

Getting a £5 discount on BT Mobile SIMs is one of the great perks of being a BT broadband customer. Without the £5 discount, however, its SIMs are a little overpriced and we’d suggest non-BT broadband customers perhaps look elsewhere. There are more flexible options out there offering similar SIMs to BT Mobile (such as the iD Mobile SIM we used as an example above) that come with fewer perks. However, if you are a BT broadband customer (and one of the four SIM only tariffs on offer is suitable for your needs) then there’s never been a better time to sign up.

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How to claim your Amazon or iTunes gift card

To claim your gift card visit the BT’s reward claim page on BT’s website after 14 days of purchasing your SIM. Here you can organise the delivery of your card. If you have already claimed your card and it has not arrived, use BT’s contact page to inform BT.