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HTC Desire 530 free for three months with TalkTalk Mobile

Sorry! This deal is no longer available from TalkTalk Mobile
Don't panic. We've got more fantastic deals and offers below…

Existing TalkTalk customers can get a new smartphones free for the first three months with double data in the TalkTalk Mobile sale. Handsets include models by Motorola, HTC and LG.

Sorry! This deal is no longer available from TalkTalk Mobile
Don't panic. We've got more fantastic deals and offers below…

Existing TalkTalk customers can get smartphones free for three months with double data

There are some brilliant offers flying around for current TalkTalk broadband customers looking for a great smartphone deal. TalkTalk Mobile is offering new handsets free for three months exclusively to TalkTalk broadband customers. There’s a range of different SIM plans to choose, all of which currently include double data.

TalkTalk Mobile operates on O2’s network, which offers 99% coverage of the UK. There’s also no upfront cost for any of the handsets and all handset deals come on 24-month contracts. This deal is only available online for a limited time, so don’t hang around.

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What we think

We’re going to start with the bottom line here. If you’re an existing TalkTalk broadband customer, and you’re looking for the best value handset deal on the market, check out TalkTalk Mobile first. Even before this offer was active, TalkTalk Mobile offered its customers some of the cheapest pay monthly handset deals around, so with the three-month offer on handsets and the inclusion of double data on all SIM plans, it really is the best option out there.

The offer on the table is two-fold. A selection of handsets are free for the first three months of the 24-month contract. On top of that, all TalkTalk plans come with double data (up to a maximum of 4GB of data on the XL SIM plan) regardless of which handset you choose. All handsets come with unlimited calls to other TalkTalk Mobile users, free delivery and free calls to TalkTalk customer care. The selection of handsets on offer is limited when compared to other providers (the iPhone is noticeable by its absence), but if you’re after something simple you won’t find a better deal elsewhere. These are the handsets currently reduced with TalkTalk Mobile:

  • Motorola G PLay (available from £12.50 per month)
  • LG K4 Blue (available from £10 per month)
  • HTC One A9 (available from £17.50 per month)

  • While this deal is great, it may not be perfect for every one. TalkTalk Mobile doesn’t offer a 4G data service and the handsets on offer (especially those in the current deal) are generally a generation behind the cutting edge – there’s also nothing on offer from Apple. If that’s a sticking point, you could try other budget mobile providers like Talk Mobile or iD Mobile, which offer most major handsets for low prices.

    TalkTalk customers will not find a better value handset deal

    If you’re not too concerned about 4G data speeds or getting the most up-to-date smartphone on the market, and you’re already a TalkTalk broadband customer, TalkTalk Mobile is for you. The three-month free handset and double data deal combine to make this one of the best mobile offers around at the moment – and it’s totally exclusive to TalkTalk customers.