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Contract-free broadband, TV and Phone with Now TV Combo

Now TV is offering contract-free TV, broadband and phone bundles with the Now TV Combo. This is one of the cheapest, most flexible methods of getting a triple bundle. Prices start from just £24.99 per month.

Now TV Combo from just £24.99 per month (includes line rental)

Now TV has stepped into the broadband market with its Now TV Combo. New customers can get TV, unlimited broadband, and a Now TV Smart Box all from just £24.99 per month. What sets this deal apart from the competition is that you get all this without a contract, so you can cancel whenever you want with no penalty. Now TV has a range of different packages to choose from, so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs.

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What we think

The Now TV Combo deal is a different proposition in the broadband, TV and phone bundle market. New customers will get a Now TV Smart Box, an unlimited broadband connection (or fibre broadband connection) and a call plan. What you choose to add into your combo (like a faster broadband speed, Sky Sports etc.) will be added to your monthly bill, but the starting price for the base package is just £24.99 per month. The real beauty of the Now TV Combo is that it comes without a contract, so you can cancel whenever you want, without penalty.

Now TV has three broadband packages to choose from, all with suitably “wacky” names. Brilliant Broadband is the standard speed at 17Mbps, Fab Fibre is 38Mbps and the fastest of the lot is Super Fibre, which is 76Mbps. All three packages are unlimited and can be cancelled whenever you want.

Now TV offers a similar selection of TV packages to Sky, with four TV ‘passes’ to choose from. The standard Entertainment Pass includes 11 of the best pay TV channels on Sky, including Sky Atlantic (Game of Thrones anyone?), Sky 1 and Fox. It also comes with over 250 Box Sets of top Sky shows to stream on demand. The Sky Cinema Pass includes over 1,000 movies on demand with a new premier added every. The Sky Sport Pass gives you access to all seven Sky Sports channels, so you can watch live Premier League football. Finally there’s the Kids Pass, which lets your little ones watch six dedicated children’s channels and on-demand kids Box Sets, in case they want to watch their favourite episode of Peppa Pig again, and again, and again… and again.

You can build your bundle however you wish, adding as many of the TV passes as you see fit. Here’s a run down of everything included in the cheapest Now TV Combo:

  • Now TV Combo (cheapest package)
  • Now TV Entertainment Pass
  • 60 Freeview channels + 15 HD channels
  • Unlimited 17Mbps standard broadband
  • Pay-as-you-go calls
  • NOW TV Hub included
  • NOW TV Smart Box included
  • £30 install fee
  • £24.99 per month

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Perfect if you need a flexible broadband, TV and phone bundle

The Now TV Combo is perfect if you need a flexible broadband, TV and phone bundle. While the monthly cost of the bundle is cheap, the initial cost of setting the package up can be slightly off-putting. We would advice only choosing the flexible one-month rolling contract if you’re certain you won’t need the bundle for more than a year. That said, the 12-month contract is cheap to set up and there’s lots of flexibility when you come to build your package.

What’s more, as you’re not tied into a contract you can add and remove services as you see fit. Premier League season ended? You can remove the Sky Sports Pass. Kids back from university? You can upgrade to 76Mbps fibre. Just given birth to quadruplets? Better add the Kids Pass.

Get the Now TV Combo

What do I get with the Now TV Combo?

As with all broadband, TV and phone bundles, new customers get a handful of goodies and gadgets to get themselves up and running. Now TV is no different. Along with your services, you’ll get two very important bits of kit to keep you watching and connected.

The Now TV Smart Box

The Now TV Smart Box is the best TV box Now TV has on offer. It connects to your TV and lets you stream your movies and TV shows. It’s powered by Roku and features over 60 Freeview channels plus 15 HD channels, and lets you pause and rewind live TV, and catch up with a whole host of on-demand players like the BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub and All 4. It’s simple to set up and can be customised with apps including YouTube, Spotify and Sky Store. It can even recommend new shows you may like. Normally, the Now TV Smart Box would set you back £39.99, but it’s included in the cost of the Now TV Combo.

The Now TV Hub

The Now TV Hub is a powerful wireless router. This is what will let you wirelessly connect your laptops, consoles, smartphones and Now TV Smart Box to the internet. The Hub is capable of distributing all three of Now TV’s broadband speeds, so if you want to upgrade to a fibre broadband connection you can, and also features a low power mode, to help save electricity when it’s not in use. The hub is fairly standard within the broadband market, but will be more than up to the job of keeping the whole family online wirelessly.