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Double data on Plusnet Mobile for existing customers

Plusnet Mobile has launched, and has some incredible “mates rates” for existing Plusnet customers. All SIMs come with double data and prices start from as low as £5 per month.

Data deals for existing Plusnet customers

Plusnet is joining the long list of broadband providers making the move into the mobile market with its new venture – Plusnet Mobile. Plusnet Mobile is a virtual network operator using EE’s mobile network to carry its 4G signal. That means Plusnet Mobile customers will receive similar coverage and data speed as EE customers. Plusnet offers 30-day SIM-only plans with up to 8GB of data. It offers a Smart Cap, so you’ll never pay more than you expect to, and is all backed up by Plusnet’s UK-based customer service.

Existing Plusnet broadband customers are in for a real treat too. Plusnet Mobile is offering double data on over all of its SIMs as part of its ‘Mates Rates’ deal. This deal is only available if you’re a current Plusnet broadband customer, but makes Plusnet Mobile one of the best value mobile providers, with SIM-only tariffs with up to 8GB of data.

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What we think

Plusnet is the newest broadband and phone provider to move into the mobile market. It’s offering four SIM-only deals on 30-day contracts on EE’s 4G network. Plusnet Mobile is available to non-Plusnet customers, and there incentives to current Plusnet broadband customers to switch. Everything comes with Plusnet’s near-legendary customer service, so if there’s any problems, you’re just a free phone call away from getting it sorted.

Plusnet is offering double data as to all existing Plusnet broadband customers as part of its ‘Mates Rates’ deal. This means data is increased to a maximum of 8GB. Here’s a rundown of some of the SIMs on offer, what you get, and how much they cost (if you’re a Plusnet broadband customer).

  • £5 per month – 250 minutes, 500 texts, 1GB data (doubled from 500MB)
  • £7.50 per month – 1000 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB data (doubled from 1GB)
  • £10 per month – 1500 minutes, unlimited texts, 4GB data (doubled from 2GB)
  • £15 per month – unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 8GB data (doubled from 4GB)

Which network does Plusnet Mobile operate on?

Plusnet Mobile operates on EE’s 4G network. This is great news as EE owns the widest and fastest 4G network in the country (covering 99%), so Plusnet Mobile should receive a similar service (in terms of connectivity) to EE. If you’re unsure whether EE’s mobile signal covers your area, you can find out by using EE’s coverage checker on its site. To put Plusnet’s offering into a little perspective, we’ve compared Plusnet’s 4GB SIM deals to a comparable offering from EE.

  • Plusnet Mobile 4GB SIM
  • 4GB data (doubled from 2GB)
  • 4G data speed
  • 1500 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 30-day contract
  • UK-based customer service
  • £10 per month
  • EE 2GB SIM
  • 2GB data
  • 4G data speed
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 12-month contract
  • Access to BT Sport
  • £17.99 per month

UK-based customer service and Smart Cap

As with Plusnet broadband, Plusnet Mobile comes with access to award-winning, UK-based customer service. Plusnet’s customer service was found to have the most satisfied customers (compared to Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk) in a survey carried out by GfK Consumer Attitudes. The customer service line is free and open 365 days a year, and has won a swathe of awards from industry experts. The Smart Cap allows you to set a monthly price cap on your bill, so you’ll never spend more than you want.