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Plusnet Flash Sale: £50 reward card with Unlimited Broadband from £18.99 a month

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones
Wednesday, August 8th 2018
Oops – this deal has now expired.
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Plusnet is offering a £50 reward card with its Unlimited Broadband package in a deal that might just tempt you into switching provider between now and Tuesday 14 August, when the deal ends.

The deal will cost you £18.99 a month over the 12 months of the contract plus a £5 activation fee. If you want an additional calling plan you can add one from £4 a month.

Don't forget to claim your reward card

The broadband speed you’ll get with this package is advertised as an average of 10Mbps. The speed you actually receive will depend on a number of factors including how far you live from your local telephone exchange and where you put your router.

The £50 cashback on offer with this deal comes in the form of a pre-paid Mastercard, which can used to shop pretty much anywhere that you see a Mastercard sign, both on the high street and online. There are a few exceptions, so you can't fill up with petrol using your reward card or spend it on betting sites, but for most bits of shopping you'll be ok.

Plusnet will not send you the reward card automatically, that would just be a bit too easy wouldn’t it? No, instead you have to wait until your service is up and running, then after 10 working days or so you’ll get an email directing you to an online form.

The link in the email will be valid for two months from the date Plusnet sends it. Fill in the form and your reward card should arrive in the post within 30 days.

Fibre broadband from Plusnet

If yours is a busy household and average speeds of 10Mbps just ain’t gonna cut it Plusnet does have two fibre broadband packages to choose from, although neither of which currently comes with £50 cashback.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre is currently £23.99 a month on an 18-month contract and offers average speeds of 36Mbps. Being fibre, this should give you a more stable and reliable connection as well as faster speeds.

Unlimited Fibre Extra will give you average speeds of 66Mbps and is £28.99 a month. It also comes on an 18-month contract.

If you’re looking for the combination of fibre broadband and cashback, then you’d be better off taking a look at the deals currently on offer from Plusnet's parent company BT.