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Post Office broadband just £17 a month for 12 months

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones
Tuesday, May 1st 2018

It may not be the first name you think of when it comes to broadband, but the Post Office offers some reasonably priced packages and until Sunday 30 September you can get unlimited broadband for £17 a month.

This isn’t the price you’ll see if you go direct to the Post Office website, so make sure you click through using one of the buttons on this page. Let’s face it, at £17 this deal is up there (or should that be down there?) with the very cheapest broadband packages you’ll find anywhere in the UK.

It comes on a 12-month contract and more good news – there’s nothing to pay upfront. You’ll get download speeds up to 17Mbps, although the actual amount you’ll receive depends on a number of factors including how far you live from your nearest telephone exchange and where you position your router.

Unlimited broadband for £17 a month - no set-up fee

We tend to say these ADSL broadband deals are perfect for those who need the internet just to do the basics, although it still should be fast enough to stream Netflix or BBC iPlayer. To guarantee yourself a faster speed and a more reliable connection however, and especially if there’s multiple people in your household who’ll be getting online at the same time, you might need a fibre connection.

Post Office is currently offering Unlimited Fibre Broadband for £26 a month or Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus for £31 a month. Again, you’ll need to go via Cable.co.uk to get these prices – you won’t find them by going direct to the Post Office website.

The cheaper fibre package gives you speeds up to 38Mbps while the ‘Plus’ option offers a 76Mbps connection. With both packages, you can choose to pay £25 upfront for an 18-month contract or £60 upfront and only be tied in for 12 months.

Finally, if you’ve found your way to this page and for some reason you’re not interested in broadband at all, Post Office is offering a good old fashioned home phone line on its own for £11.50 a month over 12 months. There’s no set-up fee.

All of these deals run until Sunday 30 September.