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Sky broadband deals with £75 prepaid Mastercard

By Dan Howdle
Friday, February 23rd 2018

Sign up for a selected Sky home broadband package before 29 March and you’ll get a Reward Card worth up to £75.

Anyone who signs up for an eligible bundle will get a pre-paid MasterCard which can be used at most retailers so its effectively money back in your pocket to spend on whatever you want.

The cheapest bundle offers Sky Broadband Unlimited, line rental and Sky Talk for £20 a month, subject to a 12-month contract and £9.95 setup charge.

If you want fibre broadband, it’s £21 a month, including Sky Talk and line rental. However this isn’t unlimited and is subject to a 25GB monthly download limit. You’ll also have to take out an 18-month contract and pay £59.95 for setup.

Fibre unlimited is £30 a month, while Sky Fibre Max – which promises speeds of up to 76Mbps – is £35 a month.

The basic Sky Talk service is pay-as-you-go, but for an extra £4 a month you can get inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK mobiles and landlines. For an extra £8 a month this extends to all day, everyday and for £12 a month you can add calls to 50 worldwide destinations.

Add Sky TV for £20 a month

All packages are eligible for Sky Talk Shield which lets you listen to who’s calling and whether to accept or block the call. You can set up different lists so friends and family get through immediately while blocked numbers can never get through again.

Customers will also get the Sky Q Hub, which is Sky’s latest broadband router and access to Sky Wi-Fi hotspots, which are dotted around the UK.

If you want Sky TV, then its possible to add Sky Q and the Entertainment pack, which includes Sky One and Sky Atlantic, for £20 a month. Access to on-demand Box Sets are £5 a month, while movies via Sky Cinema cost £10 a month. Access to all Sky Sports channels is £28 a month, with an HD upgrade costing an additional £6.

As for Sky Q, it’s the broadcaster’s most advanced television platform. Viewers can watch up to six shows while recording a seventh if they have the 2TB edition of the Sky Q box, which can store up to 1,000 hours of HD.

Multiscreen is an additional £12. This allows you to watch live TV and recordings on a compatible smartphone or tablet, while one complimentary Sky Q Mini box lets you watch programmes on another television in another room.

As many as four Sky Q Mini boxes can be connected to a single Sky Q box, although this will incur additional costs, and they even act as Wi-Fi signal boosters for Sky broadband customers.

How to claim your reward from Sky

If you’ve recently taken part in a Sky free Mastercard promotion, you need to contact Sky to get your reward sent to you, as it won’t be sent out automatically. Follow the steps below to claim your voucher from Sky.

  • Once your Sky service has been installed, visit the Sky iD login page on Sky’s website. Here you can log in using the Sky iD you received when you signed up.
  • From there, you’ll have to fill in a claim form and your pre-paid MasterCard will be sent to the same address as your broadband was installed.
  • When it arrives you need to activate it as per the included instruction before you can use it. You have 90 days to claim your reward, so make sure you claim it within that timeframe.

Claim Your Sky Reward

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