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Sky £50 cashback with Sky broadband-only deals

By Steve McCaskill
Wednesday, May 9th 2018

You don’t need to get Sky TV to get a decent deal with Sky Broadband and if you act fast, you can get a great value package as well as £50 back in your pocket as a bonus for signing up. The offer ends 7 June.

Sky has four broadband and landline deals to choose from and all come with the £50 cashback, which comes in the form of a Sky Reward Card, essentially a pre-paid MasterCard that can be used at most retailers.

Unlimited broadband from £20 a month

Sky is offering unlimited broadband, Sky Talk and line-rental for just £20 a month. Top download speeds with this package of 17Mbps, with Sky promising an average rate of 11Mbps. There’s a 12-month contract to sign and a one-off setup fee of £19.95.

If you want fibre, you can get speeds of up to 38Mbps, Sky Talk and line rental for £25 a month. This does come with download limits and is subject to an 18-month contract and a £59.95 setup charge, however. To remove the download limits, you should get Sky Fibre Unlimited, Talk and line rental for £30 a month. This also has an 18-month minimum term and the same set up fee.

And for those who want the fastest speeds Sky has to offer, you can get Sky Fibre Max, Talk and line rental for £35 a month. Sky Fibre Max promises up to 76Mbps with average speeds reaching 57Mbps. Again, there is an 18-month contract and £59.95 setup fee.

Add TV from an extra £20 a month

All packages come with the Sky Q Hub, the company’s latest Wi-Fi router.

And if you decide you want TV on top, you can always add it in the future. For £20 a month you can get Sky Q and the Entertainment pack, with sports, movies and box sets bundles available as extras.

Sky Q is the broadcaster’s most advanced television platform. Viewers can watch up to six shows while recording a seventh if they have the 2TB edition of the Sky Q box, which can store up to 1,000 hours of HD.

What’s more, the Sky Q box acts as a Wi-Fi booster for Sky broadband customers.

How to claim your cashback

The reward card comes in the form of a prepaid MasterCard. You'll be sent an activation code separately, and will then need to call Customer Services on 0843 453 5490 to activate your card and be given your PIN.

Once activated, it can be used anywhere a Mastercard is accepted - apart from for gambling or at petrol stations. You can't use it for cash withdrawals or currency transactions either, or for cashback when you make a purchase.

To check whether you're able to receive Sky broadband, you can enter your postcode into our Sky broadband availability checker.