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Sky Mobile free flight with Lastminute.com with phone or tablet deals

By Phil Wilkinson-Jones
Friday, June 1st 2018
Oops – this deal has now expired.
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Sky Mobile is offering a free return flight to Europe with Lastminute.com to anyone signing up to a new phone or tablet deal until Thursday 5 July.

Customers will be able to choose from hundreds of thousands of flights, taking off from more than 20 airports across the UK and heading to 30 of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Malta.

The purchase of any phone or tablet on a Swap plan will mean you’re eligible for the free flight offer. You’ll receive a voucher which will then need to be redeemed online.

You can choose and book your flight on a dedicated Free Flight search engine set up by Sky and Lastminute.com. You can check flight availability at any time and have until the end of December 2018 to book your return ticket.

If you’re thinking about taking a friend or family member with you, additional tickets can be bought for a flat rate of £89 each.

Sophia Ahmad, director of Sky Mobile, said: “Partnering with Lastminute.com means we can offer Sky customers something extra special this summer. As well as a free flight with any new phone or tablet, the combination of Roll and Mix means they’ll never be without data when sightseeing, browsing by the pool, or live streaming from the beach.”

Store unused data and use it later

All Sky Mobile customers benefit from the Roll feature, which automatically stores unused data in your Sky Piggybank and lets you use it whenever you need it, storing it for up to three years.

Mix allows you to change your data plan up or down each month if you so wish, depending on your needs. Particularly helpful to customers taking advantage of the free flight offer is the ability to use your data, call and text allowance in 36 European destinations.

Sky Mobile has a range of phones to choose from including Apple’s latest offerings the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, Samsung’s new flagship phone the Galaxy S9 and the Sony Xperia XZ2.

The provider has also recently started offering tablet deals and has a number of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab devices.