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Say Hello to Sky Mobile – now from just £5 per month

Sky has launched its mobile service using O2’s network to carry its signal. Here's everything you need to know about Sky Mobile.

Great deals on Sky Mobile SIM-only deals

Sky Mobile is offers four SIM-only deals. Every deal comes with free calls and texts for 12 months for a limited time. Choose from 500MB for £5, 1GB for £10, 3GB for £15 or 5GB for £20. After the 12 months, non-Sky customers will have to pay £10 per month to get the free calls and texts, but existing Sky TV customers will get them for free.

Long known as the final word in premium TV, Sky has taken the plunge into the UK mobile market. Launched at the start of 2017, it operates on the O2 network, providing good 3G and 4G coverage across the UK.

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What network does Sky Mobile operate on?

Sky Mobile runs on the O2 network. O2 offers both 3G and 4G data speeds over the majority of the UK. While MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) don’t always receive exactly the same speed and coverage as their host networks, it gives you the best indication of whether you’ll be covered. You can check Sky’s coverage map to see if your area is within its coverage zone.

What SIM tariffs does Sky Mobile offer?

Sky’s approach to SIM tariffs differs from pretty much every other provider on the market. Sky offers just four simple tariffs – they are:

  • 500MB, unlimited calls and texts – £5
  • 1GB, unlimited calls and texts – £10
  • 5GB, unlimited calls and texts – £15
  • 10GB, unlimited calls and texts – £20

Existing Sky broadband or TV customers receive unlimited calls and texts at no extra cost, while non-Sky customers have to pay an extra £10 per month for unlimited calls and texts – but this is optional. If you choose not to pay this, you’ll be charged for calls and texts on a pay-as-you-use basis, which is ideal if you use your phone more for browsing than calling.

Change your plan whenever you want

Sky states that it’s possible to change which plan you’re on month-to-month. This is a similar scheme to giffgaff’s, but all Sky Mobile SIMs come on 12-month contracts, as opposed to giffgaff’s standard 30-day rolling contracts.

Roll your data over from one month to the next

Another great feature of Sky Mobile is that you can roll over any unused data to use as and when you want. Sky has recognised that many of us pay for more data that we use, and this unused data vanishes at the end of the month. It proposes a scheme where by any unused data you’re left with at the end of the month goes into a ‘piggybank’ where it will remain for three years. You can then access this ‘banked’ data whenever you want.

Discounts for existing Sky customers

As well as the free calls and texts for existing customers, Sky TV customers can also create personal playlists of all their favourite shows synced from their Sky Q Box at home to watch at any time. This builds on Sky Q’s ability to let Sky customers watch their saved shows wherever they are. All this makes for some great reasons for Sky customers to sign up to Sky Mobile.