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How to claim your free Samsung tablet from Sky

Sky is not currently running the Samsung Galaxy tablet deal. Prices start from £22 a month and all TV bundles come with a Sky Q Box.

Claim your Samsung Galaxy Tab E here

If you signed up to Sky during its recent free tablet promotion, you need to claim it from Sky’s website – it won’t just be sent to you. The promotion has now finished, but there’s still time to claim. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E needs to be claimed within 90 days of your Sky TV service being activated, so don’t delay in claiming.

To claim your tablet, click the button below. This will take you to Sky’s claim page. You’ll need to sign in using your Sky iD password. Once you’re in you’ll need to fill out some information on the claim form and the tablet will be sent out to you. It could take up to 28 days to be delivered once you’ve claimed.

Which model of tablet will I get?

You will receive the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, which is a 9.6in tablet that can connect to the internet through a wi-fi connection. You can use it to stream movies and TV, browse the internet, send emails and play online games. The tablet has a recommended retail price of £159, but you can get it free when you upgrade today. We’ve seen Sky offer a tablet before, but it doesn’t come around very often – so it’s best to grab it when you get the chance. We think it’s a great incentive.

Claim your tablet

New customers can choose a £100 voucher for Tesco or M&S or a £100 pre-paid MasterCard instead

Sadly Sky’s great tablet deal has now finished, but it’s been replaced with something we think is pretty good too. All new Sky customers can choose from a £100 voucher for Tesco, M&S or MasterCard. If you’re after a cash boost, there is something here for you. Prices start from just £22 for 18 months.

Sky bundles start from £22 and come with a free Sky Q Box.

Sky has six TV bundles to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes. At the cheaper end of the spectrum is the Original Bundle, which is currently £22 per month and comes with over 300 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky 1 and Sky Sports News HQ. If you want something more time-devouring, the Sky Complete Bundle includes 350 TV channels (50 of which are in HD), Sky Box Sets, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. The HD Complete Bundle will set you back £80 per month and is considered to be the most ‘complete’ TV bundle available in the country. Here’s a look at both packages side-by-side. Remember all bundles come with a free £100 voucher for Tesco, M&S or MasterCard and a Sky Q box included in the price:

  • Original Bundle
  • 300+ entertainment channels
  • 11 HD channels
  • Sky Q 1TB Box included
  • £100 voucher for either Tesco, M&S or MasterCard
  • 18-month contract
  • £15 upfront cost
  • £22 per month

  • Get Sky Original Bundle
  • Sky HD Complete Bundle
  • 450+ entertainment channels
  • 74 HD channels
  • Sky Sports HD
  • Sky Cinema HD
  • 350+ Sky Box Sets
  • Sky Q 1TB Box included
  • £100 voucher for either Tesco, M&S or MasterCard
  • 18-month contract
  • £15 upfront cost
  • £80 per month

  • Get Sky HD Complete Bundle

All Sky TV Bundles require a one-off £15 installation fee and some services (such as Sky Box Sets) require an internet connection. If you had your heart set on the free tablet it may come back around again (we’ll update this page when it does), but the current £100 voucher deal is certainly worth considering. However, if you want to take advantage make sure you sign up soon, since as with all good things, it must come to an end.

How do I claim my free gift?

Like the free tablet, Sky won’t just send your free £100 voucher to you, you need to claim it. After your TV has been installed, visit Sky’s claim page within 90 days of activation and fill out the claim form. If you don’t do this within 90 days, you may lose the chance to claim your voucher – which would be a real shame. Once you’ve claimed it, the voucher should take up to 28 days to arrive.