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Half price and double data TalkTalk SIM-only deals

Sorry! This deal is no longer available from TalkTalk
Don't panic. We've got more fantastic deals and offers below…

Existing TalkTalk customers get half-price SIM-only mobile deals with double data by ordering online. Prices start from just £3.95 per month for the full length of the 12-month contract exclusively for TalkTalk broadband customers.

Sorry! This deal is no longer available from TalkTalk
Don't panic. We've got more fantastic deals and offers below…

Half price TalkTalk SIMs for existing customers

For a limited time existing TalkTalk customers can get TalkTalk Mobile SIMs with up to 50% off on 12-month contracts. These are exclusive to current TalkTalk broadband and phone customers. The real star of this deal is TalkTalk’s Large SIM, which comes with 2GB of data, 950 minutes and unlimited texts. It’s reduced from £15.50 to just £7.75 per month.

If half-price SIMs aren’t enough, TalkTalk is also doubling the data allowance on select SIM packages. The Small SIM is doubled to 300MB, the Medium SIM is doubled to 700MB and the Large SIM has been doubled to 2GB. This means you can spend more time browsing, tweeting and watching videos when you’re out and about. These great SIM-only offers won’t be around for long, so don’t hesitate.

Get TalkTalk SIM-only

What we think

TalkTalk is offering half-price discounts on selected SIMs. Prices start at £3.95 per month and the majority of contracts last for 12 months, with one that lasts 30 days. SIMs come with a range of different data and minutes and most have unlimited text messages, so you should be able to find one suitable for your needs.

TalkTalk Mobile is exclusive to TalkTalk Mobile customers, and has recently gone under a bit of rebrand, but it’s still the place to go if you’re looking for a great value mobile SIM-only plan. TalkTalk Mobile is a virtual mobile network which operates on O2’s mobile network, so make sure you can receive O2’s service in your area before making a purchase.

Get up to 50% off selected TalkTalk SIMs

We think the best value SIM here is the TalkTalk Large SIM. This comes with 2GB of data (which is double what it is usually), 950 minutes and unlimited texts. It’s reduced from £15.50 to just £7.75 per month for 12 months, making it one of the best value SIMs out there. Here’s a rundown of all the SIMs in the half price deal.

  • Small SIM – 250 minutes, unlimited texts, 300MB data (doubled from 150MB) – £3.95 (halved from £7.90)
  • Medium SIM – 750 minutes, unlimited texts, 700MB data (doubled from 350MB) – £6.50 (halved from £13)
  • Large SIM – 950 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB data (doubled from 1GB) – £7.75 (halved from £15.50)

We like this deal because of its rarity. Not often do you see mobile SIMs with such large savings on them. TalkTalk has a reputation for selling its products cheaply, and we’re glad this generosity extends to its mobile SIMs as well as its broadband, TV and phone services. If you like the look of this deal we advise you act now; it won’t be around forever.

Get double data on selected TalkTalk SIMs

Not content with reducing the price of a selection of its SIMs, TalkTalk has also doubled the data on its SIMs too. That means twice as much browsing, gaming, streaming and downloading when you’re out and about. For many, data has become the deciding factor in choosing a SIM deal, so it’s great that TalkTalk is beefing up the amount it gives with each SIM.

Even with twice as much data, TalkTalk’s SIMs are not really suited for those who spend their entire lives online. These SIMs are more appropriate for casual users, who use their data mainly for browsing, using social media and sending emails. If that sounds like you, TalkTalk is a great option, as you’ll struggle to find many SIMs offering the same data for less elsewhere.

Get TalkTalk SIM-only