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Get 4G with added OOMPH only with Virgin Mobile

Virgin Media’s SIM-only deals pack in a load of extras you won't find with other mobile providers. Running on EE's fast 4G network, you get unlimited texts, free WhatsApp and Facebook messaging – and Data Rollover.

Virgin Media Mobile, with flexible plans and jaw-dropping extras

Virgin Mobile offers a fantastic package of goodies with its 4G SIM-only deals. Every plan comes on a 12-month contract, but you can change your plan each month if you want. All plans also come with Data Rollover, so you don't lose any unused data at the end of the month. With super-fast 4G speeds on the EE network, and so many extras for your money, why wait?

Free messaging with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

If you're a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger user, you'll be delighted to hear that you can use these apps for free with Virgin Mobile - meaning you can keep your data for other online activities. As all Virgin Mobile SIM-only plans also come with unlimited texts and a plentiful amount of minutes, this means you won't have to pay a penny more to keep up-to-date with your mates.

Five SIM-only plans to choose from

Virgin offers a SIM-only plan to suit everyone. With five options you're bound to find something right for your needs. if you are an existing Virgin Media broadband or TV customer, you can get free calls to other Virgin Mobile phones. These are Virgin's current special offers:

  • 3GB (was 1GB) for £9 per month. Comes with 1500 minutes and unlimited texts
  • 6GB (was 2GB) for £12 per month. Comes with 2500 minutes and unlimited texts
  • 9GB (was 3GB) for £13 per month. Comes with 2500 minutes and unlimited texts

Get Virgin Mobile SIM-only