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Virgin Media doubles the broadband speed on selected TV bundles

By Oprah Flash
Friday, June 1st 2018

For no extra cost, Virgin Media has announced it is doubling the broadband speeds of its Player, Mix and Full House bundles for new customers. Offer ends 31 July.

Looking for a new TV and broadband package? You’re in luck, Virgin Media is now giving you even faster speeds in your chosen bundle without doubling the price.

If you’ve been shopping around you would have noticed that the Player bundle, costing £29 a month over a 12-month contract, used to come with broadband speeds averaging 54Mbps, inclusive weekends calls and pay-TV with more than 70 channels. Starting today (1 June) until midnight on 31 July, the same package now has ultrafast speeds averaging 108Mbps.

Virgin says the doubled speeds will allow you to download a standard HD movie (5GB) in around seven minutes compared to the 15 minutes it would take using the UK’s average connection speeds.

Free super speed boost

The Mix bundle has had the same treatment. For £45 a month, you now get VIVID 200 broadband with speeds up to 213Mbps, inclusive weekend calls and the Mix TV package in which you’ll get access to more than 150 channels including Sky One, Sky Living, FOX and MTV.

For a package that gives you pay-TV that somewhat resembles the content you can get with Sky TV, the Full House bundle is £55 a month over an initial 12-month contract. You get the super speed boost of VIVID 200 broadband and weekend calls but the TV aspect of the bundle gives you access to more than 230 channels including BT Sport and top Sky channels in HD.

The Virgin TV V6 box that comes with the bundles allows you to watch Netflix on your telly, as long as you have a subscription. Please note, with all the bundles mentioned you’ll notice an extra £20 charge on your first bill to cover the cost of activation.