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Virgin Mobile free £100 shopping voucher with Samsung Galaxy S9 deals

By Oprah Flash
Wednesday, May 2nd 2018
Oops – this deal has now expired.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Virgin Mobile is giving away a £100 shopping voucher with its Samsung Galaxy S9 pay-monthly deals. Offer ends 23 May.

You can choose between an Amazon, M&S or John Lewis shopping voucher with a value of £100, when you sign up to one of Virgin Mobile’s Freestyle pay-monthly plans for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The offer is on until midnight on Wednesday 23 May. The instructions on how to claim your free money will be included with the phone and you’ll have to make your claim online.

There is a small catch, once you have received your voucher, you’ll have to use it before 30 July, so don’t stash it away in a drawer and forget about it.

Samsung’s flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S9, has caused quite a stir in the mobile arena since its release in March. The feature that has most mobile enthusiasts talking, is the revamped camera technology that allows you to capture super slow-mo videos and take pictures in low-light conditions.

£100 to spend in Amazon, M&S or John Lewis

Over a three-year contract Virgin Mobile is charging £31 a month with no upfront costs for 1GB of data, 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts. Just a fiver more each month (£36), will get you 8GB of data with 1500 and unlimited texts. At the top end of the scale, If you have Virgin TV or broadband at home, you can get unlimited data, minutes and texts for £50 a month.

One of the perks of joining Virgin Mobile is the data rollover feature. Any data from your inclusive monthly allowance that you don’t use up will be added to next month’s allowance.

It’s cheaper to stay sociable too, with free data exclusively for messaging on WhatsAapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

There is no wriggling out of the fixed term contract – once you’re in, you’re in – but there is some added flexibility with Virgin Mobile. You can change your airtime plan up or down without facing any penalty fees throughout your contract.

There’s even more cash up for grabs when you tell a friend about the deal. Virgin Mobile will is give you £70 for recommending the deal to your mate. You can keep the full £70, split it down the middle and share £35 with your friend or if you’re just too rich you can give the full £70 to your mate.