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3 ways to get a free SIM with free credit

Christian Whittingslow
Tuesday, March 29th 2016

Free SIM cards with free credit aren’t unheard of, but you’re unlikely to get one without first parting with some cash.

In our opinion, the best way to get a free SIM with free credit is to choose a provider that consistently offers good top-up rewards. That way you’ll be left a lot better off in the long term. With this in mind, here’s how to get the most out of a pay-as-you-go SIM.

1. Order a free Tesco Mobile SIM and triple your top-up

Tesco Mobile’s pay as you go Triple Credit tariff gives you three times as much credit when you top up with £10, £15, or £20. So you could get up to £40 of credit for free. Furthermore, when you top up £15 or more you can add an extra 5000 free texts, 150 free minutes or 500MB of free data – the choice is yours.

You can get even more free credit every month

You can triple your credit once per month and the extra credit will last for 30 days. After 30 days, any remaining free credit will be withdrawn – you won’t be able to carry it over to the next month.

Tesco will send you text messages to keep you updated on your remaining balance and let you know when you need to top up again to receive your next batch of free credit.

You can order your free Tesco Mobile SIM from the Tesco Mobile website. To opt in to the Triple Credit tariff, call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone before you top up.

2. Order a free Virgin Mobile SIM with £5 credit and get £10 extra free

When you order a free Virgin Mobile SIM pre-load it with £5 credit, Virgin will give you an extra £10 worth of airtime for free. This is a one-time offer for new mobile customers, but Virgin also offers a number of pay-as-you-go tariffs to help you get the most from your top-ups.

Switch from the Starter tariff for a better rate

New PAYG Virgin Mobile customers are placed on the provider’s Starter tariff by default. This charges 15p per message for texts, 40p per minute for calls and £1 per day for 100MB of mobile internet.

Its Big Data & Texts and Big Talk tariffs are available when you top up with £10 or £15. They preload your phone with up to 3000 texts, up to 3GB of data and up to 120 mobile-to-mobile minutes.

To choose the Big Data & Texts or Big Talk tariff, call 789 from your Virgin Mobile phone.

3. Get a free SIM and convert your credit into a bundle to make it go further

You don’t have to settle for your provider’s standard pay-as-you-go (PAYG) tariff. You could get thousands of inclusive texts, hours of talk time and loads of mobile internet when you top up by choosing a PAYG bundle. These typically represent much better value for money month-to-month.

Asda Mobile bundles

Asda Mobile offers a handful of value bundles on its pay-as-you-go SIMs, equipping you with up to 2000 minutes, unlimited texts and 4GB of internet data. You can get a bundle with as little as £5 of credit either as a one off or on a recurring, 30-day basis.

For the best deals, look out for Asda Mobile rollback offers and get more for less when you top up.

EE pay-as-you go packs

EE’s pay-as-you-go bundles let you save on the provider’s standard rate by swapping your pounds for packs of minutes and texts, data, or a compilation of the lot.

You can add a pack from £1 to £35 and they last seven or 30 days. To add a pack, dial 150 from your EE mobile phone.

giffgaff goodybags

Giffgaff's pay-as-you-go goodybags can be applied to your giffgaff SIM from £5 and add unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data to use over 30 days. Giffgaff's goodybags are 4G as standard and can be added and managed easily online.

O2 Big Bundles

When you top up your SIM you can choose one of O2's Big Bundles. These combine between 250 and 3000 minutes, 1000 to 4000 texts and up 4GB of 4G-ready data. You can find out more about Big Bundles and choose your own online or by calling 4444 from your O2 mobile phone.

Three PAYG add-ons

Three’s pay-as-you-go SIMs are already some of the best in the UK, but you can get extra value for money with one of its PAYG add-ons. Top up with between £5 and £25 and you’ll be given the option to convert your credit to a pre-set allowance of minutes, texts and mobile data.

Vodafone freebies

Vodafone’s freebie scheme lets you choose from several sets of minutes, texts, data or international calls when you top up with a qualifying amount of credit. Plus, you get to keep your entire top-up to use at the standard network rate.

If you want a pick and mix of minutes, texts and data, you can exchange your credit for a Big Value Bundle instead.

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