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5 best international SIM-only deals in January 2018

Monday, December 18th 2017

'International' refers to a call make from the UK to elsewhere in the world, as opposed to 'roaming' which is making a call while you are out of the UK. Some providers offer special bolt-ons for making international calls, whereas others simply offer cheap rates.

Here is our pick of the best five SIM-only deals if you make a lot of calls abroad.

iD Mobile


ShockProof 2GB SIM

  • Minutes500 minutes
  • Texts5000 texts
  • Data2.5GB data
  • Contract lengthOne month
  • Monthly cost£7 per month

iD doesn't have a dedicated international bolt-on, but it offers extremely low international rates from as little as 1p per minute. You can make calls to several international destinations including India, China, USA and Europe. Calls to most European destinations cost 19p for a call to a mobile and 7p to a landline.

This SIM deal comes with 2.5GB data, but there are several other plans to choose from. All iD SIM-only deals come with data rollovr, capping and incusive EU roaming if you also travel and need to make calls while you are abroad.

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£10 International Pack

  • Minutes150 or 250
  • Texts150 or 500
  • Data500MB or 3GB
  • Contract length30 days
  • Monthly cost£10 or £15

EE offers a choice of two special international SIMs to slot into your phone. The cheapest SIM comes with 150 minutes, 150 texts and 500MB data. You can use your credit to make national as well as international calls from 1p per minute or send a text for 10p. To find out exactly how much you will be charged, we advise that you use the international rates destination checker on EEs website.

You can make calls at a discounted rate to over 60 countries including India, Germany, Poland, Australia and the USA.

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Three Mobile


Add International Saver

  • Minutes3,000 international minutes
  • TextsNo inclusive texts
  • DataNo inclusive data
  • Contract length30 days
  • Monthly cost£15.32 per month

The Add International Saver add-on from Three is a useful way of making international calls from the UK. There are 30 countries included in the add-on.

To take advantage of the 3,000 inclusive minutes, you have to dial 388 followed by the relevant international country code (eg 00 33 for France) before making the call; otherwise you’ll be subject to the provider’s usual international rates.

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International Saver Plans

  • Minutes100 to 500 international minutes
  • TextsNo inclusive texts
  • DataNo inclusive data
  • Contract lengthn/a
  • Cost£3 to £7.50

Vodafone’s International Saver Plans offer 100 international minutes for £3 or 500 minutes for £7.50. Once you’ve used up your minutes, you’ll be charged the standard rate, or you can pay again. The charges are for one-off add-ons, not per month fees. Existing customers simply need to text ADD INTL100 or ADD INTL500 to 40506 to take advantage straight away.

Customers can also bolt on an international texts package. For £5 per month you can send 100 international texts. This works out at just 5p per text - compared to the standard charge of 35p.

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International SIM

  • Minutes3000 UK O2 to O2 minutes
  • Texts3000 UK O2 to O2 texts
  • Data200MB
  • Contract length30 days
  • Monthly cost£15 per month

The International SIM by O2 gives you the cheapest international call rates of any major mobile provider in the UK. You get unlimited calls and texts to UK O2 users, as well as £15 of credit for international calls. O2 lists its rates online (click on the button below to see a breakdown), but start from as little as 1p per minute.

If you’re already on a PAYG O2 SIM, you can switch to the International SIM by calling 2202 from you phone or texting INTSIM to 21300.

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