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Best deals and upgrades for existing BT customers in January 2018

Dan Howdle
Friday, December 22nd 2017

If you’re looking to soup up your services, but are stuck in the middle of your contract, you may think your options are limited.

However, before you sign yourself up for anything new with BT, take a look at the different options. There's more to consider than you might imagine – and you may well bag yourself a bargain in the process.

Existing BT broadband customers get a £5 discount on any BT Mobile SIM-only plan

As an existing BT broadband customer, you could save £60 per year on any BT SIM-only plan. And the more SIM plans you order - as a family - the more you save. Choose from 500MB, 2GB, 6GB or 15GB per month. With fast 4G and unlimited texts, along with access to the vast BT wi-fi network, BT Mobile offers great value for existing BT Broadband customers.

See BT SIM-only plans

If you just want to upgrade your BT services

If you're happy with BT and just want to know what might be on offer in terms of upgrades, just put your postcode into the box below to see what's available, but make sure you also check out the broadband deals on offer from alternative providers

Deals for existing BT customers

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If you want a better deal on your existing package with BT

Don't expect BT to budge on price. If you want a better deal on your existing package, BT won't haggle. It reserves its best deals for new customers – no matter how loyal a custoemr you are, you won't get a better price.

If it’s a limited special offer, you may have to begin a new contract

Sometimes BT offers special upgrade deals to existing customers to promote its new products and services. However, signing up to one of these will usually mean you’ll need to start a new contract again and be tied into another 12-18 months with BT.

Choose Plusnet or EE instead - both are now part of the BT group

If you're happy as a BT customer, you may want to consider broadband deals from EE and Plusnet, both of which are owned by BT.

Both these providers offer standard and fibre broadband deals, and have a modest TV offering too. Plusnet also offers great benefits on its mobile packages for existing broadband customers. Here are the best deals currently on offer from Plusnet and EE.

  • Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

    • Pay 1st month's bill today
    • Free wireless router
    Offer ends 30th January
    £23 .99
    Zero set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • EE Unlimited Fibre Broadband

    • Pay nothing today
    • Free wireless router
    Includes EE Mobile 5GB Data Boost
    £35 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Switching broadband is easy – find a deal online

Now that there is no longer a need for a MAC code, switching broadband provider is straightforward. Unless you are moving to Virgin Media, all you need to do is choose your new provider and they will arrange everything. You won't even need to speak to BT.

Upgrade to Infinity 1 or switch to Sky?

  • BT Unlimited Infinity 1 + Weekend Calls - Upgrade

    • Up to speeds: 52Mb download, 9.5Mb upload
    • £20 activation fee for Infinity 1 upgrade
    • Totally unlimited usage
    £49 .99
    £59.99 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • Sky Fibre Broadband Unlimited

    • Pay set-up cost today
    • Free Sky Q Hub router
    Free £50 Prepaid MasterCard
    £38 .99
    £59.95 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Sky will offer you a financial incentive to switch

Sky will credit up to £100 to your Sky account if your provider charges you for leaving before the end of your existing contract. This can provide an escape route if you really can't wait until the end of your existing contract.

Sky knows what a pain in the neck it is to be without broadband. That’s why the Switch Squad will arrange your new services to commence immediately as your old ones stop.

New customer deals often come with free vouchers and other welcome gifts

If you take a moment to check out our package comparison page, you’ll notice lots of deals that include substantial amounts of vouchers for M&S, Amazon or Tesco, cashback and, in some cases, free hardware like a shiny new TV or tablet.

It probably goes without saying, but you’ll get no such thing from upgrading your BT package. The only result of that will be that you’ll be paying more.

Perhaps you don’t want to switch because...

You want to keep BT Sport

Even if you are no longer with BT, you can still get BT Sport. Both Sky and Virgin Media offer it as part of their packages.

You want to keep your BT landline

There is no need to lose your phone number when you switch provider - just make sure you let your new provider know that you want to keep it.

You want the same broadband speed you’re getting or better

All broadband providers in the UK, bar Virgin Media, operate on the Openreach network. However, it is only BT that offers a 52Mb and a 76Mb service. All other providers offer a choice of 38Mb or 76Mb. If you want faster than 52Mb, you will have to take a 76Mb package with another provider. Or if you want faster than 76Mb, your only option is Virgin Media, whose top speed is 300Mb.

You don’t want to phone BT and tell them you’re leaving

No one wants to tell someone they’re not wanted anymore, even if they’re a disembodied voice in a call centre somewhere. But under the new switching rules, you don’t have to speak to your old provider at all – unless you’re switching to Virgin Media (because it operates over a different network). Your new provider will take care of everything.

It’s all a big hassle

It’s really not. Choose your new deal. Let your new provider do the legwork and the transition from old to new should be smooth and painless.

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