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How to cancel TalkTalk broadband

By Richard Murphy
Monday, February 26th 2018

So you want to cancel your broadband from TalkTalk. You probably have a good reason, but it’s important you first understand what you’re letting yourself in for.

You may have to face cancellation fees, minimum contract periods and pushy retention agents, but fear not – we can help you through it. Here are several things you need to know.

1. Cancelling is free if your contract has ended

All TalkTalk broadband packages come with a minimum contract period of 18 or 24 months, and if you cancel after this period you will not have to pay termination fees. The best news is you don't have to contact TalkTalk to cancel if you're switching to another provider, as your new provider will handle the cancellation for you.

However, there is one exception. If you're moving to Virgin Media, you will have to tell TalkTalk that you want to cancel because Virgin runs on a different network.

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Changes to your service may reset your contract

Where some people may get caught out is if they have made a major change to their service from TalkTalk, because this may have resulted in the start of a new contract. This means you might not be as far through your contract as you thought you were, and will have to wait longer before you can cancel without penalty.

You can find out how long your contract is, and when it is due to finish, by checking your paperwork or your online account. You can also give TalkTalk a call.

2. Cancelling early will incur fees, unless you switch to Sky

If you want to cancel your TalkTalk broadband before the end of your minimum term, you will be charged cancellation fees. This charge is determined by what service you bought and how far into your contract you are when you decide to cancel.

However, Sky currently offers to contribute up to £100 towards your cancellation fees. This means that so long as you're relatively close to the end of your contract, switching to Sky will effectively mean doing so for free.

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If you're moving house and can't get TalkTalk any more

Standard broadband customers will not be charged if they cancel because they’re moving to an area not covered by TalkTalk. If you are moving, you should speak to TalkTalk before the move to discuss your options.

You may be able to cancel if the price goes up

If you signed up to your broadband deal after 23 January 2014 and TalkTalk unexpectedly raises the monthly price, you can cancel without penalty. You have 30 days to inform TalkTalk that you want to leave after notification of the price rise.

3. It’s free during the cooling-off period

If you have just joined TalkTalk, you can cancel within the first 10 working days of your contract without charge. This is called a ‘cooling-off’ period and it begins after you sign up. If you cancel within this period you will be asked to return any equipment you are sent and you will be refunded any charges you have paid.

4. You can cancel because of poor service

The download speed of most broadband packages is slower speed than the ‘up to’ speed advertised by your provider. However, if you’re really unhappy with the speed you’re receiving, you may be able to cancel your broadband with TalkTalk without penalty.

Call TalkTalk and explain what’s wrong, because it might be able to solve your issue. If the problem persists, you can ask to cancel your service.

If TalkTalk cannot fix the problem, after eight weeks you can escalate your problem to the Ombudsman Services: Communication. This is an alternative dispute resolution service and will work with you and TalkTalk to find a solution to your problem.

5. There are various ways of cancelling

If you're moving from TalkTalk to another provider, you don't need to tell TalkTalk that you want to cancel. Your new provider will do everything for you. The only exception is Virgin Media where you need to tell TalkTalk that you're cancelling to avoid paying for two broadband services.

If you want to cancel TalkTalk and you don't want to switch to a new provider, there are a couple of ways to go about it.

TalkTalk has an option to initiate the cancellation process on its website. You can find this option in the ‘Contact us’ tab on TalkTalk’s website. You need to enter some account information to verify that you’re the account holder, as well as a contact email address.

When you use this function, it only sends an email to TalkTalk and does not automatically cancel your broadband. TalkTalk will respond within 72 hours to actually organise the process of cancelling the contract.

You can also call or write

You can also call TalkTalk on the contact number 0808 108 0465. Calling to cancel will eventually put you in contact with a retention agent, who will probably try to change your mind with promises of lower prices or free upgrades.

Call TalkTalk on 0808 108 0465 0808 108 0465
for cancellations or upgrades

Cancelling in writing avoids this process, and will mean you have a written record of everything. If you want to write to cancel, the address is:

Customer Relations Department
TalkTalk Group
PO Box 346
SO30 2PW

6. Your cancellation will be confirmed by post

Once the cancellation process is complete you will receive a letter in the post outlining which services have been cancelled, which are still active, and whether or not there are any termination fees you have to pay. This letter will also explain when the switch will complete and when you can start using your new broadband service.

7. You can keep your TalkTalk email address

You can continue to use your TalkTalk email address after your service ends. You will lose some of the features of the account, including the ability to change the password, but you will continue to receive emails to your inbox.

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