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Can I get high-speed broadband?

Friday, March 31st 2017

High speed fibre optic broadband is rolling out across the country and the availability checker below will show if it has arrived in your area yet.

Fibre optic broadband is available to around 80% of homes and businesses in the UK, delivering download speeds between 38Mb and 300Mb. The networks are growing all the time so if you can’t get fibre broadband now, there’s a chance it may reach you soon. To check whether your area has high speed internet availability...

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When will I get high speed internet?

If our checker says that there is no availability for high speed internet in your area, don't be too downhearted. The government has pledged to support investment to enable 95% of premises to have access to high speed broadband (of 24Mb download speed or more) by the end of 2017.

However, if you live in a very rural area, it is unlikely that you will receive high speed cabled broadband any time soon and you may be wise to look at alternative options, such as 4G or satellite broadband.

Which providers offer high speed broadband?

BT runs the BT Openreach network

There are two main fibre optic broadband networks in the UK, operated by BT and Virgin Media. BT shares access to its network with other providers, including Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet and EE. BT offers two speeds of 52Mb and 76Mb.

All other providers running on the BT network generally offer a choice of 38Mb or 76Mb, although remember these are only the maximum download speeds you can expect to receive – it is unlikely you will receive these speeds in reality.

Virgin Media has its own high speed internet cable network

Virgin Media does not share its fibre broadband network with anyone, so it can set its own speeds and is on a different schedule from BT when it comes to extending its network.

Virgin offers three speeds of superfast broadband – 100Mb, 200Mb and 300Mb – and because it does not share access to these speeds, you have a greater chance of receiving close to the advertised speed than you would with a service connected to the Openreach network.

Specialist high-speed internet providers

Although they are not mainstream providers, Hyperoptic and Gigaclear offer very high speed broadband of up to 1000Mb. However, they only install the service on a community case-by-case basis – not to individual properties – as it is more financially efficient.

Hyperoptic specialises in supplying internet to urban offices and apartment buildings, whereas Gigaclear supplies rural communities with a minimum of 400 properties. All enquiries must be posted on their respective websites. If you can gain the support of your local community and act together, your chances of installation will be brighter.

Fastest fibre broadband

Virgin Media offers the fastest widely available internet

Virgin Media currently offers the fastest widely available broadband in the country with its 300Mb service, which can be taken with or without a phone line. If Virgin Media is available where you live, you can choose to take this top speed, although its slowest speed – 100Mb – is ample for most people.

BT Infinity fibre broadband speeds go up to 76Mb

The BT Openreach fibre broadband network is used by most other broadband providers, including Sky, TalkTalk and Plusnet, and the top speed on offer is 76Mb. If you can get BT Infinity where you live, then you should also have a choice of various other providers.

Compare fast broadband →

Package comparison

Once you have established that high speed internet is available where you live, our comparison tool can help you to compare the many different fibre broadband options available. We’ve selected three packages from the three biggest players in the market – BT, Virgin and Sky – but you can select any of several different providers.

  • Broadband
    Max download speed38Mb
    Max upload speed9.5Mb
    Monthly usage25GB
    Home Phone
    Daytime calls9.50ppm
    Evening calls9.50ppm
    Weekend calls9.50ppm
    Pricing & Contract
    Set-up cost£59.95
    Contract length18 months
    First year cost £407.83

    per month
    includes line rental

    0800 840 5394 0203 151 2395
  • Broadband
    Max download speed100Mb
    Max upload speed6Mb
    Monthly usageUnlimited
    Home Phone
    Daytime calls9.94ppm
    Evening calls9.94ppm
    Weekend callsInclusive
    Pricing & Contract
    Set-up cost£20
    Contract length12 months
    First year cost £428

    per month
    includes line rental

    0808 168 4947 0808 168 4947

Alternatives to high speed broadband

Mobile 4G broadband

If you still can't get high speed broadband where you live, you might like to check whether you can get 4G mobile broadband in your area, as this can often deliver download speeds that are faster than traditional broadband – and in some instances almost as fast as fibre broadband, although it generally works out more expensive and the maximum data limit is around 20GB per month.

Satellite broadband

Finally, if you live in a remote location and our postcode checker tells you that you’re unable to receive broadband at all then why not consider satellite broadband? It’s available right across the UK, even in the most isolated areas, and although you won't receive superfast internet speeds, you will in general receive around 20Mb – far more than an average standard broadband connection.

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