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Sky broadband checker – can I get Sky broadband in my area?

By Jaskiran Jutla
Monday, February 24th 2014

Before you sign up to Sky broadband, you’ll need to find out if you can get connected to it in your area, and our availability checker lets you do just that.

Sky is a broadband industry leader, reaching more than 16 million UK households with its fibre optic and standard ADSL broadband services. That’s quite a few homes, so let’s see if yours is one of them. To check your area...

Sky broadband availability

Once you enter your postcode, Cable.co.uk will perform a live lookup and check all the available providers in your area.

Sky broadband postcode checker

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Today's best Sky broadband deals

Sky broadband is available almost everywhere

Like several other broadband providers, Sky installs its own equipment in BT telephone exchanges around the country, enabling it to reach around 99% of the UK population. However, if you are outside certain areas you will have to pay extra to use a service called Sky Broadband Connect in order to get online.

Switching to a Sky broadband deal – Frequently Asked Questions

Cancelling my existing broadband contract – how long will it take?

It should take around two weeks from your order date. Sky will notify you if there is a delay in the process but it shouldn’t take longer than two weeks.

Will I be without an internet connection when I switch broadband?

Surprisingly you shouldn’t lose connection at all, as the Sky Switch Squad will ensure that your broadband service continues right up until your Sky services are installed.

Will I need to contact my existing provider when I switch to Sky?

No, Sky will contact your existing provider so you won’t need to. It even has a dedicated team to handle customers who are moving to Sky, called the Sky Switch Squad. If you need to take any action on your part, Sky will let you know, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to call your existing provider yourself. The only exception to this is if you are leaving Virgin Media.

Your existing provider will then contact you via post with information on when your contract will end and whether you have any outstanding cancellation fees – it’s that simple.

Will I need to have a Sky satellite dish installed?

If you are bundling your Sky Broadband and Talk deal with a Sky TV bundle, then you’ll need to have a Sky dish installed. However, if you are just purchasing a Sky Broadband deal, then you won’t need one.

Will I have to pay any charges or cancellation fees when I switch to a Sky broadband deal?

No. You won’t be charged for joining Sky Broadband and Talk. However, there may be a set-up fee – which applies to all Sky customers.

If you want to leave your existing contract but are worried about being faced with cancellation charges, then Sky can offer a helping hand. Sky won’t actually pay for your cancellation fees, but will credit your broadband account with up to £100 depending on the value of your fees. This is known as the Sky Buyout scheme.

Bear in mind that you can only claim Sky Buyout if you order your Sky Broadband and Talk deal over the phone by calling 0800 840 5394. You won’t be able to take advantage of the scheme if you purchase your Sky deal online.

Will I be able to keep my existing phone number when I switch to Sky?

In most cases you can keep your existing number, but make sure you tell Sky that you would like to keep your number. After all you don't want to be left disappointed once the switch is made and you are assigned a new phone number.

Getting Sky broadband if you’re not switching from another provider

If you are not switching from another provider, simply order your Sky broadband deal online. To see if Sky is available in your area, enter your postcode in our broadband availability checker (above). You’ll then be redirected to a list of Sky Broadband and Talk deals. Once you have decided which package you want to buy, click on the blue ‘See Deal’ button, which will redirect you to Sky’s website to complete your order.

Sky Broadband speed and usage

How fast is Sky Broadband?

Actual broadband speeds always vary from the advertised speeds depending on your location. Network congestion can also cause your broadband speed to decrease during busy times.

Sky Broadband download speed

Sky Broadband comes with a download speed of up to 17Mbps. To give you an idea of the speed, you can download a music album in approximately 19 seconds and stream an HD film in around 45 minutes.

Sky Broadband upload speed

Upload speeds are also important as they determine how fast you can upload a file or post a tweet. Sky Broadband comes with an upload speed of up to 1.3Mbps, which is sufficient for uploading files and photos, although not at any great speed.

How fast is Sky Fibre Broadband?

Sky Fibre download speed

Sky Fibre deals come with a choice of download speeds – up to 38Mbps and up to 76Mbps (Sky Fibre Max). Again, speeds vary depending both on your area and the number of users using the same network at any one time.

With up to 38Mbps you can download a music album in eight seconds and stream an HD film in around 20 minutes. This is ideal for households with a couple of internet users on a handful of devices.

Sky’s fastest broadband package, Sky Fibre Max, comes with a download speed of up to 76Mbps – which is more suited to a household with several internet users.

Sky Fibre upload speed

Sky Fibre 38Mbps comes with an upload speed of up to 10Mbps, and the Sky Fibre Max 76Mbps has an upload speed of 19Mbps. There is quite a gap between them but both are sufficient to upload videos, files and have a video conversation over Skype without the picture freezing every two minutes.

Is Sky Broadband unlimited?

Sky Broadband comes with unlimited usage allowing you to stream, browse and download content without any restrictions.

Is Sky Fibre unlimited?

Sky offers three fibre package. Sky Fibre (38Mbps) has a usage cap of 25GB – which may restrict your online activity. To give you an idea, with 25GB usage you can carry out around 30 hours of streaming, download around 10 TV episodes, watch four movies on demand or play 10 hours worth of games online – but this all depends on what you do online.

Sky also offers Sky Fibre Unlimited, which allows you to go online without any restrictions, and is ideal for those who regularly stream content. There are no usage limits attached to Sky Fibre Max.

Does Sky Broadband have traffic management?

No. Although Sky won’t actively slow down the speed of your broadband you may experience a slight drop in speed during peak times – evenings and weekends – due to network congestion.

Can I get Sky Broadband without a phone line?

NO. Sky broadband runs on BT phone lines so you have to pay inclusive line rental whether you want to have a landline or not.

Equipment you will need for a Sky broadband and Sky TV bundle

When you sign up for a Sky TV bundle, you will need a selection of equipment to be able to enjoy your Sky services. Sky will supply you with all the equipment necessary and will arrange for an engineer to install everything for you.

You will need a Sky satellite dish

You’ll need a Sky dish installed on your property to be able to watch Sky TV, which is fitted by a Sky engineer. If you are living on rent you’ll need to ask permission from your landlord before installing a dish.

You will need a Sky Q box

You’ll also get a Sky Q set-top box with your Sky TV subscription. It lets you rewind, pause and record live TV. You’ll also get access to on demand services and catch-up TV. Plus you’ll be able to record an entire series from a click of a button.

You will need a Sky wireless router

With Sky Broadband and TV you also get a Sky Q Hub, which is free of charge although there is a £9.95 fee for delivery. The router comes with dual band technology, a fancy term for making sure you get the best signal available.

You’ll be able to connect several devices to the router, including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Security software, Sky Broadband Shield, free vouchers and other extras you get with Sky Broadband and Talk

Sky Broadband parental controls

Sky broadband customers get access to the Sky Broadband Shield at no extra cost. This online tool protects you and your family from viruses, hackers, malware and phishing websites. You can even block specific websites.

You can also set your controls into age categories – PG, 13 and 18. Furthermore, the Sky Broadband Shield is also compatible with several devices including smartphones, game consoles and tablets.

Sky Broadband security software

For extra protection, Sky Broadband and Fibre customers get a 12-month free trial of McAfee Security. Sky Broadband Lite customers get a three-month free trial, and a £3 monthly charge applies thereafter.

The security software comes with virus control, website safety advisor and protection against harmful downloads. You can use the security on up to three computers.

Sky WiFi

Sky Broadband and Fibre customers can benefit from over 20,000 wi-fi hotspots, for free. You’ll be able to go online on your smartphone, tablet or laptop at popular retail stores, restaurants and cafés.

Plus you’ll be able to register up to six devices at no extra cost and it won’t eat into your data allowance.

Sky Go is only available with Sky TV

Sky Go is only available if you purchase a Sky TV Bundle – it isn’t available with Sky Broadband and Talk or with a Sky Fibre deal. Nor is it available as a standalone package.

Call features with Sky Broadband and Talk or Sky Fibre and Talk

You get a number of call features for free with a Sky Broadband and Talk deal, including 141 number withhold, 1471 last caller, caller display and 1571 return call. Optional extras are also available at an extra charge including, voicemail, call diversion, three-way calling and last caller barring. 

Why do we need your postcode?

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