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Wednesday, March 14th 2018

While Sky is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of home broadband services, its connections are currently only available to residential customers. That’s okay, though – the world of business is full of surprises and you’re used to adapting to changing situations. Let’s explore the alternatives.

There's no such thing as Sky business broadband, so we recommend the following alternative providers

So, Sky doesn’t do business broadband; no matter – when one door closes, another opens. You may even be surprised by the dizzying choice of alternatives.

BT Business Broadband

BT has one of the most comprehensive business broadband services available, with a selection that caters to the needs of companies both big and small.

Spread over several packages, BT’s download speeds start at a modest 17Mbps with capped usage for low-level online use (emails and browsing) but increase up to an unlimited 76Mbps plan (BT Infinity Premium) for cloud-based workflows and big data applications.

Topping off BT’s business broadband line up are BTnet Leased Line packages –dedicated internet connections designed solely for internet-centric companies and capable of delivering symmetric speeds (download and upload) of up to 10Gbps (10,000Mbps).

  • BT Business Broadband Unlimited

    • Up to 17Mb business broadband
    • Unlimited monthly usage
    • Free UK-based support
    £28 .90
    £8 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Direct Save Business Broadband

Direct Save Telecom – or DST – has three business broadband categories; Teleworker, which caps usage at 10GB per month; Business 20, which imposes a 20GB usage limit; and Business Unlimited, a truly unlimited service for companies that are especially active online.

You have a choice between a standard broadband or fibre connection, with the maximum available speed being 80Mbps for downloads and 20Mbps for uploads. All packages come with accessible webmail, static IP addresses and UK-based customer support.

Fuel Business Broadband

Previously known as Primus Saver, Fuel provides standard and fibre broadband services to business customers at competitive prices, offering free line installation to any property that requires it.

Download speeds start at 17Mbps and increase up to 76Mbps for the top fibre package. All Fuel’s connections come with truly unlimited usage.

Plusnet Business Broadband

Plusnet is another affordable business broadband provider and offers several packages. Standard and fibre connections are on offer, with download speeds ranging from 18Mbps up to 76Mbps.

You’ve a choice between capped and unlimited usage plans, but all contracts are 24 months as standard. Plusnet gives you the option to bundle your broadband with a phone line or have it as standalone service, although either way you will have to pay for an active landline.

Choose any Plusnet business package and you’ll get inclusive features such as unlimited emails addresses, a free web domain and 250Mb of web space. A static IP is also available on request.

TalkTalk Business Broadband

TalkTalk provides totally unlimited business broadband solutions on 24-month contracts and offers seven-day business support as standard.

Speeds start at 17Mbps on its standard broadband packages and you can get up to 76Mbps with a fibre plan. You can add up to four static IP addresses to your package and get the provider’s WorkSafe network security system included.

  • TalkTalk Business Simply Broadband Business

    TalkTalk Business
    • Up to 17Mb Broadband
    • Unlimited Monthly Usage
    • 1 Static IP on request
    £16 .95
    £57.99 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Virgin Business Broadband

Virgin offers an unlimited fibre broadband service with download speeds of up to 152Mbps. All packages come with a Super Hub wireless router and unlimited usage. What’s more, when you’re on the Virgin Media network, you don’t need to pay line rental.

With Virgin you get 24-hour support all year round and at no extra cost. In the event of a network issue, Virgin will aim to fix the problem within 24 hours of receiving your call, keeping you in the loop with regular updates.

XLN Business Broadband

XLN is an award-winning supplier that specialises in small businesses and offers competitively priced standard and fibre broadband solutions.

You have a choice of broadband-only and broadband with phone bundles with speeds of up to 38Mbps. Its plans are equipped with capped or unlimited usage, inclusive online security and fast, on-hand business support.

  • XLN Telecom Business Unlimited Broadband + Unlimited Calls

    XLN Telecom
    • Up to 17Mb broadband
    • Unlimited monthly usage
    • Unlimited anytime calls
    £19 .95
    £9.99 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

Zen Business Broadband

Zen is one of the biggest names in the business broadband market and has built a solid reputation over the years, particularly around its stellar business support service. It also recently won our business broadband provider of the year award for 2015.

Packages are tailored for small, medium and large businesses with contracts starting at just one month on selected plans with all connections receiving a static IP address as standard.

Zen provides both standard and fibre speeds with a top speed of 76Mbps and offers a choice of capped or unlimited usage that’s free from traffic management, which means you’ll never have your connection speeds throttled.

Why you can't get Sky business broadband

Believe it or not Sky doesn’t actually offer a dedicated business broadband service, which is surprising when you consider the fact that its main competitors (BT and Virgin Media) have their own dedicated business internet solutions alongside their home broadband services.

Instead, Sky’s business range centres on its leading subscription-TV service – namely its flagship Sky Sports and Sky News channels, which are available to pubs, restaurants, offices, hotels, and care homes as part of specifically-tailored business packages.

So no, you can’t get Sky business broadband, but the sheer number of alternatives mean you needn’t dwell on the matter unduly.

Regular Sky broadband is designed for personal use only

If you’re tempted to sign up to Sky’s regular home broadband services in lieu of a business option, be mindful of the restrictions.

For the home office, Sky broadband is likely to satisfy your needs but you’ll have to forgo a number of beneficial features (discussed below) that could cause frustration somewhere down the line.

For small and medium-sized offices, regular Sky broadband is best avoided – you’ll be better off with a business-grade connection.

Business broadband packages have the following distinct benefits:

  • Faster speeds: Business broadband connections tend to have lower contention ratios. That means fewer people sharing the local broadband infrastructure, which in turn means more reliable speeds.
  • Increased reliability: Lower contention also mean less strain on the network, which reduces the likelihood of connection failures and service downtime, helping limit disruption to your business day.
  • Prioritised support: 24/7 customer support means that if you do have a problem, help is always on hand. A number of business broadband providers guarantee to fix connection problems within 24 hours, offering compensation for extended periods of disruption thereafter.
  • Enhanced security: Most business broadband providers offer customers higher levels of online security with advanced firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware packages.
  • Business-grade features: From static IP addresses to webhosting space, FTP access and business email addresses, business broadband packages are tailored with business-minded extras.

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