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Can I get Sky in my area?

By Dan Howdle
Wednesday, January 31st 2018

Sky still leads the way when it comes to subscription TV services, offering a wealth of superb drama, sports and entertainment channels, including Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and of course, the exclusive Sky Atlantic.

If you are thinking about joining Sky, you can easily find out whether it's available where you live and which packages are on offer. And if you can't get it for any reason, we can suggest some good alternatives.

Enter your postcode

To find out whether you can get Sky TV, just put your postcode into the checker below, and it will bring up a list of packages available at your address, including Sky broadband options if you are considering a bundle.

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Sky TV availability – some things to bear in mind before you choose a deal from Sky

Sky coverage is pretty good so most people can get it

Sky uses satellites to deliver its TV service, so most people can get Sky TV without any problems. Enter your postcode into the availability checker above to see which Sky services are operating in your area.

Some properties aren’t compatible with satellite TV

Listed properties and those within conservation areas may not be permitted to have a satellite dish attached. If you fall into either of these categories, speak to your local authority before going ahead. Equally, if you live in a rented property, you should check with your landlord before having a Sky dish installed.

Some locations can struggle to receive a satellite signal – hills, tall trees or high-rise buildings can sometimes cause problems. If you are concerned, Sky will advise you and might send an engineer to assess the situation beforehand.

You can get the best of Sky TV without a satellite dish

If you can’t get or don’t want the satellite dish required for Sky TV, you can still get most of the provider’s popular entertainment, sports and movies coverage with rival providers Virgin Media, TalkTalk and BT.

Another option is to sign up to NOW TV, the online streaming service owned by Sky, which provides on demand access to Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky’s leading entertainment channels (including Sky Atlantic) without a contract (or a dish).

You can compare TV packages from all these providers using the Cable.co.uk comparison tools.

Sky TV deals for new customers

Sky often keeps its best deals for new customers, with generous discounts and special rewards invariably on offer. Enter your postcode at the top of this page to compare all the latest Sky TV offers and to get yourself the best deal.

Join Sky TV online or over the phone

When you’re ready to join Sky, you can either sign up online or over the phone. If you need help finding the best Sky deal, call our dedicated Sky phone number on 0800 840 5394 for impartial, expert advice.

When you’re comparing deals, be aware that some deals may only be available to buy online whereas others may require a phone call – our comparison tools will always make this clear to ensure you get the deal you’re after.

Sky TV deals for existing customers

If you’re already a Sky Broadband and Talk customer, adding Sky TV to the mix is easy and Sky may even have some exclusive offers waiting for you when you sign up.

Enter your postcode at the top of this page to compare Sky’s latest TV packages. When you’ve chosen your package, we’ll connect you with Sky to complete your upgrade.

Moving Sky TV to a new house

Sky will transfer your existing services to a new property

Sky has a dedicated service called ‘Home Move’ that will arrange transfer of all your current Sky services to your new property with minimal stress.

You can arrange Sky Home Move online or by contacting Sky customer services, but either way you will need to give Sky at least two weeks’ notice.

Home Move can be booked up to 90 days in advance. You’ll need to remember to take your Sky box and any other supplied equipment with you when you move. You needn’t worry about the satellite dish, as Sky will install a new one.

You may need to pay a one-off installation cost

If you need to have a Sky dish installed at your new property, a standard installation fee of £35 will apply for a weekday appointment or £50 for a weekend appointment. You can arrange for an engineer to visit when you schedule your Home Move with Sky.

If your new property is Sky-ready – that is, if it already has a Sky dish installed – you can simply connect your original set-top box yourself when you move in. Your Sky TV service should work instantly.

All Sky services remain active throughout the Home Move process, meaning you will still be able to access services such as Sky Go. Your standard monthly subscription will be unaffected.

Sky TV for flats

Sky’s dedicated team can set up Sky TV in your flat

It’s easier than ever to get Sky TV in your flat thanks to the Flats Install Team that’s on hand to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. You can choose any of Sky’s popular TV packages, all of which come with the Sky Q box.

To get Sky TV in your flat, simply enter your postcode into the availability checker at the top of this page to find your ideal package at the best price – then order online or over the phone to get Sky TV up and running within an average of six days.

Standard installation in flats only takes an hour

The standard installation process includes fitting your Sky dish, connecting up your Sky TV box and neatly running the required cabling in and around your flat. The engineer will answer any questions you may have on the day.

Most flats qualify for standard installation, but some may require specialist attention if fitting the Sky dish safely poses an issue. If this affects you, Sky will advise you on the next steps.

You may need to seek permission from your landlord

If your flat is rented or one within a block, you are responsible for seeking the appropriate permissions from the landlord, owner or relevant committee before installation goes ahead. Failure to obtain the correct permission could see your dish being removed at a later date.

Sky TV installation

Sky engineers handle new Sky dish installations

To receive Sky’s TV services at home you will need to have a satellite dish fitted by a Sky engineer. You can book an engineer visit during the sign-up process and will usually have a choice of appointment slots. Most installations take place within six days of signing up.

On installation day, someone over the age of 18 will need to home to allow the engineer access to the property to complete the set-up process.

The installation process takes about one hour

Standard installation involves attaching the Sky dish to an outer wall in a position where it will have a clear view of the south-to-southeast horizon, then drilling a hole and threading a cable through to connect the Sky set-top box to the dish. Cables are pinned in place around doorframes and skirting boards as required.

The engineer will likely discuss the placement of the dish beforehand and answer any questions you may have about the installation process. Once the initial set-up is complete, your Sky TV service will be up and running.

Standard installation costs start at £20

New Sky TV customers pay a standard installation fee of £20 upfront for a Sky Q box when signing up – adding Sky Fibre broadband to your order will increase the overall cost of installation.

If you require specialist installation (non-standard) because an engineer has difficulty accessing the intended dish location or if you want cables concealed behind cavity walls or beneath floorboards, the cost will be higher and priced on a case-by-case basis. You can contact Sky for more information.

Free Sky TV installation may available with certain deals

Sky occasionally offers free installation with specific deals but usually charges a modest fee of £20 for standard installation. You can discover all the latest Sky TV deals by entering your postcode at the top of this page.

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