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Can I get TalkTalk in my area?

Luke Thompson
Tuesday, February 14th 2017

TalkTalk is one of the biggest telecoms providers in the UK. It supplies broadband, TV and home phone to thousands of homes throughout the country and is well known for its low prices.

So can you get the budget provider’s services where you live? You can find out here with our simple postcode checker and if TalkTalk isn’t available, you’ll find an alternative option to get your household online.

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What services are available from TalkTalk?

TalkTalk is a quad-play providers and offers four services – broadband, home phone, TV and mobile. The latter two are optional add-ons to TalkTalk’s broadband and phone services and are not available as standalone products.

TalkTalk broadband and business broadband deals

TalkTalk offers one standard broadband service, known as Fast Broadband, and two Faster Fibre services. TalkTalk uses the BT Openreach infrastructure to deliver its broadband services, which means the countrywide coverage pretty much matches that of BT.

All TalkTalk services come with totally unlimited usage, so the main difference is speed and price. Fast Broadband is the cheapest option with a download speed of up to 17Mb, and the price increases with the fibre speeds of up to 38Mb and 76Mb. All packages come with a free wireless router and HomeSafe security software, but no inclusive calls.

TalkTalk home phone

Despite its name, TalkTalk no longer offers a standalone home phone service so you’ll need to take broadband too. TalkTalk has now integrated its pricing so that the price you see advertised now includes line rental. However, if you want to add on a calls package, you can choose to add either Anytime UK Calls, or one of a selection of International calls packages. There is no Evenings and Weekends option.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk teamed up with YouView to offer a digital TV service so customers can take a four-in-one bundle with TV, broadband, mobile and home phone. There are two options, TV and TV Plus. Both feature a free YouView box, 80+ Freeview channels and seven-day catch up TV, including BBC iPlayer.

TV PLus comes with seven Sky channels and a more advanced YouView+ box that allows you to record around 180 hours of live TV. Customers that fancy more content can add TV boosts, including extra entertainment and kids channels, plus Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

All TalkTalk broadband packages come with the option of adding the basic TV package for free (apart from a £25 installation charge). TV Plus will cost you extra each month.

All TalkTalk broadband packages also come with a free mobile SIM that comes with 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

TalkTalk Mobile

TalkTalk Mobile is a 3G mobile phone service using the Vodafone network. There are a wide variety of mobile phone contracts supplied with a new handset, as well as SIM-only deals.

Prices are competitive and data allowances range from 250MB to 2.1GB per month, with a choice of one-month or 12-month contracts.

What if TalkTalk isn't available in my area?

If TalkTalk isn’t available in your area, options are a pretty limited since it shares the BT network, like the vast majority of other UK broadband providers. One exception is Virgin Media, which operates its own fibre optic network. However, it may cover areas that BT doesn’t, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Expect faster speed and a higher price

TalkTalk and Virgin Media couldn’t be more different in terms of price, but you get more for your money with the choice of three faster broadband speeds up to a maximum of 300Mb (the fastest widely available broadband in the country).

Like TalkTalk, you have the option to take a TV package, but it is a superior offering, with a TiVo box and the TV Anywhere app to watch selected channels on your mobile devices while you're out and about. Virgin broadband can be taken with and without a home phone line and there’s the option to add a mobile SIM-only plan too.

Switching to TalkTalk

It’s pretty straightforward to switch: just choose the package you want and TalkTalk takes care of the rest, cancelling your old service on the day your new service starts. However, to avoid any early termination charges, it’s important to ensure you’ve reached the end of your previous contract before joining TalkTalk.

You should be able to keep your existing number too as long as you tell TalkTalk before you make your purchase.

TalkTalk installation process

The availability checker above will tell you if you can get TalkTalk in your area. If you can, select your preferred service and follow the sign-up process. At this stage, you’ll be given an estimate of the average broadband speed available on your line.

It may be slower than the advertised rate and this is to be expected, since broadband speed depends on many factors including the distance from your house to the nearest exchange.

Your equipment will be delivered by Royal Mail

The router will arrive in the post just before your activation date. Once your services have been activated, the router is ready to plug in and connect straight away using the set-up guide and cables provided.

If you take TalkTalk TV as well, the same goes for your YouView box. If you don’t feel confident setting it up yourself, an engineer visit can be arranged to set it up and teach you the basics.

Why do we need your postcode?

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This ensures you receive accurate information on the availability of providers and packages in your area.

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