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How to cancel and leave your Plusnet contract

By Luke Thompson
Thursday, June 15th 2017

Relationships with broadband providers tend to be more like milk than wine – to sour rather than improve over time.

As our time with them increases, so too does the probability that something will go wrong, that we'll move somewhere we can no longer receive the service, or we'll see a better deal elsewhere. Whatever the reason for wanting to leave Plusnet, there are a few things you should know.

1. You must act!

Even if you have reached the end of your 12-month or 18-month deal, your contract does not automatically end. It will keep going, rolling over a month at a time. If your contract has run its full course you won’t be charged cancellation fees when leaving Plusnet.

Tell your new provider that you’re leaving Plusnet

Worried about calling Plusnet and saying goodbye? Well good news! You don’t have to. You just need to choose and order your new package from your new provider and they will contact Plusnet and arrange the cancellation for you.

However, there is one exception: Virgin Media. If you're switching to Virgin Media broadband you need to inform Plusnet about the switch, otherwise you may end up paying for two broadband services...

Of course, if you’re leaving Plusnet and you aren’t intending to switch to a new provider, you will have to call Plusnet to cancel.

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2. Cancelling is free only at the start or end of your contract

As well as at the end of your contract, you can also escape gratis right at the start. The first 14 days after purchasing broadband is known as the cooling-off period.

If you’ve only just joined Plusnet and are experiencing buyer’s remorse, you can cancel your order without having to pay cancellation fees. The cooling-off period begins from the date of order, not from the date that the service starts.

Equipment will have to be returned

Any equipment received within the first 14 days (such as your Plusnet broadband router) will have to be returned when you cancel. You will have to pay delivery costs, and if the router isn’t returned in the same condition that it arrived, including in its original packaging, you may be charged.

3. Cancelling mid-contract is going to cost you

If you’re still within contract when you cancel, it’s likely that you will be charged early termination fees. These are usually calculated based on how many months remain on your contract. If you cancel with six months to go, you’ll have to pay more to cancel than if you only had two months to go.

You may be able to cancel for free in the event of a price rise

If the price you pay for Plusnet broadband unexpectedly increases during your contract, you should be able to cancel for free, even if you’re within contract.

4. You can cancel by phone or by post

You don't need to contact Plusnet to cancel if you're switching to a new broadband provider (unless you're switching to Virgin Media, where you have to tell Plusnet). But if you're leaving and you aren't switching, there are two easy ways to cancel.

You can cancel over the phone

The most direct way to cancel Plusnet is to call the provider’s customer support team and tell them you want to leave. You might be transferred to the retentions department, which may offer you deals to keep you with the provider. If these offers appeal to you, you may choose to stay with Plusnet. But if you’re set on cancelling simply re-state your intention to leave.

Or you can cancel by post

You can also cancel by post. Plusnet has an online cancellation form that you can fill in, print out and send to the company’s Sheffield office. This may take longer to process than a phone call, so it’s best avoided if you need to cancel within 14 days of the start of your order (known as the cooling-off period). The address to send the form to is:

Plusnet PLC
The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU

5. You can cancel for free because of poor service

Poor service may be grounds for cancellation. If your broadband speed is far slower than you were led to expect (such as 2Mbps on a 38Mb package), you might be able to cancel without being charged. This rule is outlined in section six of the Plusnet Broadband Family service terms.

Complaints can be escalated to CISAS

If you believe you’re receiving poor service and Plusnet refuses to let you cancel without penalty, you may be able to escalate the issue to CISAS – an alternative dispute resolution scheme. If CISAS believes your case to be valid, it will handle your complaint for you and attempt to speed the issue along to a satisfactory conclusion.

International Dispute Resolution Centre
70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU, United Kingdom
Email: info@cisas.org.uk
Tel: 020 7520 3827

6. You may be able to cancel if you move home

If you move house but still wish to keep your existing Plusnet broadband, a new contract term will begin as soon as the service switches over. Plusnet also has a process in place if you are moving but can no longer receive your existing broadband package.

If you can’t get fibre broadband you won’t be penalised

If you have Plusnet fibre optic broadband and move to an area where there is no fibre service, Plusnet will switch you to standard broadband without any penalty.

And the same applies to standard broadband

If you move to an area which is outside Plusnet’s coverage altogether, so it can’t provide you with even standard broadband, you will not be charged cancellation fees. This applies regardless of how far through your contract you are.

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