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How to cancel Sky and find a better deal

By Yiannis Maos
Monday, February 26th 2018

Cancelling Sky can be a little more hassle than it is with other providers. There, we said it.

Primarily, that's because of the amount of physical gear your average Sky customer has at their house. Do Sky take back the dish? Will you need to be there while they unbolt it from your house? Will they take the box back? Will you still be able to watch Freeview channels? Fret not, though – this is all much simpler than it sounds, so without further ado…

How to cancel your Sky services, step-by-step

1. Check you've passed the minimum term

All Sky contracts come with a minimum term. Cancelling after this term ends is the best time to do it, as you won’t be hit with any additional charges or fines. Most Sky TV packages and Sky Broadband packages typically have 12-month contracts. When you reach the end of your minimum term, you’ll be switched to a rolling monthly contract automatically. Once that happens you can cancel any time with 31 days' notice.

2. Consider speaking with Sky about retention offers

Sky, like any organisation, doesn't want to lose a customer which means you can often get a better deal to what you're currently on. We've found that some of their best retention deals are found via their online chat.

Sky Online Chat →

3. How to find out if you're in contract

As we mentioned in Step 1, Sky customers who are out of their minimum term contract can cancel at any time by giving 31 days’ notice.

If you’re not sure how far in you are, you should be able to find your join date on your original contract. If you can't find or no longer have this you can login to your account to find out.

Login to Sky →

4. Search for a better deal and switch

Unless you’ve decided to give up on broadband and TV altogether, you’ll need to switch to a new provider. You can check out some of the great introductory deals on offer from TV and broadband providers by entering your postcode for a list of the deals available at your address.

Best deals available in your area

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5. Cancelling Sky

If it's broadband only then all you have to do is choose and order your new package from your new provider and it will then arrange the cancellation with Sky – you don’t need to call Sky yourself. You’ll receive notification of when your services will be transferred, and Sky will get in contact confirming the switch and notifying you of any outstanding charges you need to pay.

If you are switching broadband to Virgin Media’s cable service, you will need to contact Sky so it can cancel your broadband service. This is because Virgin Media operates on its own broadband network, separate from the BT Openreach network that is used by Sky and most other providers.

Please note that if you want to stop your Sky broadband services completely, rather than switch, you will need to give Sky 14 calendar days’ notice (10 working days). However if you're still in contract charges will apply.

If you have Sky TV you can cancel at any time, once out of contract, by giving 31 days’ notice. To cancel Sky TV you just need do one of the following...

1) Speak to a live chat advisor

Sky Online Chat →

2) Email Sky

You can email Sky at mysky@sky.uk saying that you wish to cancel

3) Write to them

Send a letter to: Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD

4) Call Sky

You can call Sky on 03442 414141 - however calls to this number may be charged so it's always better to explore the options above first

Frequently asked questions

What if I want to cancel just Sky TV and keep my other services?

You’ll need to contact Sky directly by using one of the above methods.

What's the notice period to cancel Sky TV?

Sky requires 31 days’ notice to cancel TV subscriptions and may charge you an early cancellation fee if you’re still under contract. They may try to get you to stay so make your position clear if you don’t wish to upgrade or renew your contract.

If I cancel Sky, do I have to return my Sky+ HD box?

No. You don’t need to return your Sky set-top box once you’ve cancelled unless it’s a Sky Q model. It is, however, free to send to Sky for recycling if you choose.

If I cancel Sky, can I still watch Freeview channels through the Sky+HD box?

Yes, you can. Years ago, Sky used to charge lapsed subscribers £10 per month for the privilege, but it has stopped this practice. Everything Sky does these days is geared towards tempting you back at some point. That's why Sky wants you to keep the box, and the dish.

If I cancel Sky, do I keep the dish?

Yes. The dish Sky installed on your house will stay where it is unless you contact Sky and specifically request its removal. This is both because Sky would like you to come back and some point and because it almost certainly costs Sky more to remove the dish than it does to leave it there.

If I cancel Sky, can I rejoin?

Yes. Sky will always be happy to have you back. However, Sky does draw the line on new customer offers (vouchers, cashback, free gifts etc.). You'll have need to have lapsed from (not been with) Sky for at least 12 months for Sky to treat you like a new customer in that respect.

If I cancel Sky TV, can I still record programmes using the Sky+ HD box?

No. Sky will turn off that function the moment you leave. The box will also deny you access to anything you've previously recorded on it. Worth bearing in mind if you've recorded every episode of Game Of Thrones and plan to watch it without a subscription – you can't.

Can I cancel Sky mid-contract without penalty?

Yes, but only under the following circumstances.

  1. If Sky decides to raise its prices in the middle of your contract
  2. If the service is not living up to expectations, if your TV signal is bad, or your broadband speed is well below what you were promised, you should be able to cancel without penalty

Barring that, if you're beyond Sky's cooling-off period, you're either stuck with it or you're looking at some potentially expensive cancellation fees.

What is Sky's cooling-off period?

You have 14 days at the start of the contract during which to cancel your agreement with Sky, no questions asked. However, if you are due a refund for any of your Sky services, Sky will return your money after 45 days.

If I cancel Sky, can I keep my email address?

Yes. You can keep your email address, but will need to log in at regular intervals to keep it activated. Sky shuts down email accounts that have been inactive for more than six months, so it might be best to back up anything important you have sitting in your account.

Do Sky offer deals to existing customers?

Yes. Sky offers exclusive deals for existing customers.

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