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How do I switch from BT broadband to BT Infinity?

By Richard Murphy
Wednesday, July 1st 2015

Making the leap from BT’s standard broadband to BT Infinity means faster downloads and smoother streaming. But you knew that, right... that’s why you're here.

This guide will help you find out if you can get it, first and foremost, and help you decide whether the bundles and extras BT will try to throw your way are worth including in the package you ultimately choose.

Check if BT Infinity is available in your area

BT Infinity is available to 90% of the country, so you’ve got a fairly good chance of being able to get it. But before we do anything else, we need to check whether BT Infinity is available in your area.

Because if you can’t get it, there’s no point reading on.

Choose a BT Infinity package

This is the fun part. If it’s available, you need choose a BT Infinity package and decide whether you want to add anything to it such as additional TV channels, internet security or an extended call plan.

Choose which speed you want

Infinity comes in two different speeds: BT Infinity 1, which has a download speed of up to 50Mb, and BT Infinity 2, which offers up to double that, at 67Mb.

A 50Mb fibre optic package you’ll be able to stream videos and films in high definition, browse the internet seamlessly and support a number of additional devices, in most cases with no noticeable slowdown.

Some BT Infinity 1 packages come with a usage limit. Keep an eye open for that. These ‘capped’ packages may be cheaper, but if you use the internet for more than just browsing, you're going to exceed this limit and be charged additional fees.

A 67Mb is the same only double so. There’s not a lot you can do with 67Mb that you can’t with 50Mb, but if you download your movies and TV instead of streaming them, use cloud computing frequently, and/or own a current-generation games console (Xbox One or PlayStation 4) it could be just what the doctor ordered.

Especially if you’re impatient.

Choose a BT landline call package

BT Infinity 1 comes with or without a weekend call plan. You don’t get as much of a selection with BT Infinity 2 as it comes with an evening and weekend call plan as standard.

If you’re a fan of the good old landline, BT gives you options to enhance your call plan by adding free international and mobile plans, as well as a host of more traditional features like an answerphone service and call screening.

Add a BT TV package

All BT Infinity deals can be taken with one of three BT TV packages: Entertainment Starter, Entertainment Plus, and Total Entertainment.

All packages come with a YouView or YouView+ box, which is like a set-top box you can pause, rewind and (with the YouView+ box) record.

The Starter package gives you 80 Freeview channels and 20 premium channels. Entertainment Plus builds upon this with an additional 8 premium channels including Discovery and Comedy Central.

Total Entertainment Plus comes with another 30 channels and the YouView+ box, which allows you to record up to 300 hours of TV.

All TV packages come with access to BT Sport and can be bolstered with additional channels, like Sky Sports and Sky Movies, for additional monthly fees.

Quad-play bundles are available on BT Infinity 1 and BT Infinity 2

Deals on broadband, home phone, TV and mobile from a single provider are referred to as ‘quad play’. If that's what you’re after you should check out how BT’s offering stacks up against quad-play deals from other providers.

If you want to go one step further, you can also add a mobile SIM to your package with BT Mobile. BT Mobile sells a range of pay monthly and pay-as-you-go 4G SIMs that use EE’s network.

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to renew my contract?

Yes. When you sign up for a new package, your contract will be restarted. Infinity contracts last 12 months, as do BT TV packages, so make sure you are able to commit for that amount of time before you sign up.

Is there an activation fee?

Yes. BT charges a one-off £0 fee for the engineer work that needs to be carried out to install fibre at your premises.

You can avoid this fee by carrying this work out yourself, but we wouldn’t advise it.

Will I get BT Sport automatically?

This depends on which package you choose. BT Infinity 1 packages do not come with access to BT Sport as standard, but there are options for you if you want it.

You can access the app and online player if they pay an additional £0 a month. This lets you view all four BT Sport channels on your phone, tablet or computer.

If you want to watch BT Sport on your TV, all BT TV packs come with free access to BT Sport, although you’ll have to pay an additional £5 a month if you want to watch it in high definition (HD).

Will I get a new router?

Yes. BT broadband currently comes with a Home Hub 4, and when you upgrade to BT Infinity (1 or 2), you’ll get the more advanced Home Hub 5, which is specifically designed for a fibre optic connection.

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