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How to switch from BT to TalkTalk

Richard Murphy
Thursday, August 24th 2017

Switching from one provider to another doesn’t have to be a perplexing blur of contracts, charges and confusion. Making the move from BT to TalkTalk doesn't have to be complicated.

Follow our three simple steps to help make the switch to TalkTalk a doddle. Further down the page are answers to some frequently asked questions, so you’ll have all the knowledge you need before you switch.

Step 1: Decide what services you want from TalkTalk

TalkTalk offers a number of packages and bundles suitable for almost every budget and requirement. On the whole, the products are similar to BT’s, so if you’re looking for a TalkTalk broadband, TV and phone bundle, you should be able to find one.

Step 2: Choose your new TalkTalk broadband deal

TalkTalk runs on the same network as BT so availability should be the same. Note that, as with BT, you cannot take TalkTalk TV without also taking TalkTalk broadband. Always check the fine print of TalkTalk’s terms and conditions to ensure you’re getting the best deal available

Most popular TalkTalk packages

  • TalkTalk Fast Broadband

    • Up to 17Mb download speed
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Pay as you go calls
    No broadband setup fee & Fixed price for the contract length
    £18 .95
    Zero set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • TalkTalk Broadband + TV

    • Freeview channels
    • Up to 17Mb download speed
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Pay as you go calls
    £18 .95
    £25 set-up cost includes line rental See Deal
  • TalkTalk Faster Fibre 38Mb

    • Up to 38Mb download speed
    • Truly unlimited monthly usage
    • Pay as you go calls
    Cable.co.uk exclusive - £70 reward, Fixed price for the contract length & No fibre setup fee
    Zero set-up cost includes line rental See Deal

See all TalkTalk packages

Step 3: Give TalkTalk the good news

It’s time to speak to TalkTalk and let it know you’re coming aboard. You’ll have to arrange a moving day and an engineer may have to visit depending on which services you’re opting for.

There’s no need to call BT – TalkTalk will do that for you. You’ll receive a letter from BT explaining the next steps, when your service will be cancelled, and whether you’ve got any cancellation fees to pay. Simple.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the switch take?

If you require an engineer to visit, the average switch time is one to two weeks. If you have to wait for your current contract to expire, then you will have to factor that time period in as well.

Is there an installation fee?

Again, this depends on what you’re buying and what you have installed at your property. If you’re after a fibre optic broadband package, there is a one-off activation charge as well as a delivery charge for your new router.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes you can. Although a new telephone line will be installed, you can keep your old number.

Can I keep my BT email address?

Yes you can, but if you leave your account unattended, BT will close it down – although it will give you notice beforehand. You can opt to upgrade your email to a premium account.

Can I keep BT Sport?

This depends on what services you are swapping. If you keep a BT broadband connection then you can receive BT Sport via the app and online player, but if you switch broadband and TV to TalkTalk then you will lose access to it.

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