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BT Infinity review 2017

Luke Thompson
Friday, November 17th 2017

BT Infinity, otherwise known as BT fibre broadband, is fast enough to make Buzz Lightyear blush, but what about the service as a whole? Is it really any good?

Here's everything you need to know about the essentials of the BT fibre service, the good and the bad, along with all the additional benefits and features on offer

Is BT Infinity any good?

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  • Overall

Pros and cons

  • Impressive speed
  • BT Smart Hub router
  • Plenty of extras and perks
  • Activation charge may apply
  • Limited coverage for highest speeds
  • Extra charge for BT Sport Pack

What we like

Impressive speeds

BT Infinity is all about speed. The main two services on offer are Infinity 1 (up to 52Mbps) and Infinity 2 (up to 76Mbps), while even faster services are in development. Infinity 3 and Infinity 4 advertise download speeds up to 200Mbps and 300Mbps respectively and will be the fastest in the country once widely available.

Ofcom’s latest round of broadband speeds data, showed the up to 76Mbps service averages between 57.7Mbps and 60.5Mbps for downloads and 16Mbps to 16.4Mbps for uploads, which is pretty swift and ample for the vast majority of online activity.

BT Smart Hub router

The new BT Smart Hub is one of the best routers on the market. It has extensive, superfast wi-fi coverage, meaning you can enjoy everything the web has to offer even in previously hard-to-reach rooms. It is also capable of supporting many devices at once, which means as we become more connected in future, the Smart Hub will support everything effortlessly. It even reboots itself if it spots a problem with connection.

Plenty of extras and perks

With Infinity 1 Unlimited Broadband you’ll get up to 200GB of BT Cloud online storage space for free, and this jumps to a substantial 1000GB if you take BT Infinity 2. With 1000GB, you can store around 500,000 photographs or 125,000 songs, so you can save a good deal of room on your hard drive by putting those files on the cloud server.

Whatever you put on your cloud account can be accessed by any one of your registered devices, so if you need a particular file when you’re away from home you can download it from the cloud. You can log in at any of more than 4.5 million BT wi-fi hotspots and get online for free.

You can also get a BT Mobile SIM from £5. As a broadband customer you will automatically receive a £5 monthly discount on your phone bill.

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Featured deals

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BT Infinity broadband deals

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What we don’t like

Some Infinity packages come with an activation fee

If you are purchasing a BT Infinity 1 package you will will be charged an activation fee of £50. This covers the cost of the engineer visit and any work carried out at your property. But on top you'll also have to pay a delivery charge of £9.99 for the router – so altogether that’s another £59.99 on top of your package price.

Limited coverage for highest speeds

The highest download speeds can only be reached by a small percentage of the UK. Our postcode checks are yet to find an address capable of achieving the maximum speed of up to 300Mbps. With BT investing heavily in rolling out its fibre broadband network, this type of speed will eventually become the norm, but for now those speeds are far off for most of us.

You can use our availability checker below to see if you can get BT deals in your area, and what kind of speed you can expect to receive.

You’ll have to pay extra for the BT Sport Pack

Previously, BT Sport was free for BT broadband customers. However, broadband customers now have to pay £7 per month to watch it via the app or online after the first three months of their contract.

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BT Infinity 1 and Infinity 2 both offer fast, reliable fibre broadband connections that are increasingly widely available across the UK. Although not as speedy as those on offer from Virgin Media, 52Mbps and 76Mbps are still plenty fast enough for pretty much every consumer. Plus, with upload speeds reaching 20Mbps with BT Infinity 2, even avid gamers and other uploaders should have nothing to complain about.

BT is not a cheap and cheerful provider, but if you want a reliable fibre service with a fair few extras thrown in for added value, BT is a great option.

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