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EE TV review 2018

Friday, June 2nd 2017

EE has launched itself onto the TV market with its brand-new set-top box available free to EE home broadband customers, offering multi-screen viewing and the ability to use your mobile phone as a remote.

With only the standard 70 Freeview channels and limited catch-up services, EE TV is leagues away from the offerings of Sky and Virgin, but can its low entry price and Smart TV box be its saving grace?

Pros and cons


  • Innovative features
  • Multi-screen option
  • Huge amount of storage


  • Limited content
  • You have to give the box back
  • 18-month contract


You need to have EE broadband to receive EE TV, and you can check whether you can receive it with our availability checker below.

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What we like

The EE TV set-top box has some innovative features

EE TV comes with some innovative ways to watch your content, thanks to some features of its set-top box. If you’re viewing a show on your phone or tablet, but decide you want to watch it on the big screen, it can be ‘flicked’ onto your TV instantly.

The box comes with a remote, but can also be controlled using your phone or tablet once you’ve downloaded the EE TV app. This app also allows you to preview what’s on other channels, an innovation which might well stop channel surfing dead in its tracks.

Multi-screen option

Shows can be viewed via a wi-fi signal on four separate devices in four different rooms at the same time, which is useful if everyone in your household can't agree on what to watch on television. So whether it's a live or recorded programme, you can watch it on your TV or any other compatible phone and tablets – all at the same time.

Huge amount of storage

The EE TV box comes with 1TB of storage, which equates to 600 hours of standard definition content, or roughly half that amount of high definition (HD) content. You can program the box to continuously record your six favourite channels over a 24-hour period, so if you miss anything it will be stored on your box’s hard drive without having to set it.

This means if you miss the start of your favourite show and drop in halfway through, you can jump back to the beginning instantly. Bear in mind though, that recording six channels, four of which can be in HD, will inevitably take up a good chunk of your bandwidth and thereby slow your broadband considerably.

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What we don’t like

EE TV has limited content as standard

EE struggles to offer the variety of content available from other providers. It comes with over 70 live TV channels and 13 HD channels available to anyone with a Freeview box, along with access to two catch-up apps (although more are promised), premium movies and box sets, and 12 internet video apps.

You can use your EE TV box to access additional premium channels through third-party providers such as Now TV, but these require separate accounts and monthly subscriptions on top of what you’re already paying to EE. TVPLayer Plus is another streaming service that gives access to 25 premium channels including Discovery Channel and Cartoon Network.

You have to give the box back

Most digital TV providers give you your set top box for free, and don’t expect it back at the end of your contract. With the EE TV package you have to give the box back. If you don’t, they will charge you a fee and lock “certain features”, although it doesn’t specify what those features are.

18-month contract

EE TV comes with an 18-month contract, which is pretty standard for a TV package, but if you are mid way through an EE broadband package, and sign up for EE TV, your contract will reset, and you’ll be tied in for another 18 months.

This is only really a problem if you're not happy with your current services, but if that were the case, you wouldn’t be considering a TV service from EE anyway.

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EE has created a great set-top box, but with very little content to show on it. We like the multi-screen option, the 1TB memory capacity, and the mobile and tablet integration. We don’t like the initial lack of content, the inability to add extra channel packs, and the necessity to have EE mobile and broadband to get it.

It may improve over time as more content options become available, but at the moment it’s too limited to compete with the big boys.

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