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iD Mobile review 2018

Richard Murphy
Tuesday, October 31st 2017

iD is the mobile network from UK mobile retail stalwart Carphone Warehouse. Launched back in 2015, it has since made a positive impression on the mobile market.

Offering a wide range of 4G SIM-only deals, on a one-month or 12-month contract, iD mobile brings flexibility and value with some great benefits.

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Pros and cons

  • Data rollover and bill capping as standard
  • Good choice of handsets
  • One-month and 12-month options
  • No unlimited data plans
  • Three’s network, without tethering
  • Top data allowance is relatively low

What we like

Data rollover and bill capping

iD’s mantra is “As individual as you are”. This translates into flexible contracts and a selection of add-ons that can be applied for extra minutes, texts and data for a one-off or set monthly fee.

All iD plans – including Pay Monthly, SIM-only and Pay As You Go – come with data rollover, bill capping and EU roaming. This means you will get maximum use of your data allowance, never spend more than you want and can roam for free in the EU.

You can compare how iD’s offerings measure up against its competitors on our SIM-only comparison page.

Good selection of handsets

iD offers a good selection of handsets to choose from to go with a SIM deal of your choice. Whether you are after the latest iPhone or a more moderately priced handset from the likes of Microsoft or Huawei, iD has phones from a wide range of manufacturers, any of which can be combined with iD's selection of SIM deals.

One-month and 12-month options

With iD's one-month SIM-only plans you are free to change your package up or down on a rolling monthly basis if you need to. Some providers still only offer fixed 12-month plans so the one-month option gets a thumbs-up from us.

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What we don’t like

No unlimited data plans

At the moment, iD doesn’t have any unlimited data plans. You can get up to 6GB of data on a SIM-only plan and 15GB on a Data-Only plan (no minutes and texts).

This may change in the future, but if you’re seeking a plan with unlimited data, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

iD uses Three’s network and doesn’t offer tethering

Of the four mobile networks that operate in the UK, Three currently has both the slowest 4G speed and lowest 4G coverage according to Ofcom. However, looking at Three’s coverage and data speed will only give an indication of what iD is likely to get – it may be better or worse where you are.

In its most recent research, Ofcom clocked Three’s average 4G speed at 17Mbps and its 3G at 7Mbps. The average speed of all four providers is 33Mbps for 4G and 6Mbps for 3G.

It also struggles with 4G coverage. Ofcom estimates that Three’s 4G covers around 91% of UK premises. In comparison to Vodafone with 95%, O2 with 97% and EE with 99% coverage.

Those who were hoping for an unlimited data and unlimited tethering deal will have to keep on wanting. Tethering is not allowed on iD Mobile plans, so if you need it, you could consider one of these providers that do offer tethering.

Top data allowance is relatively low

With more and more people using their mobile phone as a source of entertainment as much as communication, data requirements are increasing all the time and the most iD offers on a SIM-only deal is 6GB. With other mainstream providers offering twice the amount of data for around the same price, iD can not compete when it comes to big data deals.

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ID mobile has several features to make it very appealing. We like bill capping as it prevents any nasty surprises at the start of the month, and data rollover means you never lose your allowance if you have some left over at the end of the month.

The choice of iD SIMs and handsets is excellent, so you should be able to find something you want. It’s also great to see most of the pay monthly SIMs available on short, one-month contracts.

All iD plans now also come with Roam Like At Home now that EU roaming charges have been dropped. This means you can travel to Europe and use your UK handset without worrying about extra fees.

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