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Fuel broadband review 2018

Luke Thompson
Thursday, July 27th 2017

Fuel Broadband (formerly Primus Saver) is closing and moving all its customers to Post Office broadband by 1st August 2017. However, it is far from the cheapest unlimited broadband deal on the market, but if you want cheap and simple it might do the job.

It’s a relatively young company, so a true sense of customer service is yet to form. So for now we’ve looked at everything else: price, tech support, business options, and data allowance.

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Pros and cons

  • It’s cheap
  • Free UK tech support
  • No limits on downloads
  • Minimal frills and extras
  • Untested customer service
  • No fibre packages

What we like

It’s fairly cheap

This is Fuel’s main draw. Its relativelyc heap broadband package will keep you connected without worrying about the monthly cost. If you’re shopping for broadband on a budget, Fuel is worth considering. Even phone line installation is free, as long as you don’t want a phone-only package, in which case there is a fee of £59.

Free UK tech support

While we don’t yet have all the necessary information to say whether Fuel’s customer service is up to standard, we do know that its call centres are located in the UK.

You also get free tech support when you join up, so if something goes wrong, you can call any time and get things sorted out over the phone.

No limits on downloads

If you like the idea of streaming films and TV shows straight from apps on your phone or tablet to your TV, then you will appreciate the fact that Fuel's broadband package is unlimited.

That means you can watch content from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon without worrying about going over a usage limit and being charged.

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What we don’t like

Minimal frills and extras

As we’ve already mentioned, Fuel is remarkably cheap, and a low monthly cost doesn’t come without a few sacrifices, so you’ll be hard pressed to find much in the way of extras that come along with your broadband.

When you sign up, you'll get a free wireless router if you purchase a Unlimited Broadband with pay-as-you-go calls package. You can also add anytime calls and extra call features, but as far as extras go, that's about it.

Untested customer service

We’ve scoured the forums of the internet to search out customer feedback on Fuel in its previous guise as Primus Saver. However, reviews tend to be more negative than positive because people are generally only driven to write when they are dissatisfied. So what we know isn’t a very solid foundation upon which to base a judgment.

No fibre broadband packages

Fibre broadband is ideal for shared households. Especially those who connect several devices (including laptops, smartphones and tablets) to the internet – all at the same time. Unfortunately Fuel only offers standard broadband packages. If you want fibre broadband, you’ll have to shop elsewhere.

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If you want cheap broadband, you could do a lot worse than Fuel. Its low-cost plans, coupled with average speeds, make it a ontender in the fight for the budget broadband crown. The unknown customer service record may put you off though.

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