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Is Sky Go any good?

Tuesday, April 25th 2017

The Sky Go app lets you watch a selection of Sky channels on your mobile, tablet or laptop for free if you have a Sky TV subscription. It’s great for the telly-addict on the go, but how does it stand up under scrutiny? Let’s find out.

Here is everything you need to know about the Sky Go service, from what channels you can get, to the devices you can use and how it affects your internet allowance.

Pros and cons


  • Free with Sky TV
  • Watch on mobile, tablet, or laptop
  • Upgrade to Sky Go Extra


  • Only available on two registered devices
  • Eats up your mobile internet data allowance
  • Not available as a standalone app

What we like

It's free with Sky TV

If you sign up for Sky TV you’ll get the standard Sky Go service for free. To use the service, you input your Sky user ID on the Sky Go website and download the software to your chosen device.

You can’t get every channel on the Sky Go service, but Sky has picked out some of its most popular channels for inclusion in the app. So if you want to catch up with the best of American dramas on the train to work, you can watch Sky Atlantic, or if you fancy some music, you can switch to MTV.

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You can watch it on mobiles, tablets, and laptops

Most desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and phablets can use Sky Go, but to make sure your chosen device will work with the service it’s best to check Sky’s list right here. You'll need a minimum download speed of 5.5Mbps to watch HD content too.

It’s best to bear in mind the need for a solid broadband connection when streaming. So if you’re using mobile broadband (3G or 4G) you’ll need a strong signal, and the same goes for your wi-fi connection.

You can upgrade to Sky Go Extra to download content

For an extra £5 per month, you can download content to your smartphone, laptop or tablet and enjoy the treats of Sky TV with Sky Go Extra without having to connect to the internet. Plus you can register up to four devices, rather than the standard two. If you have Sky Multiscreen, then Sky Go Extra is free.

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What we don't like

It's only available on two registered devices

While you can register Sky Go to any device, you can only do so on two devices at any time, which could be a problem if there is more than two of you in your household. To register Sky Go to a different device, go to your Sky account and de-register the current device to replace it with a new one.

Usage will eat up your mobile data allowance

Be careful if you’re using a mobile device to watch Sky Go. If you’re on a mobile broadband contract or data-capped SIM card, you will use up your available data as you stream TV and movies to your device. This can result in big bills if you go over your prescribed limit. Use free wi-fi whenever possible.

Not available as a standalone app

Sky Go was previously available as a standalone app. Unfortunately, this has changed and you can now only get Sky Go if you have a Sky TV bundle.

The verdict

Sky Go is a useful add-on to your basic Sky TV package and, as it’s free, we can’t really complain. However, with the inability to download content you might be better off plumping for the expanded Sky Go Extra instead.

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